The Changing Faces Of Online Marketing

10 years ago, when you were looking for training and tools to market online, the list of marketers who were the cutting edge on online marketing were well known and totally different from the current group. The people selling training and tools are as well known as their predecessors, but where have the old guard gone?

In 10 years, a lot can change. If you are doing your job right as a trainer, your students are now becoming the teachers. If you are building tools correctly, your tools are now the standard that the new and improved tools are comparing themselves to. So the majority of the top dawgs of 2006 are sitting back and enjoying the fruits of their labors, while the new marketing elite is in place to take care of the next decade’s top dawgs in training.

At, we have seen some brilliant minds and amazing products. We went from being leaders in the marketing space to enjoying the fruits of our labors. And we are willing to share the popularity of our website with the newest crop of trainees to the world of marketing. Each day, our site gets hundreds of link clicks on products we offered throughout our history. Some of these products are now defunct, the result of increased competition and better and more innovative products being introduced.

If someone wanted to become our intern, and post products and reviews for us, we would be willing to include your affiliate link in our rotators. All you have to do is do the research, get a review copy and do an honest review, and we will add the links to the review. You get to earn money and build a following, and we still get content on our site. We can allow up to 3 interns to do this.

But you must be willing to do a good job and take constructive criticism. We don’t like to post crappy work. Nothing irritates us more than a misspelling or a typo. We also don’t want canned reviews that the product creator wrote. If you didn’t test out the product, we don’t want to post it on our site.

We are willing to teach you what we know.  We have been in the business for a long time. We have seen things that worked and have stopped working. But we have also seen things that always work. We also know how to make compelling posts and videos. So we will not be taking in interns and allowing them to fail. We will set up a time when we can get on skype and discuss what you should be doing and how to do it right. And who knows, we may share with you how to make your money grow by investing it correctly – planning for the long term.

Want in on this? Simply fill out the form below and let us know your skype handle and a little about yourself and your business experience. We’ll follow up with you shortly:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne Savoie

Irony: Selfie of a selfie
Yvonne and I in Quebec, doing some social media photography while working on a book.

Review Of PayDrill (Updated)

(I updated this review on March 25, 2016 after upgrading the Paydrill software to Pro)

Is PayDrill the answer?
Is it better to use a calculator or spreadsheet to get all your Paypal numbers crunched? Or is PayDrill the answer? You may be surprised at what Micheal found.

I purchased the Lifetime License to the Basic Version of PayDrill at 10:12AM on March 21. Within 15 minutes, I had downloaded and installed it. I purposefully ignored the upsells (at first). I wanted to see what the basic version is good for.

I will be brutally honest. This software is crippled in the basic version. But with that said, it does have some uses. You can use it to instantly send money to anyone without logging into your Paypal account (or the Paypal app on your phone). You can instantly see how much money you earn (or spend). But with the Basic version, you will quickly find that you can’t do much more than see how you are doing.

The Process

Let me tell you about the process. When you first install the software, it does not really give you a whole lot of info to get you started. One thing I was peeved about initially was the “Create Account” section. It does not tell you that you are creating an account for the software on the PayDrill servers. So, since I did not know this, I used my Paypal account info (I didn’t want to have it create a new Paypal account and I hoped it would say an account already exists). Once it was successful (to my dismay), I realized that it was for the software to authenticate who I was before it gave the user access to my Paypal account in the event that someone is using my computer. So you have to use this info the next time you load PayDrill.

Once you have an account, then you have to register the software using the email and code you were sent from Ankur. Once that is done, the software is ready for you to connect to your Paypal account.

Not For Hobbyists

PayDrill is not for the casual user. Even though the basic version is not really a business tool, the software will not connect to Paypal unless you have a Business or Premier Paypal account. Paypal only gives access to the API to Business and Premier members. It is easy to upgrade, they even give you instructions right in the software on how to do this. (I just wish they had done that for the account creation thing).

Once I got the credentials for the API (another step that I had to use the instructions that they provided right from the software – but I had to change my Paypal dashboard to “Classic” for this task because the instructions did not show how to access the API creds from the “new and improved” Paypal dashboard) the software needed to know how much data to import from Paypal. I told it to bring in 13 months worth of data. If you use your Paypal a lot, you will have to be careful in the Basic version. The Pro version allows you to import 20,000 transactions which is pretty good.

The software really does give you a lot of info that you would have to sift through a lot of spreadsheets to get to if you tried to simply use Paypal alone. Imagine being instantly able to see how much you earned on 1 product or product line. Or see what month brought you the most refunds. Those are easy to find right on screen. The graphs are great! You can visually see how you are doing each month.


Pro Tips

In the drop down menu, you will find dashboards and a settings menu item. In this section, you can upgrade to pro and do a lot of things that I wish I had seen before my initial review of Paydrill, as I would have given it a much better grade.

paydrillsettingsAs you can see in this image, the dashboard tab from the settings menu allows you to change the date format to one of your choosing. You do have to scroll all the way to the bottom. I didn’t do that on the day I initially reviewed this software. My apologies to anyone who read that and decided not to buy PayDrill. One thing that I noticed in the Pro version (and is probably in the Basic version, too) is the lack of archiving. They want to you buy the Enterprise edition for that functionality. In my opinion, if you have that many transactions where you need to archive your old transactions, you probably need the Enterprise version anyway. But I would think that being able to save old data would be something you should be able to do.

Do I Really Need PayDrill Pro?

There are 3 versions of PayDrill. Basic (the one that does not really give you any reporting capabilities), Pro (gives you all the reporting capabilities you wished for in Basic) and Enterprise (gives you the ability to access multiple Paypal accounts and reports for your entire company – if your company uses multiple Paypal accounts). I know for a fact that I would want Pro and I am not really in need of Enterprise. Sure Yvonne and I each have a separate Paypal account, but we aren’t really an Enterprise. I would probably just get 2 Pro versions instead of the Enterprise version. If I was a partnership among 3 or more people, then the Enterprise version would be the one (and the person using it would have to be the accountant or someone all of the partners trust to have access to their Paypal accounts).

WSOInsider Paydrill Bonus

Recommendation And A Grain Of Salt

Ok, so I would not waste my time with PayDrill unless I was willing (and I am) to pay for the Pro version right off the bat. I would spend more time with my spreadsheets than it took me to get all set up and my reports run in PayDrill Pro. The dashboards in Pro are awesome. They are set up to give you realtime (as long as you give instructions to PayDrill to update your transactions every 15 minutes or less) visual data on how you are doing.

After using PayDrill Pro, I am still not 100% sold on the usefulness of the software on the whole, since it was not useful for my tax purposes. I was hoping that I would be able to generate more complex reports to help me with my taxes, but I am still going to have to do what I do every year: download all my transactions to a spreadsheet and go through them to separate the business transactions from the personal ones. (Maybe if I had a personal Paypal account, that would not be an issue, but I use my Paypal debit card for business and personal use).

Don’t get me wrong, it is useful, just not for what I had hoped. Maybe, if enough people request it, Ankur would be able to include new reports that we could use for tax purposes: Commissions paid,  Business expenses, etc. The reports that are available are: Complete Financial Report, Sales Report, Products Report and Countries Report. You could use these for your taxes if you are only using your Paypal for business.

Now I had to buy my copy, but I do get paid for any sales made from anyone who buys from my link (but you do get a pretty cool bonus for buying from my link, so it is a fair trade in my opinion).

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Should You Buy Commission Black Ops?

You may have seen your email inbox exploding with Commission Black Ops emails this week. My inbox was no exception. But one thing that bothered me was that 97% of all the promoters were using the swipe emails.

Do you realize how bad it looks when 100 people are all using the exact same subject line in their emails? I have been lazy enough to do that myself, so I cannot be too critical. But this time, the campaign included an email that apologizes about something. I had so many people apologizing to me.

I won’t apologize for this, however: I bought Commission Black Ops. It turns out, even grizzled old marketing vets like me need to see someone else’s viewpoint once in a while. Not only that, I had been missing in action for so long, that I wanted to see if anything had changed over the months.

Turns out, it is a good thing that I had purchased this!

Commission Black OpsIn this course, Cheney actually tells us not to use those very same swipes he provides to all his affiliates! Why? Because you have to be different from the masses to make an impact. As soon as you fall into the herd marketing mentality, you blend in and are never to be seen again.

So while the concept of “Black Ops” is prevalent all over this product, it is a solid training product that will not disappoint. It gives you golden nuggets that you can take to the bank. In fact, I am actually getting excited about marketing again.

One of my earliest products that I purchased was a Cheney product back in 2006 where he taught how to use videos to make money with Adsense (Adsense Videos). I liked his style and he didn’t disappoint in the meat and potatoes of his training. I learned an awful lot.

Now, however, the marketing landscape has changed and if you do not keep up, you are going to be trampled and left behind (or devoured by the predators who are there to grab the weakest). Investing in your education is the best way to keep ahead of the herd. Commission Black Ops is the way to stay in the lead in today’s marketing environment.

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