Social Spy Agent

Social Spy Agent

You Don’t Need To Change ANYTHING About Your Promotions… You Just Need To Add In Social Spy Agent

With Social Spy Agent, YOU get to use the power of retargeting in your business.

You know how when you visit some websites, you suddenly start seeing adverts for them all over the web?

This is called Retargeting.

So what if you could do that?
What if you could bring all your hottest leads straight back to ANYTHING you wanted to promote, with YOUR affiliate cookie intact?
How You Can Make Your Ads For ANY Product Massively More Powerful…In 5 Easy Steps Choose the page you want to retarget – it can be absolutely anything.
2. Add your tracking pixel code (Perfect Audience, AdRoll and Facebook-which you can do for free, so you can just copy and paste). Normally, you’d have to work out where to put this on your page, but with Social Spy Agent, you just drop it in the box.
3. Choose a cloaking domain from the drop-down list. You can use whichever one best suits your offer.
4. Hit Save.
5. Your ads are now following your leads all over the web, bringing them back to your offer for more sales and more profit.

Social Spy Agent: Key Features

  • Works On Mac & PC: Social Spy Agent is web-based software, so it doesn’t matter what  computer you use.
  • 100% Facebook Compliant: This doesn’t rely on some loophole that’s just waiting to be shutdown… it works, and it’s going to keep working.
  • Multiple Cloaking Domains: Pre-loaded domains mean you don’t need to set up any of your own… just pick the one that best suits your business.
  • Automatic Pixel Placement: Social Spy Agent automatically puts your pixel exactly where it needs to be.
  • Full Web Coverage: Social Spy Agent integrates with Facebook, Adroll and Perfect Audience… so wherever your customers are on the web, they’ll be seeing your ads.
  • Full Training: We’ve made Social Spy Agent so easy to use you’ll probably be able to pick it up in a few minutes, but just to make sure we’ve recorded a full set of training videos.

All you need to do is sign up to the usual retargeting services like Perfect Audience and AdRoll, which you can do for free, or you can just use Facebook. Then copy and paste the details they give you into Social Spy Agent.

Your ads will follow your hottest leads all over the web. They’ll bring back your HOTTEST leads to any video you promote, any CPA offer you run, any Amazon page, whether you own the site or not.

You will receive a Completely Unlimited License which means you can use Social Spy Agent for as many campaigns as you like. Create unlimited retargeting URL’s and access them all from your dashboard.

Create some campaigns. Watch your ads go nuclear. Make a load of sales.

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