Lead Generation Maestro: Fast Off-line Lead Generation Method Gives Me $2000 Per Month Clients

If you are an offline marketing consultant, or you are thinking about going into offline marketing consulting, and you are serious about getting clients or you are struggling to get clients, you need this report!offline-consulting-maestro

There is a lot of money in offline consulting. It is one of the easiest ways to build up say, $10,000 a month income quite quickly.

But the challenge facing many offline consultants is how to find these businesses that needs their help.

Many offline consultants are finding it very difficult to get clients. They know the money is in offline consulting but they can’t get to it because they don’t have enough clients.

If you are one of these offline consultants struggling to get clients I have good news for you.

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Or, if you are starting out in offline consulting or even just thinking about going into online consulting….

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I will show you how to get clients right from the start without struggling for clients as others did.

Watch this video!

Warrior Special Offers–Friday Edition

WSO Insiders is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to you! We appreciate your telling your friends about us, and we really appreciate the comments you leave about the Warrior Special Offers we post on the WSOInsiders Fan Page. We have tripled our numbers in the last two days and that is because of your help in making us more popular!

Yvonne and I are grateful to you for helping us grow this site. We are here to help everyone save money on business training and tools. The coolest thing has been seeing the online marketers and the offline marketers getting together. We can all learn a lot from each other.

Now, on to the WSO Friday Posts! 

Facebook Fan Page Converts To Money Making Article Site


You can Create Facebook Pages with the following features:
1) Embed articles from over 350 RSS Feeds categories.
2) The article content will be updated on daily basis fully autopilot
3) Built-in system to turn visitors into Fans immediately.
4) Insert a logo or banner image with link to any website or affiliate offer
5) Easily embed Youtube videos
6) An option to insert Opt-in form or additional HTML content
7) Relevant Clickbank Affiliate links will be Inserted Automatically.
8) Choose the color of Article content and clickbank affiliate links
9) Choose where the banner image to appear (top of the page, bottom, above the articles, below the articles)
This PDF Guide is so easy to follow and every step has explained in details with over 37 screen-shot images.


Local Business Profit Leaks PLR Pack for offline business lead generation!

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WordPress Instant Site!

WP Instant Site Generator


All In One Viral Toolkit For WordPress is going to be moving to Clickbank soon…

With that comes an increase in price!

All In One Viral Toolkit for WordPress!


Affiliate Sales Army

Drive RAGING TORRENTS Of Targeted Traffic (Starts At ONLY $7)


Obviously more Warrior Special Offers will arrive in a little while, but I wanted to ensure you got these immediately. Keep an eye on WSOInsiders Fan Page for all the latest Warrior Special Offers!

[Offline] The Zero Experience Lead Generation System

[Offline] The Zero Experience Lead Generation System

Three Simple Rules for Better B2B Lead Generation

The tough times we are currently experiencing and what the future stores for the business community are making it more difficult to get new clients. It is not anymore enough to just keep on advertising a company’s name or products. With the growing number of competitors, it would be easy for prospects to forget most of the brands and just remember those that truly stand out. The financial pressures due to the sudden economic downturns make companies suffer from financial instability and lesser potential customers. The hardships that were experienced during good times multiply in today’s crisis.

One of the best things in order to be spared from these evil forces is to be proficient in generating b2b sales leads. Connecting with prospects is just the start of achieving marketing goals, which is to make sales and earn income. B2B lead generation does not only open you to direct communication with the prospective clients. It also allows you to build brand awareness and relationship with other companies. It also paves the way to showcase your solutions and eventually landing in front of sales-ready buyers. No wonder why most companies, if not all, are into it, continuously learning its process and developing ways for enhancement. If you can bring in as many qualified leads as you can, you will not be affected with the ugly happenings.

So, how can you achieve big things in lead generation? First rule is to follow the simple rules. Just like any activities, obtaining leads has its own norms and you must abide by it. Here is a list stating some of it.


Who/What are you targeting? Every business serves a specific customer. Bookshops are for bibliophiles. Gyms serve those who want to be fit, muscular or thin. KTV bars are for music lovers. You also have to set your own preferences. You can’t expect everyone yo buy what you sell, unless of course it is a staple food or a basic need. Set up clear parameters including location, size of the company, industry and decision-makers. Through this, you will be spending all your attention and resources to prospects that are in need of your products.

How to reach your potential customers? Don’t wait for your clients to search for your goods and or services. Bring it to them. You do know that most likely, prospects do not know they are in need of something unless they are aware of it. And others who are conscious of the necessity will surely get in touch with the famous and big. If you are still not among the multi-national corporations, it’s rare to be one of the top choices. So, reach them, understand their needs and share how you can help them achieve efficient and effective solution. Of course, you have to use a high-speed tool that allows you to receive immediate responses from the right decision-makers. Whatever that is, ensure that you use both online and offline mediums, say for example email marketing, SEO and telemarketing. Also, the know-how should be present.

Constant monitoring and business development. Strategies must coincide with the market trends. As such, constantly monitor your actions, evaluate and develop. Do not stick with programs that only give you high expenses and poor results. For strategies that work wonders, find ways for its betterment.

Nobody knows how long a business will last. It can weather the obstacles and live a long life. It can also be crushed down by tomorrow, without us noticing. It is then consequential to close business deals from time to time. Another good thing to consider is outsourcing. When you experience poor sales and that in-house actions do not produce the fruits expected from it, it is just wise to allow the experts take over the function. If you do want to succeed and grow, you have to count on every reliable and results-oriented option, even asking for professional assistance.