RunClick WordPress Plugin Runs Evergreen Webinars On YOUR Blog!

Reprinted with permission from Webinars For ProfitEvergreen Webinars From Your WordPress Blog?

This has to be one of the HOTTEST WordPress plugins to launch in a LONG TIME.

It is different.
It is unique!
It even taps into the power that Spielberg and Obama are using!

 RunClick Unlimited Webinar System Has Just GONE LIVE
With the Special Offer Pricing.

You Need to GO Fast on this one…

Have you heard of Google Hangouts?

If yes, then I am not surprised.

It is one of the FASTEST growing systems online.

If NO – then chances are, you WILL before another month goes by.

Big name marketers have started using hangouts as a massive way
of reaching their audiences…. and exploding their bottom line in the process.

And now – you can tap into this power in a way that is SIMPLE…
and WORKS!

RunClick Unlimited Webinar System

From your WordPress dashboard…. capture leads like you have NEVER done before (instant Asset – right there)
Have a built in FOLLOW up system.
And tap into the power of Google Hangouts in a way that will make you WISH you had this 6 months ago.

Grab any video, Or even make one (without being on camera!)
And RunClick will even create a true EVERGREEN Webinar Funnel for you!

Making Money online always follows a proven path – and if you have seen massive success stories online from online presentations (like $10,000 in 3 days as a true example) then you will know how achievable this is.

And here is the KICKER
ONLY now, for launch –

This plugin will offer UNLIMITED seats, UNLIMITED events
and unlimited sites – for one incredibly low fee.

After this launch special is gone – the plugin is going up to it’s commercial pricing – with ongoing monthly fees.


Go Now!

Yours In Success

Micheal & Yvonne – 

PS: Seriously – the power of this system is incredible.

Tapping into the incredible power of Hangouts (and the SEO rankings that come with them) Will change your online marketing for EVER.

Grab it FAST while the launch special is on – you will be EXTREMELY glad you did.

Never Pay Webinar fees Ever Again… Woohoo!!!

You Can Rival TeeSpring

With Your Own Custom Printing Business

No Minimum Print Run – Full Color – Fully Branded –  Scalable Business

It takes time and effort to establish your brand, so when setting up in business, its important you choose your suppliers and partners wisely.

This is why we have partnered with the decoration industry’s (custom print industry) leading platform. This combination means you can confidently build a strong, successful, white label custom print business knowing that the infrastructure supporting it won’t erode or dissipate.

You are probably reading this page for the very same reason I set this up in the first place … having experienced the massive earning potential surrounding crowd funded custom printing this also highlighted many short comings … such as:

  • Longevity (or lack of it) … once a crowd funded campaign ends your great selling design stops sellingwhite-label-t-shirt-printing
  • Failure to hit the minimum print run … you don’t get paid on those sales if the campaign fails to reach the minimum
  • You have to endure many failures for each successful campaign
  • Only basic designs with minimum colors are cost effective due to the screen print process
  • You’re building someone else’s brand (whilst you promote TeeSpring you are only building the TeeSpring brand)
  • You’re building someone else’s business. Surely you’d prefer your customers to come back to you over and over again?

Our system taps right into … and will leverage the 6 year old, custom print industry’s leading platform which incorporates stores, online designer, quote systems, customer management, product management, marketing management and so much more!

Once on the inside you are in the REAL world of custom printing, not just an another affiliate.

  • A business which requires zero investment!
  • A proven business model (our platform actually launched over 6 years ago)
  • A business which is scalable, easy to understand and profitable
  • A business delivering  products people use and BUY every day

If you grasp this opportunity today, you can immediately start building your own white label printing business … a real, viable and scalable business with ZERO overheads and zero investment.


Note that I say white label ‘custom printing’ because we encompass more than just shirts and apparel:

  • iPad and iPhone covers
  • Phone and tablet covers  
  • Drinks coolers
  • Pet tags
  • Rucksacks
  • Even traditional barrels!

    Concerned this all might be just a little bit too technical?

    Don’t be … you don’t spend six years building the industry leading platform just to fall at the last hurdle because it’s too technical.

    The intuitive setup wizard takes you through the initial setup such as choosing a template and color scheme and the adding of your call to action images, brand and logo.

    If you don’t have a brand or logo prepared, don’t worry simply fill out a field and the site is instantly populated with your brand name and tag line.

    When you are ready for more customization we have everything covered … with easy to follow PDF training guides and videos along with direct contact with technical support, your printer and our central training and support hub.

    Blackboard Webinar

    You will also be able to attend twice weekly webinars for:

    • Europe
    • UK
    • USA

    If you are already making money from crowd funded custom printing what I am about to show you will allow you to keep selling your great designs and build YOUR brand at the same time.

    If you’ve yet to make a profit from custom printing this could be your tipping point as our white labeled custom printing set up means you not only get paid on EVERY sale but you also build that all important brand, YOUR brand, so that customers come back to you and not your competitors!


    You can sell from absolutely any where you like. Unlike other custom printingebay-amazon-facebook opportunities you are restricted to selling the designs directly from the third party branded website.

    These are now your designs hosted within your own white labeled, branded business so you can send traffic from any where to your store or download the designs and then upload to shopping portals such as Ebay and Amazon.

    If you run Facebook ads we can also provide responsive, mobile enabled landing pages to show your designs and then link to the store for the customer to choose size and other options before making the purchase.

    Use the multiple opportunities available across the internet to build YOUR brand and make sales …

    Perhaps most importantly this is a great, proven way to set up your own white label business within an industry which is here for the long term …

    There are no restrictions, this is YOUR business.
    Start Your New Business Today!

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