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Press Release Traffic Code

Todd Gross tells all about Press Release Traffic Code


Imagine getting top ranking on Google within
hours (sometimes minutes?).

Now imagine achieving that using free services
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Todd, Prashant and Shannon give you the keys to tap
into their valuable knowledge on how to simply kill it
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In fact, the word is, they’ve started to successfully
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Not only that, they are finding this works at
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Want even better results? You can try the
extensive list of paid services we use to submit
your Press Releases. . but you don’t have to
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This has worked in the past, works now and will
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Combine this with SEO and you have both short-term
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This is so easy to do, you’ll wonder why you’ve been
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PS – We may make a commission if you purchase this and
any other products we recommend. Just making sure you
were in the loop. 

Owl vs Pigeon?

The topic Yvonne and I get asked about more often than any other is traffic.  What are the best ways to drive it, and can it be done for free?

Now, I’m a big fan of SEO, but I’ll be the first to admit it’s got its down-sides…

It’s a lot of work, and it can take a while to see the results.

But it’s not the only option.

There are ways of getting targeted traffic that are free, quick, and don’t involve any SEO at all.  And most importantly, they WORK… you can get $0.13 EPC with these, and for free traffic that’s pretty hot.

There’s not really room here for a full explanation, but if this sounds like the kind of thing you’re interested in you could do a lot worse than check out Chris Munch’s new OWL Pigeon report.

owl-ebookThis report gives you the low-down

  • –  3 case studies showing how Chris drove over 1000 visitors in 3 days… all for free
  • –  How to use a super-simple method that’s dead easy to outsource
  • –  The tricks you can use to pull in a short-term traffic spike AND long-term targeted traffic for consistent sales

Chris launched the OWL Pigeon Report as a WSO just TODAY, and seriously, it’s worth a look.  But be quick – at time of writing it’s a steal at $6.97, but it’s a dimesale so the price is rising all the time!
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Owl Pigeon Report WSO