The Changing Faces Of Online Marketing

Irony: Selfie of a selfie

10 years ago, when you were looking for training and tools to market online, the list of marketers who were the cutting edge on online marketing were well known and totally different from the current group. The people selling training and tools are as well known as their predecessors, but where have the old guard gone?

In 10 years, a lot can change. If you are doing your job right as a trainer, your students are now becoming the teachers. If you are building tools correctly, your tools are now the standard that the new and improved tools are comparing themselves to. So the majority of the top dawgs of 2006 are sitting back and enjoying the fruits of their labors, while the new marketing elite is in place to take care of the next decade’s top dawgs in training.

At, we have seen some brilliant minds and amazing products. We went from being leaders in the marketing space to enjoying the fruits of our labors. And we are willing to share the popularity of our website with the newest crop of trainees to the world of marketing. Each day, our site gets hundreds of link clicks on products we offered throughout our history. Some of these products are now defunct, the result of increased competition and better and more innovative products being introduced.

If someone wanted to become our intern, and post products and reviews for us, we would be willing to include your affiliate link in our rotators. All you have to do is do the research, get a review copy and do an honest review, and we will add the links to the review. You get to earn money and build a following, and we still get content on our site. We can allow up to 3 interns to do this.

But you must be willing to do a good job and take constructive criticism. We don’t like to post crappy work. Nothing irritates us more than a misspelling or a typo. We also don’t want canned reviews that the product creator wrote. If you didn’t test out the product, we don’t want to post it on our site.

We are willing to teach you what we know.  We have been in the business for a long time. We have seen things that worked and have stopped working. But we have also seen things that always work. We also know how to make compelling posts and videos. So we will not be taking in interns and allowing them to fail. We will set up a time when we can get on skype and discuss what you should be doing and how to do it right. And who knows, we may share with you how to make your money grow by investing it correctly – planning for the long term.

Want in on this? Simply fill out the form below and let us know your skype handle and a little about yourself and your business experience. We’ll follow up with you shortly:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne Savoie

Irony: Selfie of a selfie
Yvonne and I in Quebec, doing some social media photography while working on a book.

WTF Happened To Micheal and Yvonne?

February 14, 2015

The last two years have been a real whirlwind of joy and heartbreak for Yvonne and myself. We gained grandbabies, but I lost my father and mother to cancer. We got married in February of this year. But through it all, the business world kept right on marching.

Because of the massive blindside from losing both my parents in two short years, I have been away from the marketing and reporting side of WSO Insiders for a while. Yvonne has tried really hard to pick up the slack when possible, but I have been keeping her busy with family things. So the content here at WSO Insiders has suffered. For that I apologize.My mom and dad and grand daughter in 2012.

You will find it hard to imagine, but even with our lack of content, we are still getting an incredible amount of buying traffic. Enough to give Yvonne and I a glimmer of a plan to reinvent this site.

Starting in the fall of 2015, we are going to give the product creators an opportunity to post their early bird offers here, before the product is actually available for sale. This way, if you sign up for their early bird list, you will get access to products before they are available to the rest of the world.

To make this work, we need all product owners to contact me or Yvonne directly on Facebook or via the contact form on this site. (Note: the link for the early bird will be either mine or Yvonne’s so that one of us could earn a commission if one of our readers buys from signing up to the early bird list from our site).

This is the best way to keep giving our readers the top WSO Insider content and still have time to get back into creating our own products and services. In fact, we have just made a deal to purchase exclusive rights to a software suite that will become the must have tool for bloggers, video marketers and content providers. I will be looking for affiliates for that product in a couple weeks.

If you have been noticing that some of our posts are duplicates, we have noticed that as well. It is because we were using a plugin to cross post some of our content from our sister sites, like Online Video Workshop, PLR Insider Info and Social Net Effect. Each of these sites is still going to be getting cross posted, but we will most likely be cross posting manually (since technology seems to cause more work than doing it manually).

We are also going to be allowing more guest posts. Part of the reason for this is that we know that if people are given a lot of great information, they are more likely to come back often. Our hope is that we can share our high traffic with other authors to form a synergy of goodwill and good business. Also, The Blogging With Micheal Show will also relaunch in the fall, with new guests and special giveaways to help people get their businesses and blogs going in the right direction. WordPress has been making some great upgrades, and we will give you the inside scoop on what you need and no longer need in your plugin toolbox.

This post is to alert our readers and potential partners that we are alive and well and ready to finally hit the ground running (instead of just hitting the ground and staying in the crater). We are back and we are planning on kicking some tail!

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Hot Social Media Niches

Hot Social Media Niches

Reprinted with permission from PLR Insider

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5. Social Bookmarking.

You will get each and everything listed below for all 5 niches:

A. 5 High Quality & High Definition Video Series with Resell Rights

B. Done for You Sales Material for all  5 Video Trainings
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. Professional Minisites for all 5 Trainings

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