Simple Video Pro: End Of A Good Thing?

Monday, September 10, 2012 At 3pm EST
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This program is amazing, it lets you do thing to video that you could only do with software that cost 4 times as much! Expect the price increase to significantly reflect the value of this product.

And even more amazing is the fact that the product owners are adding more features as you are reading this!

You would be crazy to miss out on this!

See our previous post about this amazing WordPress Plugin!

Kindle E-Cover Generator – 3D Version

Sam England and Lina T have done it again!


Kindle E-Cover Generator - 3D Version-wso insiders

Create Attention Getting Kindle Book Covers In Less Than 10 Minutes Each and Every Time!

Turn any flat image into a 3-D image with the Click Of A Button.

Lifetime access to a proprietary web application that will give you the ability to create outstanding and eye-catching Kindle book and product eCovers.

Instant Kindle eCover Generator 3-D version will allow you to transform any flat image into a 3-D Book Cover that will jump off the page, for use on your author’s blog or website, with the click of a button.

Hurry!! The price on this product is going up!

Turn your blog into a $3,226.17 weekly cash cow…


WP Cash Cow

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you when
it comes to making big bucks online, then it’s

Start a membership website TODAY.

It’s just so much easier than chasing a few sales
and constantly finding new customers.

And after a few months, those residual payments
sure do add up.

Problem is, membership websites have been
notoriously hard to set up and run each month
for most of us.

First you had to shell out hundreds for a decent

Then you had to learn how to set up and manage
your script…

Then you had to figure out which niche to create
a membership around…

Then you had to figure out a way to deliver killer
content for your members each month.

Not easy for most marketers… even the “gurus.”

But that’s about to change…

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him yet, but
Matt Wolfe is not only a smart, friendly guy, but
he’s a total “WordPress Jedi.”

Matt has developed this ingenious way to turn
any WordPress blog into a fully fledged membership
website, ready to take orders…

… but WITHOUT paying for plugins, software or
any of the usual crap you’re forced to buy.

Not only that, but he’s also got the skinny on
how to pick the exact niches that are perfect
for membership websites…

… AND how to cheat your way to getting top
drawer content for cheap, or even free, using
sneaky tactics that most people have never
thought possible.

Which means, there’s need to hire programmers,
designers or a team of writers…

Check this out:

If you’re tired of making random sales, and you
need a more stable, reliable income each month
(and a darn fat income too) then I strongly
suggest you check out Matt’s brand new system:

Better hurry though, Matt’s getting paranoid
and has already threatened to take this offer
down very soon (follow the link below to see

Facebook Timeline Skins From Martin Crumlish!

Get yourself a package of editable Facebook Timeline skins that you can use for yourself or your clients!


Christmas Traffic Gift!

As one of my loyal readers I’ve got a terrific Christmas Gift
for you, courtesy of my buddy Sebastian Fox.

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Seb’s answered the *ONE* question you should be asking
yourself about 2012.

“How will I drive more traffic to my website(s).”


Simple. Just replicate Seb’s proven Get Traffic 2012 approach.

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Be quick because, knowing Seb, his Christmas spirit
may not last into the New Year when he’ll probably
start charging for his traffic pulling techniques once again.


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If you ever wanted to create a professional and truly profitable
Video Sales Page but have no idea how to approach it or are
limited in technical skills to implement it – I’ve got
great news for you!

In a Hurry?

My partners Alex and Dmitriy cooked up something truly incredible
that will solve all the problems:

* A tool that generates Video Sales Letters in minutes,
  just answer a few questions when prompted
* A complete training for using the tool to its full potential
* A guide to other tools for creating professional HD video
  presentation that will not break your bank account
* A video guide for editing templates and fine-tuning them  to fit your needs
* A 7-step PDF guide for creating Video Sales Scripts
  that works in any Niche!

And all of this could be yours for a steal!

But please don’t wait, they are planning on increasing the price
after this initial launch: