How To Build A Website And Product

How To Build A Website And Product


How To Put Your Products and Website Online So You Can Start Making Sales Quickly and Easily!

Even With A Very Low Startup Budget…

And if You’re Not Technically Inclined…

If you have ever struggled with…

· Registering domain names.
· Setting up web hosting.
· Creating autoresponders.
· Setting up buy buttons.
· Editing your web site.
· How to setup a download page.
· Or uploading your web site to your server.

Then fear no more because this is the course for you. It is aimed at newbie and intermediate marketers who are struggling with the necessary tech skills to have a successful internet business.

You’ll be shocked at how much easier it is for you to start making serious money online once you start creating your own products, building an email list and having your own website. This is what makes you stand apart from the crowd and helps you build a fiercely loyal following who gets excited anytime you have something to say!

What Do You Get With “How to Put Your Website
and Products Online” Video Course?

· Tools you need.
· How to register a domain name.
· How to setup web hosting.
· How to create your web site.
· How to upload your web site/product.
· How to setup an Autoresponder.
· How to setup a payment button.
· How to setup a download page.
· Easy to understand/newbie friendly.
· You will learn the only tech skills required.
· Easily communicate what you want done to your outsourcers.

“This is a badly needed product and can really help if you’re stuck.  What’s more, Reed’s giving you 3 incredible bonuses to triple-boost your way to success: a 15-minute 1-on-1 accelerator session, membership in his valuable customers-only facebook group and a follow-on bonus Q&A. Get this and you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to get going online, for not much money… fabulous!”
– Mike Lantz Founder

If you are finally ready… finally serious… finally ready to take massive action, then “How to Get Your Products & Website Online,”can help you! Let’s get you on the path to financial freedom and success — immediately. Aren’t you ready to get this done… RIGHT NOW?

Google Proof Your Blogs

Google Proof Your Blogs

Discover How To Use’s Secret Formula To Make Your Sites & PBNs Slap-Proof…

… and outrank in less than 90 seconds!

cindy-box005-5Ant Cinderella is a cloud-based dashboard for PBNs (Private Blog Networks), self-hosted WordPress and blogs.  It enables users to optimize their internal site structure and maximize the power of their backlinks . . . with just a few clicks.


With Cinderella, you’ll be able to:

  • Build as many internal links as you want to any post or page on your site.  This will help you achieve Page 1 rankings without having to spend a fortune on external backlinks. Most importantly it will save you from Deadly Sin #2 (‘Orphan Sites/PBNs).
  • Embed highly relevant videos with just a few clicks and without having to mess around with embed codes. This will increase the engagement-factor, reduce the bounce-rate of your site, and save you from Deadly Sin #3 (Bouncy Sites/PBNs).
  • Boost rankings by intelligently leveraging the Freshness Factor.
  • Optimize ALL your sites and PBNs from one Central Dashboard.

Do NOT Commit Any Of The Three Deadly Sins!

Here are three of the Deadliest Sins in the eyes of Google:

Micro Sites/PBNs– These are sites or PBNs that have only a few posts/pages of content. They are also known as Sniper Sites, and in many cases they just have a home page and 3 – 5 other posts/pages.

Orphan Sites/PBNs– These are sites or PBNs that may have lots of posts/pages, but the vast majority of these posts/pages do not have any internal or external backlinks at all. This usually happens when the site structure has been poorly optimized. The posts/pages that don’t have any internal or external backlinks are orphan posts/pages or URLs.

Bouncy Sites/PBNs– These are sites or PBNs that have a very high bounce-rate and low engagement factor. This can usually be fixed by incorporating relevant rich media such as video.

You’ve probably heard that Google has already penalized thousands of Micro Sites. Also, many people are aware that Google does not like Bouncy Sites and that such sites do not usually rank well.

1. Do you know if any of your sites is an ‘Orphan Site’?

2. Will you be the next UNWITTING victim of the Google Crackdown?

Most people do not even know that they have the ‘Orphan Site’ problem, and…

If you’ve heard people talk about the ‘Thin Content’ warning or penalty – chances are that they are guilty of the ‘Orphan Site’ Deadly Sin without realizing it.

Also, if you experience a sudden drop in rankings and you can’t find your website in the first 100 pages of Google for a particular keyword – then it’s very likely that your post or page for that keyword has been de-indexed… but you didn’t even realize it!

Google Is Ready To Reward You With LOTS Of Page 1 Rankings…

If you obey the Law of Google then you will be rewarded with improved rankings across the board. YIPPEE!

It’s pretty much like the carrot and stick. Behave yourself and you’ll get offered the carrot, but step out of line and you’ll get walloped with the stick.

The even Better News is that I have developed a software that will help you accomplish this, and…

  • You will NOT have to spend a fortune on link-building services
  • The software is 100% white-hat, so there is no risk of getting your sites penalized or de-indexed
  • There is NO need to install plugins on your sites or constantly log in and out of multiple sites
  • The software works on any PCs as well as Macs, and even your mobile devices

No other software provides you with the benefits you get from Cinderella:

Turn toxic ‘Orphan Sites’ into lovely Authority Sites with just a few clicks.

Easily rank multiple long-tail keywords on Page 1 in case-study after case-study.

Use the same methods as Authority Sites use to rank 100s of keywords on page 1.

Creating an Authority site is as easy as a small, 10-page site.

It’s 100% white hat – absolutely no risky tactics to get you slapped by Google.

Being cloud-based means you don’t have to install plugins on multiple sites, or log in-and-out of individual sites.

Platform Independent so you can use it on your Windows and Mac computers, as well as tablets and smartphones.

You’ll never see Cinderella offered for such a low price ever again.

And if you dilly-dally until after the launch is over to pick up Cinderella, you won’t get it for a low lifetime price. Cinderella will be moving to monthly recurring pricing.

So act now; don’t delay – grab Cinderella this minute if you want to avoid paying recurring fees to experience all its benefits . . .

Unplugged And Making Money

My friend Kevin Riley is revealing his secret to being able to build a business that is sustainable even when he is in the mountains or traveling to remote areas where Internet is not as common as we are accustomed to it.

He has a blog that reveals a lot of his success factors:

The Unplugged and Making Money Workshop is launching today, so you will want to hurry and check it out  before too many people sign up and Kevin closes the doors. Last year, Kevin held a Summer Challenge that filled up fast, and this will be no exception. Kevin delivers the actionable information that will help you convert your business into an unpluggable business.

Go here now and reserve your spot:

If you think that this is going to be one of those boring workshops with too much information and no fun, you don’t know Kevin. Watch this video he made: Is “The Secret” Bullshit Or Just A Dangerous Half-Truth?


I am sure you will see how his sense of humor and his teaching skills are perfect for this type of workshop!

Go here now and reserve your spot:

Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne –

Todd Gross & Shannon Murphy Take Top JVZoo Spot!


Yesterday was a busy day on JVZoo.

A few big launches were going on while Todd Gross Mike Murphy and Shannon Murphy slipped in a quick promotion to their lists and an exclusive offer to WSOInsiders that managed to steal the top spot on JVZoo!

The other product that was giving Todd and Shannon a serious run for their money was VidNuke from Warrior Faraaz.

Obviously, we are giving Video Marketing Graphics our WSOInsiders Product Of The Day!

WSOInsiders Product Of The Day

Congratulations Todd, Shannon and Mike!

I recommend you take advantage of this while the price is locked: