11-13-11 Weekend Warrior Special Offer Roundup

This Weekend For WSO Insiders

Some great Special Offers on the Warrior Forum this weekend, some of which started on Friday. Since yesterday, here are the WSO’s for your eyes only!

12businessplans 12 Business Plans You Can Profit From Right Now!
12 Real World Step by Step Business Blueprints for starting your own successful business. Each blueprint has a section giving advice on how to expand and grow your business. This is completely newbie friendly.


If you have been wondering what you could do to make money online, this could be what you’ve been looking for. The price is also right, because if you were paying someone for this information in the non-WSO marketplace, you would pay ten time this much!

These 12 Blueprints are real world business plans to help you succeed some are entirely FREE. Yes you heard right FREE! All of these blueprints are easy to run low cost business plans, that take only a few hours a week to see results.

Discover how to MAKE MONEY from .INFO DOMAINS

This WSO includes an excel file with 300+ exact match .info domains that are ranking on the first page of Google. I don’t know if you would want to spend $3 for just a spreadsheet of 300 domains, so that you have to do all the research yourself, but if you have the time, this may be the tool you need to figure out how this guy did it.


Call & Play 2.0 For Skype

Version 2.0 (Gold Version)

Limited Time On the Forum (Next 7 Days Only .Then The Thread Will Be Taken Down And The Price Will Be Raised And Put On An Outside Site)

Some really cool features in this program include the ability to send an audio followed immediately by a text / chat message to a cell phone. The software automatically detects between a land line and cell phone.
Scheduling. You can “set it and forget it”. You want to call a couple of hundred business contacts tomorrow at 10:00 am ? No problem. Quickly add the schedule and let it work for you.


Ultimate Adsense Site Blueprint!

Build site after site that make you $30 to $70 per month… these sites are assets!

You can sell the sites you build for quick profit! Adsense and Affiliate niche websites sell for 10-20x the income they make, sometimes even more!!
You will discover inside this product crazy examples of some sites you really need to see!

Case Study Website INSIDE!!

  • How to find money keywords
  • How To find a Domain that will rank fast.
  • Building Sites and adding content really sucks. Inside you will learn how to have it all done for you CHEAP!
  • Plugins used and how they are setup
  • WordPress settings for great SEO
  • Content SEO setup. How to setup your Articles to get noticed by Google!
  • Finding Article Writers and other staff.
  • SEO Services that drove the case study site to Page 1 for 5 KEYWORDS fast!
  • Adsense Inspiration for Niches
  • Blueprint Checklist included so you know where to start



Backlink Hurricane!

Discover the secret high speed backlinking strategy that automatically syndicates all of your posts across dozens of sites…

Lots of backlink guides out there. But at this low price, it is worth it to get yet another backlink guide, because the more sources you get get for your backlinks, the better.

Using one method alone will get you short term results, but using a varied, balanced approach is much better for your rankings over the long term.


Mobile Marketing And Mobile Advertising Insider Tips Audio Recordings


“Yes! This recording is produced under the influence of HIGH quantities of ginseng and caffeine with a little vodka so the recordings may contain the occasional brain freeze or brain speed moment as the ginseng and caffeine kick in but hey I think it makes sense right now, so lets hope what I want to reveal comes across in the transmission from my brain to my mouth.”

If you are an offline marketing consultant, you can use these tips to convert some of your clients into $500 checks in your hand…

As you can see from the wide variety of topics covered in these Warrior Special Offers, you can save a bunch of money by choosing those items that you can take action on immediately!

WSO Of The Day Roundup

WSO of The Weekend: Client Squeezer: Offliners! Here is a Client Getting method that will help you squeeze more clients into your business: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/client-squeezer

Friday’s WSO of The Day: WP Pop Wizard Plugin

Do you need a way to control your popups on a WordPress Blog? WP Pop Wizard Plugin will give you the power to make popups do your bidding!

Thursday’s (11-10-11) WSO of The Day(WSOTD): http://wsoinsiders.com/go/net-worth-explosion

And here are the top WSOs we rounded up over the past couple days…

FB Lead Ninja – This is a nice package of Fan Page Templates and Reports to bribe your visitors to “Like” your clients’ Fan Page. They even include a Photoshop Ecover Action Script to make those cool graphics of the report. Grab it while it is only $9.90: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/fbleadninja


Business Bootstrapping Guide: This is an amazing list of free resources that are available through the Internet.
Not only do you get the list with many screen-shots, there is information on what you can expect
If you are not making the income that you desire … creating your own products. and selling them can give you profitable income streams.
Having this report solves one major problem … you are not going to need money to invest first before you create a product.

More WSO Madness

This one is moving up the charts… imagine being able to set up content that your visitors can only read after they call a phone number? Now you can do this with Call 2 Continue – get your prospects to willingly leave you their phone number in return for content on your blog – http://wppluginguide.com/go/call-2-continue

I didn’t promote this one earlier in the week, but it is still a good one… Micro Cash Machines: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/microcashmachines

Facebook Attraction Method – Offline Marketing Secret Tactics That Convert – Plus FREE Facebook Fanpage Tab Hosting: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/fam

This is a pretty large list, and if you were to purchase all of them you would drop a bundle… but only choose the ones that further your particular business plan.

Keep an eye out for more Round Ups as the day progresses, since Warriors are prolific!

The List Exploder–WSO Priced For A Limited Time

The List Exploder – For those about to build a list… or those with a list they have mishandled: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/list-exploder

Can you imagine having a list that is worth a lot of money to you? Once upon a time it was said that a responsive list was worth in excess of $1 per person per month. So a person with a list of 50,000 readers would have been worth an easy $50,000 each month! Some marketers, like Gary Ambrose, have managed much higher numbers with a smaller list, especially back in 2006 when his list helped him win Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing JV Contest!

But these days, many marketers are feeling the pinch of list attrition. Many of them have been doing list swaps with hundreds of different partners, and losing a bit of the responsiveness that their lists used to have. If you look at the sheer number of people each of these readers are subscribed to, it is not hard to imagine that they couldn’t have enough time to read all of these emails.

A timely WSO called The List Exploder aims to help you build a new list from scratch, or help you increase the responsiveness of your current list to levels that can make you much happier with your results. Check it out below!


Want to know more about Warrior Special Offers? Come see them on our WSO Insiders Fan Page!

Today’s WSO Round Up

WSO Insiders have been begging us to do a compilation of current WSO offerings. At first we were hesitant to do this, but after some discussion, we decided that it was in YOUR best interest if we let you know which WSO offerings are out there right now.

I know you don’t want to receive a new email each time a WSO goes live (unless it is something that you have been waiting for), so we are setting up a way for you to subscribe to WSOInsiders.com in such a way that you are alerted when we do a WSO Round Up. In fact, you can even use our Facebook App to sign up to receive WSO Round Ups. Subscribing to the RSS Feed is also a good way to know when we post something new.

For now, however, we are just going to tell you what is available.


WpsBoxPRO “d” DESKTOP KING: Generate 100,000+ Backlinks, RIGHT From Your Desktop

WP Pop Wizard Plugin

LINKCLAW! 50% Off Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster! CLOSING NOV 23!

[Unrestricted PLR] Google Adwords PPC 101 – 45 Minutes of Exclusive Video Tutorial with PLR/MRR

[WSO OF THE DAY]20 Automated Offline clients Twice a Week? And, No Selling? C’mon!

Check them out, because the WSO’s are limited time offers in most cases.

This WSO Round Up is sponsored by BlueHost!