Review: Is Video Profit Machine What You Need For Turning Articles To Video?

When you are looking to expand your content to include video, it is really tedious to use PowerPoint turn each article into a video. A few tools have surfaced to make it easier to make articles into video (Article Video Robot was the easiest to use until now). But one just launched that makes it a piece of cake to make a video out of your articles.

I reviewed this software on Online Video Workshop, and while I am looking at it in the light of being a video maker and not as a marketer in the review, I did think about it after publishing it and realized I was being hard on the software, since it is doing its job.

I recommend this software if you are a blogger needing to get more traffic from your articles.

I recommend this software if you want to promote affiliate products (please – do not only use this for your affiliate promotions – a balanced approach is much better for marketing with video when you are selling products) as part of your toolbox. You see, you can make a text only video and add it into a PowerPoint video along with graphics and other effects.

If you are a video maker – this could be useful once in a while. You could actually make videos without a soundtrack and play them as a down and dirty teleprompter…

Anyway, read over the review and look at the videos (and the bonuses being offered) and make your own decision…

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PS – If you do purchase Video Profit Machine, I would love it if you could buy it from us so we can show you how to use it for maximum results.

Reprinted with permission from Online Video WorkshopMy Honest Review Of Video Profit Machine

I did not purchase this product, I was provided a review copy.


Video Profit Machine is very easy to use. You simply paste the text into the ARTICLE box and then select your font, font size, font color and background color.
The next control is video speed – which controls the amount of time a slide stays on screen. Test this when you do your videos. Some videos with a lot of text may go too fast for the viewer to be able to keep up. Normal is pretty good, I do not recommend going too fast. Too slow is not good either, since people who are fast readers will become impatient.

Once you have selected your speed, you want to choose the output folder and file name. Then you also want to choose whether you are going to compress the video and whether you want to finish the video on a blank slide.
The final thing to tell the software is where to find the audio file for the background music. If you read the text yourself, you can specify the location of that file. The software is designed to choose an audio file at random from the folder you specify. If you only want one particular soundtrack, only put one file in the folder you specified.  The audio must be in wav format. MP3 files will need to be converted to wav (audacity is great for that).

The videos created are in 4:3 format – meaning that they are not in High Definition. Not a big deal, although I think the text would be more readable in HD. Right now it appears to be crowded to the edges of the screen. Some players will hide a portion of the text. Some features I would have requested are: margin control, image insertion between paragraphs, other formats than AVI.

Still, it does what the sales video said it would do – converts articles into videos that you can share on video sharing sites.

I said I was going to be honest. If all you want to do is create videos for your marketing and do not need graphics and voice (unless you read it yourself), then this product is great for that. I also recommend the upsell, the video spinner, so that you can create hundreds of versions of the same video from your article with the click of the mouse (I recommend having a lot of different music files in the sound folder when you do this).

If you want more out of your videos than just text, Article Video Robot and Video Spin Blaster Pro 2.0 are better suited for that. So is Video Maker FX and even PowerPoint.

I still believe you should have a lot of different tools in your toolbox, which is why I have Instant Video Templates, My Video Pal 2 as well as the software I mentioned previously. I am going to be using Video Profit Machine to get more out of my articles, but it is not going to be my only tool – and it should not be your only tool either.

Text only videos are not really viewer friendly unless you make the paragraphs shorter and easier to read. They will help you get traffic and they will help some people find your content that would not have found it otherwise, and for that reason I recommend getting this software to add to your toolbox.

I do have some bonuses for you if you act now:

Video Marketing Graphics Pack

Video Marketing Graphics Pack(Value $297):

One of the most powerful collections of PowerPoint templates,backgrounds,video player skins,thumbnails and logo stings. An absolute must if you are thinking about creating a high quality video. Using these tools you can create high converting, lead and sales pulling videos within minutes using PowerPoint.

High Impact Video Marketing Lessons(Value $97):High Impact Video Marketing Lessons

A huge video course containing 21 over the shoulder videos. This product contains some of the most potent video marketing tricks known only to a handful of top video marketers. The combination of this product and the Video Profit Machine software will allow you to totally dominate both YouTube and Google using videos, and create a massive PASSIVE income for yourself.

Video Cash Machine Course(Value $97):

Contains 22 over the shoulder videos revealing some of the MOST powerful video marketing secrets discovered to date. If you want to make money using your articles and videos, this bonus is worth the price of the software alone!

All these bonuses are yours for taking action right now::

2 Replies to “Review: Is Video Profit Machine What You Need For Turning Articles To Video?”

  1. I purchased this product and everything else works but the audio part will not work no matter what wav or mp3 file I try to use, it Will not even detect the crappy ear bursting mp3 built in files such as the one in this sample that sounds so silly but I use my own more human mp3 files when any software works on it.

    1. When you are telling the software where to get the audio, are you just specifying the folder or are you looking for the actual audio file? The software does not accept a single audio file, only the directory where the file is located.

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