Why Being A WSO Super Affiliate Is Possible

I just finished the second module of Charles Kirkland and Todd Gross’ joint venture called WSO Super Affiliate! It just came out as a WSO and it is already burning up the charts!


The content is very solid, Todd and Charles don’t waste a lot of time delivering actionable tips that can help you grow your WSO sales immediately. In fact, one of the tips in Module 1 has already earned me money this week! I highly recommend you invest the low entry price and get started today.

Being a WSO Super Affiliate is not as hard as you might imagine. The first thing you want to do is start building a following – either on your blog, fan page or other social media network. You should keep in mind that you have the ability to use these resources to get people to know, like and trust you, so that when you make a recommendation, they will not hesitate to make the purchase.

So if you have dreamed of being able to command some large affiliate sales and were getting tired of the bullcrap that Clickbank marketers were offering, Warrior Special Offers are the best affiliate products out there. Because of the social proof that is built into WSO’s, it is easy to start a buying frenzy. And all you have to do is send people to the party with your affiliate link!

Check it out, while the price is so low!


Spy Software Unveils Amazon Commissions

Tim Atkinson is killing it with his new software product AzonSpy! The reason why he is doing so well is that it promises a great deal and the price is at an unbelievably low level during this launch.

What does AzonSpy do?

It does all of the following:

  • Search Amazon by category or keyword to uncover TONS of golden products that outsell the rest by a mile!
  • AzonSpy skims for the most highly-reviewed, top-rated and HOTTEST products. Leave all those with just a few, measly, negative reviews for other affiliates to waste their time with.
  • Azonspy lets you target the highest-commission products for FAT monthly checks that will launch you into 5-figure territory, FAST.
  • AzonSpy will pull data from Google Keyword Tool to make sure people are talking about and searching for your products.
  • AzonSpy let’s you quickly uncover all the available exact-match domains that you can use for your site. Hello immediate SEO nitro-boost!

But that is only the beginning… because if you don’t know what you are doing, no software will be of any use to you! So Tim has included a training program that gives you the low down on how to make money with Amazon. This is worth the price of the software in itself, because you won’t get very far with the software if you don’t know what you should be looking for.

Grab it at the lowest price you are ever going to find it:


But how good is it really?

Right now you are pre-purchasing the 2.0 version. You will receive version 1.0, and as they roll out updates, the software will have more and more features.

I did a search for one of the niche sites I already have, to see if it could show me something new, and lo and behold, up came this cool little quadricopter kit with 4 reviews…

The price was nice, because with Amazon, you get a percentage of the price the product sold at. But upon further investigation, the software also told me that this product is ranked 119,264th overall while the AR.Drone is ranked 413th with a price tag of $298.99! When you actually create your links, though, you find that the actual best price may be lower than what the software tells you.

Personally, that does not bother me nearly as much as other people. When some affiliate marketers create a content post with the products that they are hoping to get the highest possible price. I am more excited by quantity sold, because my commission percentage goes up the more sales you make!

If you want to get the research done on what is selling and what people are searching for on Amazon, then AzonSpy is the product you should be looking for!


$6000 WSO Creator Reveals Insider Info So You Can Repeat His Success

Ever wanted to have a WSO Payday of over $6000? Rob Jones has done it, without a lot of Warrior Forum posts, without a large number of affiliates and without a high Warrior Forum reputation. And he is revealing it all for less than $97!

Read all about it here!


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