See The Easy Sketch Pro Video Demo!

By Micheal Savoie

If you haven’t seen the latest version of Easy Sketch Pro (version 3), you need to take a look at it!

I created this video in about a half hour.

Click here to see all the features and watch the demos!

Reprinted with permission from : Online Video Workshop


Videos Need Artwork

By Micheal Savoie

Online Video Marketing Report

Without snazzy graphics and amazing backgrounds, your videos could end up looking plain and boring. I used to make really boring videos, until I realized that I just needed to add some finishing touches to them.

You see, most of the videos you see business owners create themselves are only as good as the artwork that they are able to create themselves or pay someone else to create. So if a business owner is also a graphic artist, that works out good for them (except that they have to spend more time away from running their business to create the graphics). And those business owners who pay someone else to make their graphics must either have a huge budget, or they have crappy graphics.

This always troubled me. But I got smart and purchased a graphics bundle from Graphics Magic Box. They have just launched version 2 and I just bought that one, but I also bought version 1 when it came out. The thing about these graphics is that they are easily editable to do whatever you want with them. You have royalty free usage rights for these graphics.

And they are top notch! Check out the samples on this page:

I made this in about 15 minutes:

I only used the items that came with Graphics Magic Box V2 to create this and the part that took the longest was finding the proper picture for the background out of the many that are included. Now, I could use this within a video or on the page with a video. With some of the cool things you can now do with video players, adding an image callout like this would be a great way to get people to download your free report (and add their email address to your list).

I had a lot of fun going through this package and I even decided to take advantage of the $1 trial for the Graphics Magic Box Membership, which gives you access to a ton more graphics and up to 5 more modules each month (they have plans to add new stuff for 10 years)! Now, I need to get busy creating videos!

Get your Graphics Magic Box v2 now while the price is still at the launch price:

To your video success,

Micheal & Yvonne

Reprinted with permission from : Online Video Workshop


How To Build A Website And Product

How To Build A Website And Product


How To Put Your Products and Website Online So You Can Start Making Sales Quickly and Easily!

Even With A Very Low Startup Budget…

And if You’re Not Technically Inclined…

If you have ever struggled with…

· Registering domain names.
· Setting up web hosting.
· Creating autoresponders.
· Setting up buy buttons.
· Editing your web site.
· How to setup a download page.
· Or uploading your web site to your server.

Then fear no more because this is the course for you. It is aimed at newbie and intermediate marketers who are struggling with the necessary tech skills to have a successful internet business.

You’ll be shocked at how much easier it is for you to start making serious money online once you start creating your own products, building an email list and having your own website. This is what makes you stand apart from the crowd and helps you build a fiercely loyal following who gets excited anytime you have something to say!

What Do You Get With “How to Put Your Website
and Products Online” Video Course?

· Tools you need.
· How to register a domain name.
· How to setup web hosting.
· How to create your web site.
· How to upload your web site/product.
· How to setup an Autoresponder.
· How to setup a payment button.
· How to setup a download page.
· Easy to understand/newbie friendly.
· You will learn the only tech skills required.
· Easily communicate what you want done to your outsourcers.

“This is a badly needed product and can really help if you’re stuck.  What’s more, Reed’s giving you 3 incredible bonuses to triple-boost your way to success: a 15-minute 1-on-1 accelerator session, membership in his valuable customers-only facebook group and a follow-on bonus Q&A. Get this and you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to get going online, for not much money… fabulous!”
– Mike Lantz Founder

If you are finally ready… finally serious… finally ready to take massive action, then “How to Get Your Products & Website Online,”can help you! Let’s get you on the path to financial freedom and success — immediately. Aren’t you ready to get this done… RIGHT NOW?

Vectors FIRESALE Only Available Until 11-13-14

Reprinted with permission from Online Video Workshop
And just like that… *poof*… it’s gone

Time is running out… Have you grabbed it yet?


Earlier this week I emailed you about the largest and most
flexible vector character collection to ever hit the market.
It’s called “Vectors Firesale” and if you haven’t yet grabbed
your copy, you MUST do it now (before it’s gone).

Only a few days are left and this is the perfect way for you
to spruce up your websites, blogs, social media updates
and particularly, your videos.


Because this amazing collection is 100% compatible with the
top 3 video creation tools: Easy Sketch Pro, Video Maker FX 
and the new Explaindio. It also works great with PowerPoint!

See how that works here:

I’m dead serious… You’ll be kicking yourself next week if
you don’t grab your copy before this firesale ends.

Micheal & Yvonne – & 

PS – Here’s the link again, go check it out NOW:

PPS – November 13 is when this firesale is taken off the
market. Don’t be one of those who miss out…