How To Create A Social Power Blog

Reprinted with permission from Social Net EffectIs Your Blog Social?

Discover Your Blueprint To Creating A Traffic Generating Social Media Power Blog

Discover How To Create A Social Power Blog, Drive Social Traffic, Leverage Your Content, Build Your Email List & Sell Your Products & Services.

You may be a complete beginner or have some blogging experience, but either way, these days  you need to know not only how to build a blog, but also how to make it part of your social media system.

The Social Blog Blueprint is all about Social Blogging; we teach how to maximize each and every blog post to get maximum exposure through Social Media, how to build blog communities and of course how to make your blog Social friendly. After all, getting your blog content seen, and building authority is what it’s all about.

Properly set up, your blog can be the very crucial, central hub of your business.  The place where all your traffic is directed.

When that traffic gets there make sure they are amazed at what they see!

The real power of blogging comes when you combine it with the strategic use of Social Media to create a Social Blog.

The Social Blog Blueprint teaches you how to create a successful & profitable WordPress Blog, fully integrated with all Social Channels within just a matter of days.

But that’s not all!  Even if you’re a more seasoned WordPress user, we teach SEO Techniques, Traffic Techniques, Monetization Techniques, and of course Social techniques which enhance your blog’s visibility, and get your blog content shared.

You will also discover exactly how to make your blog a Social Media Power House, and what buttons and widgets you need to make it easy to get traffic every time you publish a piece of content.

Dozens of tips and techniques laid out step by step to socialize your blog, build your community and start to turn your blog into a real business.

Here’s What You’re About To Receive:

  • 9 Comprehensive Training Modules
  • Checklists & Worksheets
  • Our Interactive Blueprint MindMap
  • Bonus Branding Interview w/ Marshall Wayne
  • Plus! Unannounced Bonus Webinar Inside!

Trends & fads will come and go, but your blog will remain central to your business success.  Forget about other tactics for now and really focus on the hub of your business – get that right before you create fancy videos, or purchase expensive Facebook ads.  You have the power to control exactly what you put on your blog to grow your business, but yet SO many business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers overlook it!

A neglected blog is useless to your business, start building your Social Power Blog today.  Follow the Social Blog Blueprint and be proud of a blog, that works for you.

Business Building Workshop

Can You Really Unplug Your Computer And Still Be Making Money?

Kevin Riley Says Yes You Can!

Join Kevin as he shows you his step-by-step blueprint for building the kind of online business that truly does give you that dream Internet lifestyle – the one where you can be anywhere in the world, doing what you want to do, and making a good living from the Internet.


In the workshop, we focus on building a solid, long-term business and setting up systems to keep your business running on autopilot.

In the 2-hour in-depth Unplugged And Making Money  Workshop, you’ll be walked step-by-step through exercises to:

1. Select A Business Model
2. Find The Best Niche
3. Develop Name & Branding
4. Set Up The Infrastructure
5. Plan Product Line
6. Create Info Product
7. Build A High Quality Website
8. Develop A Funnel

AND You Will Receive:
A 202-page illustrated, step-by-step manual that you can keep by your side as you are building your unplugged and making money online business.

PLUS: A resource package FULL of the worksheets, templates, and other resources you will need.

Join now and get into this business-building workshop at the low, low introductory price.

Get Registered And Get Unplugged!

If you think that this is going to be one of those boring workshops with too much information and no fun, you don’t know Kevin. Watch this video he made: Is “The Secret” Bullshit Or Just A Dangerous Half-Truth?

P.S. He has a blog that reveals a lot of his success factors:

Growing Profits

If One Good Business Tip Can Double Your Income

Imagine What Hundreds Of Them Might Do!

Joel Comm, the New York Times bestselling author and serial entrepreneur, and his joint venture partner Dan Nickerson have just
launched Growing Profits.

Growing Profits is repository of short actionable tips and nuggets (we call them seeds) in multiple business categories.

  • Sales –  How To Close More Sales
  • Traffic – How To Get More Visitors
  • Marketing – How To Create More Business
  • Copywriting – How To Create Copy That Sells
  • Conversion – How To Make More Sales With Your Existing Traffic
  • Video – How To Get More Views and Traffic
  • Productivity – How To Be More Efficient and Get More Done
  • Web Design – How To Improve and Optimize Your Websites
  • & Much, Much More..

They are using their knowledge, their rolodex of contacts and the wisdom of their customers to create a huge resource of no fluff,
actionable business tips. 

Imagine a repository of great business advice acquired from books, seminars, experts and peers across multiple niches.

Conversion tips, marketing tips, seo tips, small business advice, social media tips, human resource tips, motivation tips, productivity tips and much more.

Tips designed to save you time, make you money and grow your profits.  And new tips are added every day.

Growing Profits is the “Easy Button”  solution for smart marketers. Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on the actionable advice, without the fluff?

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