FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group


This special offer will be closing at 11:59 PM EST on Monday, February 2, 2015.

FlipRepeat is a Private Mastermind Group with Brad Gosse (Flippa Super Seller with 100% positive feedback and over $275,000 in transactions) and Pat Flanagan (product developer and manager for over 4 dozen product launches). This is the first time they’ve opened up about the secrets they’ve discovered during their vast Flippa and product development/launching experience.

Included with yearly membership to the FlipRepeat Mastermind Group are the FlipRepeat Strategy Calls. These calls cover a massive mind map of topics — walking the listener through the entire process of flipping their property, with listing strategies, people management, pre- and post-sale matters, and more. That’s the Flip part…

…The Repeat part shows how Brad does this over and over, making more income from existing flips (frequently almost doubling the flipped site’s selling price) and producing and launching properties with the sole intention of flipping as an exit strategy.

Buyers also get a set of templates and cheat sheets to help speed them through the process.

This is the first time Brad’s opened up about the secrets he’s discovered during his vast Flippa experience. And it’s available only to members of the private FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group!

For A Very Short Time, You Can Become A Charter Member Of Our


The ONLY Private Mastermind Run By A Flippa Superseller…
For People Who Want To BECOME Flippa Supersellers!

In addition to our regularly scheduled group meetings, The FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group will be your source for the best networking opportunities with the upper echelon of product development, launching, and flipping.

Secure your Charter Membership in Brad & Pat’s FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group today and get their years of experience and knowledge laid out for you every day on a silver platter!


Newbie Launch Plan

Newbie Launch Plan

Learn How You Can Build And Launch Products In Minutes…Without Code or Technical Skills

Check out Newbie Launch Plan by John Richards & Abul Hussain
and discover how to build an Extreme List Building System in simple steps that any one can follow with a proven funnel system and a complete business in a box that will build your business like crazy, get responsive customers fast, and make you money in  the absolute shortest time humanly possible.

Newbie Launch Plan is a no fluff, straight to the point Video training guide that will teach you the exact action steps you need to be doing to kick start right away now, to add new subscribers to your list every .http://wsoinsiders.com/launchplan

You can use this brand new Video to build a massive responsive list, a respected blog, and generate sales at lightning speed and generate a passive recurring monthly income online.

You will also get to know how John setup and ran a first class funnel from squeeze page and OTO offers, and setting up affiliate offers using the rotator John uses, plus you get to use the squeeze page he uses that really converts at a staggering 62.4%.

You will be shown the exact traffic sources that John used to add 18,000 subscribers using 1 method plus other secret sources that nobody else is using that will drive hundreds of leads to your funnel and make you cash on demand!

Follow the System that can grow you a sales funnel, and even the exact system that helped John get 200+ subscribers every day by following John’s methods for FREE!

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Giga Pro Launch Training

Simple Step By Step Strategy To Achieve A Minimum 1000% ROI On Each And Every Launch

Wanna Know The Secret
To A Successful Launch?


http://wsoinsiders.com/gigaproGiga Pro Launch Training

The no nonsense formula for profit generating product launch success!

From your product planning and creation through to post launch follow up. Nothing has been left to chance

This Simple To Follow Training Will Show You:

  • The Secret Of Zero Investment Product Creation
  • The “Backwards Launch” methodology
  • How you don’t need a massive list to have a successful launch
  • The best way to find JV partners
  • The most profitable way to set up your funnel
  • Proven strategy to NEVER lose money on your launches
  • How to multiply your earnings on every single launch by using One Little Known Strategy
  • And of course, with each successful launch, Grow Your List of Buyers!

A Complete Launch Blueprint Boxed Up And Ready To Go!

If you’ve been struggling to get a successful launch, or if you’re preparing for your very first launch, then you can’t afford to miss out on this offer. Giga Pro Launch Training has worked for others, now it can work for you!


WP Mass Exposure With PLR

Reprinted with permission from WP Plugin GuideGet Mass Exposure For Your Launch

Should You Launch Your Product Through ClickBank, JVZoo or Warrior Plus?

Don’t Settle For One When You Could Easily Have MULTIPLE NETWORKS (and their affiliates) Driving Sales 24×7 For You!

WP MassExposure Works with JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, DigiResults, ProductPay, and Tons More! http://wppluginguide.com/massexposure

1. Add Your Payment Buttons using the WP Payment Switch button to add a payment button. Add a button for EACH Affiliate Network of your choice.

2. Add Your URL {with a special code} to EACH Affiliate Network.

3. Start Using It!

PLUS…You Can Combine It With PayPal For Non Affiliate Sales And Save The Affiliate Network Fees.

This is a product full of everything you need to get started:

  • WP Mass Exposure With PLR
  • Rebranding Instructions show you how to easily add your name to the plugin.
  • Sales Page With Source, including the .png images.
  • Editable User Manual (.doc)
  • Branded And Unbranded Sales Videos. You get 2 versions of the sales video in MP4.

Limited Copies. Instant Download
Get WPMassExposure (with PLR) Today!