Simple Solution To Beating The Daily Grind!

This simple income system is something
that anyone with a computer and a smart
phone can do!

I stumbled upon this amazing system by
accident when I was talking with my
friend Joe on Facebook and he described
what he was doing to keep a steady income
without promoting the latest WSO of The
Day and the all the new software products
that have been in our inboxes for the last
few years.
My friend Joe teaches a simple way to
make money online without much technical
knowledge.- Without Having A Website
– Without Running Any Paid Traffic
– Without Complicated Software
– Without Any Technical Experience!

Don't Gamble On Technology
If you are looking for a way to increase what you are currently earning and don’t want to spend 160 hours a week in front of your computer, this may be the simple solution you have been looking for!

But more importantly this monthly system
has been consistent for over 3 years!

This is something that can work for you and
your family without all the confusion and
steps it takes to make a healthy living

This is the work of YEARS of consistency that
my friend Joe was able to build over $121k
with some months earning $9-$10k.

What if you were able to do 10% of what Joe
does and earn $500 to $1000 a month on the

Imagine having the money to pay your auto
loans, car insurance, mortgage (or rent),
or just be able to take the family on a
vacation that does not include sitting in
the McDonald’s play area.
Joe’s simple system is so easy that you
may not believe it will work for you. That
is why he put a price tag of $297 on it!
(I got him to lower the price for a couple
days for the people who read my emails and
read my blog). you don’t understand the reasoning, if
the course is only $7, you would not take
it seriously and wouldn’t do anything with
it. (That, and you would have to compete
with everyone and their brother who only
buy the $7 products).

If you have been doing internet marketing
for a while, you understand the many factors
it takes to being successful.This is a complete framework to how to a
substantial living WITHOUT any technical
skills at all …

and anyone at ANY age can do this.


Start taking MASSIVE action today and you will
see amazing results…


Micheal Savoie
PS – I am not kidding on the special price
for a limited time. The fact that you are
here means you want to find a way to make
more money in a way that won’t cost you
hundreds to get started. The most expensive
part of this business model is the price of
the training! You can get started for about
another $100 (or less).

Tube Sniper Pro

Tube Sniper Pro

Getting Your Videos Ranked And Driving Huge Amounts Of Traffic Is Going To Become Much Easier

A new online web app is being unleashed.

It’s called Tube Sniper Pro, and over 1,600 people use the current version to get their videos ranked for money terms, and it’s packing some powerful features:

– Keyword suggestion: generate dozens of long-tail buyer keywords in seconds
– Instant competition assessment: don’t have time to go through the data? No problem – TSP will do it for you
– Backlink builder: database of hundreds of high PR sites where you can build a backlink in a couple of clicks
– Video rank tracker: keep an eye on video rankings for both you and your competitors
– Proxy support: power users can add their own proxies with a simple click
– Built-in proxies: if you don’t want to use your own proxies, the app has several built-in
– Link pinger: get indexed FAST
– Google country switch: check your local rankings. TSP can use ANY country’s Google domain. You’re not restricted to .com

‘Simple’ isn’t the same as ‘easy’, and doing all that can take time.

That’s why Josh developed the Tube Sniper platform. It takes you through the whole process from one online dashboard. It works with both Mac’s and PC’s.

You can hunt out all the keyword data, get suggestions based on your original term and even have an instant assessment on whether or not it’s worth targeting, based on Tube Sniper’s algorithm.

You can discover EXACTLY what SEO your page 1 competitors are using – right down to the number of backlinks they’ve got.

You can use the built-in backlink builder to create high-PR links to your own video in just a couple of clicks.

It’s a complete video ranking tool, covering the whole process.

Tube Sniper Pro is going to be launched as a monthly subscription. EXCEPT during the first few days.

If you act fast, you can get it for a one-time low investment. But you only have a few days after it launches, after that, it will be a monthly subscription.

Tube Sniper Pro V3.0 Is Your All-In-One Niche-Finding, Intelligence-Gathering, Video-Ranking Assault Battery.

What Is A Video Funnel?

You may have heard about the Rapid Video Funnels launch and thought to yourself that it sounds good, but you aren’t sure what it is.

Allow me to help you with this.

A funnel is the entire process of your marketing from the squeeze page to the emails you send to the products you promote all the way through until the prospect either buys your top of the line product or unsubscribes from your list.

A video funnel is any marketing funnel that includes videos as a presell.

Rapid Video Funnels is an explanation of some of the top money making video funnels that Peter Beattie (the product creator) has used to bank some big money! He gives you these funnels on video, in a PDF and as a PNG image file so you can print it out for your planning stages.

Don’t expect these to be done for you, though, these funnels are fully planned out for you, but you have to create the squeeze page, write the emails and shoot the videos yourself. Still, having a plan that has worked before is a good thing to help you with the setup.

The videos explain each of the steps in detail, so that you know what you are supposed to do for each component of the funnel.


These funnels will save you a lot of planning!

Check it out before Peter raises the price again:

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –

Video Funnel Templates

Reprinted with permission from Online Video WorkshopRapid Video Funnels

Do You Want To Create Amazing Web Videos That Sell More Of Your Stuff Online?

Rapid Video Funnels
10 of the Most Lucrative – Video Powered Marketing Funnels Borrowed Directly from the Private Playbooks of the Brightest Minds in Online Marketing Today…

Each funnel template comes with it’s own matching step by step tutorial video where you are guided through how to deploy the funnels in your business.

Here are just a few ways Rapid Video Funnel Templates can help you get more customers, sales and clients.

Create Recurring Income Streams
Most of the funnels are designed to be “set & forget”. This means systems generating sales for you around the clock, whether you show up to work or not.

Revive Old Products
We all have old products that aren’t generating us any sales anymore. These funnels breathe life into old products & turn them into new income streams.

Attract & Close High Value Clients
If you sell to clients, you’ll walk away with a bunch more ways for getting new clients without any hardcore selling.

Eliminate Guesswork & Wasted Time
Stop spinning your wheels and trying to “guess” your way into success. Instead just follow proven formulas and get results today.

Generate Profits on Demand
Need to generate some extra revenue this month? Just take your pick from one of the templates, implement and watch the magic happen.

Be the SHARK in your niche
Be a step ahead of the rest and crush your competition with proven, battle-tested, marketing funnels.

Create Super Profitable Facebook Campaigns
Stop losing money with Facebook and use Rapid Video Funnel Templates to create a high converting funnel that predictably & consistently turns traffic into sales.

Maximize Customer Value
Create long term customers that continue to buy from you over and over again AND who invest an increasing amount of money with you over a period of time.

Bonus #1: Live Group Coaching Session
“Your Video Funnel Profit Plan”
If you grab your copy of “Rapid Video Funnels” BEFORE the timer on this page expires, you’ll also get access to a Live 1 Hour Group Coaching Session with Peter Beattie, where he will personally help you develop a strategy for using these templates to generate profits in your business.

Bonus #2: FREE Lifetime Membership
“The Private Video Revolver Facebook Group”
As a customer of “Rapid Video Funnels”, you’ll also get FREE VIP access to a secret Facebook group for Video Marketers where you can learn from other video marketing ninjas like yourself, showoff your skills, JV, network or ask for help when you need it!

Get over to Rapid Video Funnels and start building your profit generating video funnels today!