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8 Replies to “Contact”

    1. We are currently rebuilding our list, so we are not doing email blasts at the moment.

      Hey – Do you guys do paid email blasts? I’m interested in having you guys send out a blast for us. Let me know details
      Ryan Bukevicz

  1. Why do I keep getting emails from WSO Insiders telling me that you need to mail my commission check? I don’t know who the hell you even are.


    1. The person emailing people using the name WSO Insiders is coming from the following address:

      WSO Innovations Group | 736 Manor Dr, Chalfont, PA 18914, United States

      They are in no way affiliated with or related to

      All of the emails coming from us is signed by me – Micheal

      So if you are getting those emails, report those people for spam or unsubscribe from their list as they are not coming from this site.

      Also, I personally never use those types of tactics, where I would tell you that you have commissions pending or that you just made a commission.
      I feel that advertising like that is slimy at best… dishonesty never made anyone successful for very long.

      Sorry that someone is posing as us.

      Micheal –

  2. I m looking for a software that will tell me who visits my website and gives me contact information to call or email the customers visiting my page. What do you have ? Thanks

  3. I purchase a VideoMakerFX- Video Creation Sofware and this is the Paypal order number (1399735269) but i dont recive the product yet. Can you help with this matter. Thank You

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