2015 Local SEO Checklist

2015 Local SEO Checklist

Rank Any Page In The First Position Of Google’s Local Results In Under A Week

All By Following A SIMPLE “Search Engine Checklist”

http://wsoinsiders.com/localchecklistThe 2015 Local SEO Checklist is the fastest way to boost any business to the top of Google’s results in 2015.

Google puts these results above all other websites in their local index, without the need for blog posts, hundreds of backlinks or expensive keyword software.

Local SEO is completely different, requiring just a few on-page tweaks, and a handful of backlinks from ‘Local Authority Sources’.

Up until now, those sources have been Industry Secrets.

The tactics in the 2015 Local SEO Checklist instantly allows any business to leapfrog their site to the top of Google every time.

Right now YOU are getting the opportunity to USE THIS CHECKLIST  for yourself! Giving you the power to rank any site on the first page of Google.

Inner Circle students have been using this the same Checklist to start their own Local Consulting Businesses from home without any previous SEO experience.

It’s a guarantee that you won’t make any money with the 2015 Local SEO Checklist if you don’t take any action. But the students lucky enough to get in the door early have become Local Heroes in their town, pushing the Local Businesses to the top of Google in under a week.

You can be the local hero, but only if you take action. You can make a difference for your local business.

Watch this video to find out how you can become a hero.


Linked Connect Software

Linked Connect Software

LinkedIn Leads On Steroids

What if you could find a way to find super high quality leads? The kind of leads that have money to spend?

And what if you could find these high quality leads without sending a ton of e-mails nobody sees. And without trekking all over town trying to get in front of decision makers only to get the cold shoulder?

Imagine now that these leads were possible without spending a bunch of money on ads.

Would that make a difference in your business? Would it make a difference in your life?

Well the software you are going to see today is going to deliver exactly that.


This PROVEN lead generation method will BLOW YOU AWAY!

Finally get the clients you deserve. High paying clients like :
• Doctors,
• Dentists,
• Chiropractors,
• Lawyers,
• Insurance Agents,
• Business Coaches,
• Speakers,
• Trainers, and
• Consultants.
The beauty is in it’s simplicity….which is 100%.

Remember….all of this is proven. This system with it’s automated software is producing real results for consultants just like you!

Check this out now you will thank me!

Done For You Whiteboard Videos

In local marketing, creating videos for your clients is very lucrative. Especially with software available like Easy Sketch Pro and Explaindio (coming soon), you can crank out a $500+ video in an afternoon.

But wouldn’t it be cool if you had some niche videos already prepared for some of the local client types so that when you made a sale, you already had a video ready?


Well check this one out:


In this package, Matt Bush has created commercials for Credit Repair, HVAC, Debt Counseling and Accountants that you can use right now to advertise local businesses in your community. He also includes video commercials that sell the video commercials for you! Imagine setting these up on your local website and having potential clients call you!

It can happen, but you have to hurry and get yours before the price goes up!


To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne – WSOInsiders.com

PS – This can open the door to making sales of custom videos that you will be making with the software we have been talking about. Having something to show your potential clients is paramount to getting them in the door!

Get your videos now:


Wave Audit System Software

Is Your Business Being Audited?

Did You Receive A Citation Report?

Audits and Citations are two words that most people consider bad news and anybody offering it to a business is usually not considered a friend…

What most businesses don’t know, is that they NEED an Audit and they NEED a Citation Report.

That’s where YOU come in and save the day!

The Wave Audit System software was created to generate marketing information about a business that will reveal their strengths and weaknesses online. (Audit) If they don’t have the necessary information about their business listed in the right places, (Citations) they are losing out on massive traffic.

You could spend countless hours manually researching a business and figuring out where they are listed (if they are listed at all), the quality of the sites they are listed on, and then spend more of your time creating detailed reports to send them, and let’s not forget manually creating citations on high quality sites that will get them noticed and send them traffic. Phew! Can you say “run on sentence?”

OR…You can change all of that with just a few mouse clicks of this powerful software. http://wsoinsiders.com/waveauditsystem

What Can This Software Do For You?

  • Run Audits For Any Business
  • Find Out What Citations They Are Not On
  • AUTO Register Any Business To The TOP Citation Sites On The Web
  • Auto Confirm Emails Right From The Software
  • Auto Generate A PDF Report – Fully customizable to add your images and text.
  • Auto Email System That Allows You To Contact Prospects Right From Within The Software
  • Status Notification System Shows The Exact Statistics On The Business That Was Audited

There is ZERO Technical experience needed to run this software.  That means you can generate detailed audits to share with a business owner and have them begging to create citations for them.

With this software you will have the power to get businesses listed on the top citations sites almost instantly with automated listing confirmations.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time manually doing what this software can do automatically. Enjoy your well earned freedom while being a super hero to local businesses.

Grab The Wave And Start Auditing Business!