Tube Sniper Pro

Tube Sniper Pro

Getting Your Videos Ranked And Driving Huge Amounts Of Traffic Is Going To Become Much Easier

A new online web app is being unleashed.

It’s called Tube Sniper Pro, and over 1,600 people use the current version to get their videos ranked for money terms, and it’s packing some powerful features:

– Keyword suggestion: generate dozens of long-tail buyer keywords in seconds
– Instant competition assessment: don’t have time to go through the data? No problem – TSP will do it for you
– Backlink builder: database of hundreds of high PR sites where you can build a backlink in a couple of clicks
– Video rank tracker: keep an eye on video rankings for both you and your competitors
– Proxy support: power users can add their own proxies with a simple click
– Built-in proxies: if you don’t want to use your own proxies, the app has several built-in
– Link pinger: get indexed FAST
– Google country switch: check your local rankings. TSP can use ANY country’s Google domain. You’re not restricted to .com

‘Simple’ isn’t the same as ‘easy’, and doing all that can take time.

That’s why Josh developed the Tube Sniper platform. It takes you through the whole process from one online dashboard. It works with both Mac’s and PC’s.

You can hunt out all the keyword data, get suggestions based on your original term and even have an instant assessment on whether or not it’s worth targeting, based on Tube Sniper’s algorithm.

You can discover EXACTLY what SEO your page 1 competitors are using – right down to the number of backlinks they’ve got.

You can use the built-in backlink builder to create high-PR links to your own video in just a couple of clicks.

It’s a complete video ranking tool, covering the whole process.

Tube Sniper Pro is going to be launched as a monthly subscription. EXCEPT during the first few days.

If you act fast, you can get it for a one-time low investment. But you only have a few days after it launches, after that, it will be a monthly subscription.

Tube Sniper Pro V3.0 Is Your All-In-One Niche-Finding, Intelligence-Gathering, Video-Ranking Assault Battery.

IFTTT Backlink Commando

IFTTT Backlink Commando

Will your Videos dominate Google?

Will your Affiliate sites dominate Google?

If you want 2015 to be the year you finally:
– Get first page Google rankings faster
– Generate FREE targeted traffic easily
– Turn your niche sites into profit centers
– Make a lot of affiliate & Amazon commissions with SEO traffic
– Dominate, crush it and cash in on local businesses + SEO
– Get SERIOUS results…

Then you need to lock in your access to this!


You’ve never seen an SEO software like this…

You and I both know that the amount of sites we have on the first page is directly related to the amount of money we make every month.

But, it’s such a pain keeping up with all the linking techniques and Google updates. Not to mention manually working on dozens of sites at any given time.

With all the updates and new linking strategies it can take an infinite amount of time to get more than one site into the top 10.

You HAVE TO have the right tools.

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Just imagine being able to do all this, starting right now:

– Secure multiple listings on the first page for any keyword you want
– Drive floods of laser-targeted, hungry buyers directly to your site
– Generate instant authority, trust and confidence with the search engines
– Launch high impact fully-automated SEO campaigns instantly…

And so much more!

IFTTT Backlink Commando has just launched and can do all of this for you on almost complete autopilot!

Click here to see it in action!

This is available right now at almost 70% OFF. It will never be more affordable than it is right now.

Google Proof Your Blogs

Google Proof Your Blogs

Discover How To Use’s Secret Formula To Make Your Sites & PBNs Slap-Proof…

… and outrank in less than 90 seconds!

cindy-box005-5Ant Cinderella is a cloud-based dashboard for PBNs (Private Blog Networks), self-hosted WordPress and blogs.  It enables users to optimize their internal site structure and maximize the power of their backlinks . . . with just a few clicks.


With Cinderella, you’ll be able to:

  • Build as many internal links as you want to any post or page on your site.  This will help you achieve Page 1 rankings without having to spend a fortune on external backlinks. Most importantly it will save you from Deadly Sin #2 (‘Orphan Sites/PBNs).
  • Embed highly relevant videos with just a few clicks and without having to mess around with embed codes. This will increase the engagement-factor, reduce the bounce-rate of your site, and save you from Deadly Sin #3 (Bouncy Sites/PBNs).
  • Boost rankings by intelligently leveraging the Freshness Factor.
  • Optimize ALL your sites and PBNs from one Central Dashboard.

Do NOT Commit Any Of The Three Deadly Sins!

Here are three of the Deadliest Sins in the eyes of Google:

Micro Sites/PBNs– These are sites or PBNs that have only a few posts/pages of content. They are also known as Sniper Sites, and in many cases they just have a home page and 3 – 5 other posts/pages.

Orphan Sites/PBNs– These are sites or PBNs that may have lots of posts/pages, but the vast majority of these posts/pages do not have any internal or external backlinks at all. This usually happens when the site structure has been poorly optimized. The posts/pages that don’t have any internal or external backlinks are orphan posts/pages or URLs.

Bouncy Sites/PBNs– These are sites or PBNs that have a very high bounce-rate and low engagement factor. This can usually be fixed by incorporating relevant rich media such as video.

You’ve probably heard that Google has already penalized thousands of Micro Sites. Also, many people are aware that Google does not like Bouncy Sites and that such sites do not usually rank well.

1. Do you know if any of your sites is an ‘Orphan Site’?

2. Will you be the next UNWITTING victim of the Google Crackdown?

Most people do not even know that they have the ‘Orphan Site’ problem, and…

If you’ve heard people talk about the ‘Thin Content’ warning or penalty – chances are that they are guilty of the ‘Orphan Site’ Deadly Sin without realizing it.

Also, if you experience a sudden drop in rankings and you can’t find your website in the first 100 pages of Google for a particular keyword – then it’s very likely that your post or page for that keyword has been de-indexed… but you didn’t even realize it!

Google Is Ready To Reward You With LOTS Of Page 1 Rankings…

If you obey the Law of Google then you will be rewarded with improved rankings across the board. YIPPEE!

It’s pretty much like the carrot and stick. Behave yourself and you’ll get offered the carrot, but step out of line and you’ll get walloped with the stick.

The even Better News is that I have developed a software that will help you accomplish this, and…

  • You will NOT have to spend a fortune on link-building services
  • The software is 100% white-hat, so there is no risk of getting your sites penalized or de-indexed
  • There is NO need to install plugins on your sites or constantly log in and out of multiple sites
  • The software works on any PCs as well as Macs, and even your mobile devices

No other software provides you with the benefits you get from Cinderella:

Turn toxic ‘Orphan Sites’ into lovely Authority Sites with just a few clicks.

Easily rank multiple long-tail keywords on Page 1 in case-study after case-study.

Use the same methods as Authority Sites use to rank 100s of keywords on page 1.

Creating an Authority site is as easy as a small, 10-page site.

It’s 100% white hat – absolutely no risky tactics to get you slapped by Google.

Being cloud-based means you don’t have to install plugins on multiple sites, or log in-and-out of individual sites.

Platform Independent so you can use it on your Windows and Mac computers, as well as tablets and smartphones.

You’ll never see Cinderella offered for such a low price ever again.

And if you dilly-dally until after the launch is over to pick up Cinderella, you won’t get it for a low lifetime price. Cinderella will be moving to monthly recurring pricing.

So act now; don’t delay – grab Cinderella this minute if you want to avoid paying recurring fees to experience all its benefits . . .

Tube ViperX Software

Research, Optimize, And Rank Videos Higher With TubeViperX

TubeViperX is Premium Video Research and Ranking Software uncovering the secret video ranking factors Google is hiding from your subscribers.

  • Instantly analyze the top ranking videos to uncover the hidden ranking factors that will get your productvideos on page one. (Lite & Pro)
  • Analyze the videos in any channel to discover other niche opportunities you could be missing, and grab ever higher commissions. (Lite & Pro)
  • Check your video rankings for three major search engines at once for instant feedback on your ranking progress. (Pro)
  • Brainstorm alternate and related keywords with data from Keyword Planner, and scope out the video competition with one click. (Pro)
  • Find the profitable keywords advertisers are paying top dollar for and seamlessly STEAL their traffic with video. (Pro)
  • Create high powered YouTube backlinks to your channel that will trickle down to ramp up the authority of all your videos. (Pro)
  • Plus see how your video rankings have changed over time from the very first rank check with the new ranking history feature.(Pro)


    With this tool, you can see everything behind the scenes, the most  guarded secrets of your competitors.

    You’ll see why their video are ranking high, what their description is, how many likes, dislikes, views they have, etc.

    It even gets you those hidden tags we need!

    Getting this tool is like when Neo could read the Matrix.