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Browser Tabs Can Recapture Lost Customers

Do you have more than one tab open in your browser right now?

I just started my tablet about 10 minutes ago, and I already have 6 tabs open. On my desktop PC, which is always on, I have 35 or more tabs open on at least 3 browser windows. So finding my way back to a particular website that I have open on my computers is hit or miss.

I have mail!
I have a message in my inbox!

Two tabs I always check often are my Gmail and Facebook tabs. Those actually tell me if I have new messages or updates right in the tab (usually with a number in parentheses).

Imagine if your WordPress blog had the ability to catch the attention of your visitors after they leave your tab… wouldn’t that be cool?

Now, you can! Check out this website, then come back to this post and see what the tab does after a few seconds.

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