Web Video Domination Squared!

Who should you target for offline clients? Obviously any client that pays you money is a good client, but some are better clients because when you get them results, they see an immediate jump in their earnings.

Restaurants have to have a pretty large spike in sales to see a change in their bottom line. Many factors can be attributed to the spike, but when you charge the restaurant owner $2500 are month for a social media or video campaign, they look at the extra earnings and have to wonder if your services are worth it.

That is why my friends Bill Clemens and John Reddoch have targeted Personal Injury Attorneys for their client base.

They created two packages that help you create a complete business just helping Personal Injury Attorneys get ranked and get clients!

Web Video Domination Offline Marketers Dream – Get Personal Injury Attorneys To Pay You Thousands

John Reddoch is a business development coach and offline marketer.



So Here Is What You Get In This Package…

  • The Personal Injury Lawyer Prospecting Video
  • The “5 Biggest Mistakes Attorneys Make With Their Websites That Cost Them Billings and Clients.” You get the report to rebrand for yourself and business.
  • My Local Business Domination Manual with over 120 pages of pure content to help you build a local marketing business
  • You Get Our Report On “How To Use The Internet To Slash Your Advertising Cost and Get More leads and customers
  • The Special Client Email That You Send To Attorneys pointing them to the video and report
  • The WordPress Launch Theme that will help you generate leads or you can use it with your customers for their lead generation
  • Just Added Since We Ran This – Our Lawyer SEO Done For You Pricing Package

Just Added For Bonus: New Video Marketing Guide 30 Page Report and Autoresponder Series


Then they followed it up with:

Offline Marketers Make 1000’s With This “Done For You” Video Solution For High Paying Niche Market

Just a sample of what you will receive!




How Much Can You Sell This Package For To A Lawyer?

There are several ways you can do this and I will tell you what we do. You can sell this package out right to an attorney for $497 to $997. Or you can include them in your monthly SEO services and use them as part of your service to increase its value.
The bonus video we have included tells an attorney prospect about the power of video marketing and the importance of educating potential clients and answering questions with video. So here is what you do:

  • Setup a simple page with the attorney prospecting video on it.
  • Place the text for the video I am including with this package on the page with the video
  • Send the attorney an email with a link to the page with the video and your contact info on it.
  • That simple…don’t make it hard…this works time and time again.

The more emails you send…the greater your chance of getting that call right away. As I said before, my own clients love these videos. When I showed them the one on “What every attorney would like to say to a potential client,” they were blown away.

I recommend you buy both of these if you have any intention of marketing for offline clients and Personal Injury Attorneys especially!



If you have (or want to have) cosmetic surgeon clients, John and Bill have created a set of videos for them:



Web Video Domination For Personal Injury Attorney Clients!


Do you need to get clients for your offline consulting? Personal Injury attorneys are ideal clients, because one lead can pay for the entire setup!

Imagine what 5 clients paying you $2500 or more per month for you to set up videos for them and then get them backlinks to those videos. And then imagine that you are paying less than $800 per month for the labor to get those tasks done!

After seeing what is included in this package, I was totally stoked! I had been given access to the previous Web Video Domination video set, and it was outstanding. But this one is even better, with cool looking animated text and a very professional, yet gentle sounding female voiceover for each of the audios and videos. Then the training material included with the videos shows you how to get your videos up and making your clients some money!

John and Bill even show you how to get clients! How can miss with this?




Jonny Andrews is totally rocking the publishing world with his Perfect Publishing System!


Even More Tuesday WSO Bargains!

Mobifusion Product Launcher


Use mobile compatible product launches to take your product sales to new heights.

Check out what Mobifusion Product Launcher is all about!




Warrior Special Offer Bundle Blowout Sale

From David Schardt.


Hello, my name is David Schardt. If you don’t know who I am, I am a down to Earth online/offline marketer that teaches EXACTLY how I do things in my everyday business. I own and operate 8 different online and offline businesses and the following WSO are a detailed and step by step video course teaching you my favorite 5! I keep it real, raw, and unedited to maximize your learning curve. I ONLY teach methods that I currently use!
Rather than spit out some long regurgitated sales copy..Let me just list the courses you will get.

1. Crazy Craigslist Cash – Currently Selling For $21.90

2. Get Offline Clients To Call You – Priceless…Currently Closed (Sold On Clickbank for $19)

3. Lead Generation Business In A Box – Priceless…Currently Closed (Sold for $12)

4. Offline Mobile Domination – Currently Selling For $12.68

5. Offline Cash Cow – Currently Selling For $17


Offline Domination with WordPress

Offline WordPress Wizardry


offline-wordpress-wizardry-wso insiders

 Grab the EXACT Step-By-Step Secrets We Use To Build an Ever-Increasing Virtual Real Estate Rental Business In This Detailed 65 Page PDF Blueprint Today!

We have created the 65 page PDF Blueprint to be used individually or for even BETTER results alongside the extensive video training.

We decided to ADD the full Upgrade to the Video training simply to speed up the learning process and so you can watch realtime as we do everything step-by-step.

The “upgrade” is NOT necessary to make this work; however, it will make things much clearer and you’ll get things set up much quicker.

  • How to choose customers YOU want to work with
  • How to find a never ending LIST of new leads
  • How to choose the RIGHT keywords
  • How to target the right “audience”
  • How to choose and register a domain name
  • How to set up your hosting account
  • Uploading a WordPress theme using Cpanel and Fantastico
  • How to install plugins
  • How to create a “pricing” grid
  • How to set up recurring Paypal button
  • How to automate the sales process
  • How to create “content” on the fly

    “Totally “Beginner” Friendly!”