Join Us On Next Year’s Marketer’s Cruise!

Tom Beal on the Marketer’s Cruise 2012

Book your cabin now and we will give you an experience you will never forget. 

We are going to give each person on the cruise (who books through our affiliate link) a listing of the top Fiverr outsourcers that we have compiled from interviewing some of the top marketers. We will also work with each of the people who book with us and help you set up your very own WSO (we will even help you shoot video interviews to add as bonuses) while on the cruise.

Yvonne Lyon and I work with hundreds of WSO product creators and we have built up our own “how to create a WSO list”, and we will help 10 to 25 people on next year’s cruise get a WSO set up and ready to launch. We will also blast the info about your WSO to our top JV partners so that you get a good kickstart to your WSO!

So join us on the Cruise next year:

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