WSO Of The Day 2-2-2012 – WP Sales Magix


WSO OF The Day


WSO Of The Day–WP Sales Magix
Intro to WP Sales Magix

Q) Will Wp-Sales Magix work with my Facebook Fan pages?
A) YES… we have just finished adding the Facebook HTML code option that
allow you to copy and paste your polls/reviews into any custom html landing page.
Q) Are you planning on really doing updates and requested features?
A) YES… we actually added the custom Facebook html as a result of a beta tester request.
There are also many other EXCITING NEW features on the To-Do list…

      • Buyers of this special WSO will be supplied with Life-Time Updated copies of WPSM
      • Updates will be provided for 100% FREE available to action takers of this WSO only!

Q) Do you have a Solid Money Back Guarantee?
A) Absolutely YES… We stand by our products 100% , if unhappy in ANY way,
you have up to 60 days to get every single penny back! With a SMILE!
Q) How long is the Developers LOW Special OFFER going to be available?
A) The Special Offer is only available for the first 48 hours ONLY!
The entire WSO offer will only be available for a short time, as this is a
targeted Clickbank product and we are graciously offering our fellow Warrior Forum ‘peers’ the opportunity to get a First Class custom WordPress Plugin Application for
a Very Warrior Special Offer!
Q)Can this plugin be used to promote cpa offers?
A)Yes this plugin can help to promote both incentive and non incentive offers, you can create free downloads to entice your visitors.
Q)Can this plugin be used to create tutorial?
A) Yes you can create tutorials, add your video at the top of the web pages instruct people to fill instructions or explain the features of your product or offer
Q)Can this plugin be used to create surveys?
A)Yes this plugin can create surveys of any type, you can use it create surveys for offline and online business
Prepare restaurant’s menu’s, real state questionnaire etc.
Q)Can offline marketers be benefited by this plugin?
A)Yes instruct people to fill quotes, create a welcome message on your lead capture page..unlimited possibilities really
Q)Can product launchers be benefited by this plugin?
A) It is all there… Product launchers can introduce their product, distribute affiliate material, capture leads etc.
Q)Is this plugin social media friendly?
A)Yes distribute your product like CRAZY Quickly go viral on social media with it powerful features and advanced Data pulling power!
Q)Can this be integrated with auto responders / or email?
A)Yes you can put polls, reviews directly into your emails.
It works with all popular auto responders and EMAILS!
Q) Can you go over the Developer Rights a little?
A) Yes, th Dev. includes an unlimited amount of sites you can install on.. it is broken into 100 site ‘limits’ to protect the integrity of the plugin , but rest assured, you will be able to access another ‘block’ when needed….
As far as flipping… it will NOT be transferable for sites that are “flipped” the new owner will need to purchase a copy themselves, although i will reserve the price for that at the Special Offer price.
Hope that clears up some things..
Q) Can you please show me a few DEMO sites?
A) Sure here is a few simple examples… but keep in mind there are endless ways to use


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Greetings, fellow Warrior’s. My name is Ash (Major K), and I’ve been an avid consumer of Warrior Forum products for a while now. I’ve spent 20 years in the US Army as an Army Officer. Well, now that I’m retired (wow…have to get used to that word), I am making a go at the IM space on a full time basis. I need your help to stay busy folks. Having spent a career being very active and giving it my all, I need to channel that energy into a new career and I’ve made the decision that it’s going to be in the trenches with all of you. So, from one Warrior to another, I’m really glad to be here.

Now, I’m not new to internet marketing, I’ve been on the net since 1997, and early on learned how to make an extra income with Amazon, Adsense, and Commission Junction.

I thought for my first series of WSOs, I’d keep things simple. I’d start showing others where I started and that would be with good ‘ole affiliate marketing. Since Amazon has paid out something like 10 billion dollars in commissions, I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel here.

In case you were wondering, this WSO is 2 Videos that you can use to promote Amazon products all year round!