Should You Buy Commission Black Ops?

You may have seen your email inbox exploding with Commission Black Ops emails this week. My inbox was no exception. But one thing that bothered me was that 97% of all the promoters were using the swipe emails.

Do you realize how bad it looks when 100 people are all using the exact same subject line in their emails? I have been lazy enough to do that myself, so I cannot be too critical. But this time, the campaign included an email that apologizes about something. I had so many people apologizing to me.

I won’t apologize for this, however: I bought Commission Black Ops. It turns out, even grizzled old marketing vets like me need to see someone else’s viewpoint once in a while. Not only that, I had been missing in action for so long, that I wanted to see if anything had changed over the months.

Turns out, it is a good thing that I had purchased this!

Commission Black OpsIn this course, Cheney actually tells us not to use those very same swipes he provides to all his affiliates! Why? Because you have to be different from the masses to make an impact. As soon as you fall into the herd marketing mentality, you blend in and are never to be seen again.

So while the concept of “Black Ops” is prevalent all over this product, it is a solid training product that will not disappoint. It gives you golden nuggets that you can take to the bank. In fact, I am actually getting excited about marketing again.

One of my earliest products that I purchased was a Cheney product back in 2006 where he taught how to use videos to make money with Adsense (Adsense Videos). I liked his style and he didn’t disappoint in the meat and potatoes of his training. I learned an awful lot.

Now, however, the marketing landscape has changed and if you do not keep up, you are going to be trampled and left behind (or devoured by the predators who are there to grab the weakest). Investing in your education is the best way to keep ahead of the herd. Commission Black Ops is the way to stay in the lead in today’s marketing environment.

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Want More Social Media Traffic?

Social media marketing is not only about Facebook and Twitter. For a while now, some sites like Vine, Instagram and Tumblr are getting a lot of traffic and shares. One of the things that really does well on these sites is animated graphics or gifs. Short animations get a lot of traction, and if they are interesting or funny, they go viral on more than just the network it was originally shared on.

Videograms are a new format of animated infographics that are growing in popularity. And a new program, VydeoGram, is making it easy to create videograms that you can use to get the word out about your business or website.

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Want to see how I use this software? Here is a blog post I wrote that gives examples of my videograms: