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Google Topper +

Are you aware that there are no fewer than 8 trap doors to Page #1 of Google?

Did you know that they are 100% legitimatehave significantly less competition, are FULLY Panda / Penguin complaint, and can land a page one ranking inside 24 hours?

Did you also know that if you didn’t use these trap doors, you have no hope whatsoever of getting page one ranking for the majority of competitive keyword phrases?

I kid you not all the backlinks in the world are useless if you are trying to compete against authority sites with aged domains. That is they are useless unless you open one of the trap doors.

Introducing “Google Topper”

Google Topper is a 139 page blueprint that reveals EVERYTHING you need to know about identifying the trap doors that are related to your niche, and how to produce content that gets through these trap doors to page one of Google.


The course is laid out in ‘step by step’ fashion so I literally take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do.