NicheGenie Keyword Research Software

NicheGenie Is A Simple And Powerful Keyword Research Tool For Any Niche


Discover profitable and untapped niche opportunities on Google, YouTube and Amazon.

1. Explore new keywords.
2. Accurate niche competition analysis.
3. Designed for Google, YouTube and Amazon.

Google is no longer JUST a search engine, they are also Chrome, Google Plus and YouTube (their only successful social engine) – all under one roof.

NicheGenie helps you snipe profitable and untapped Amazon niches


Step 1. Pull over 200 unique product related keywords on any of your seed keywords in less than 10 seconds.
Step 2. Grab yourself a coffee, turn on some fine music and watch as NicheGenie finds, analyzes and sorts your Amazon keywords after competition on Google and YouTube.
Step 3. Build profitable niche sites and rank YouTube lead videos on easy, sometimes instant keywords!

Nichegenie2-wsoinsidersNicheGenie only looks for the most important outranking factors, saving you time and you don’t need to be a pro to understand it.

  • In-built Captcha Solver
  • Optimized for Any Site Category, Language and Region
  • 100% Accurate Competition Score
  • Exact Match Domains Finder
  • Integrated with Keyword Planner (new)

It’s not all about backlinks…
It’s knowing who you are competing against.
NicheGenie will help you do just that, as well to perform accurate niche competition analysis and help you discover new keywords.

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