2015 Local SEO Checklist

2015 Local SEO Checklist

Rank Any Page In The First Position Of Google’s Local Results In Under A Week

All By Following A SIMPLE “Search Engine Checklist”

http://wsoinsiders.com/localchecklistThe 2015 Local SEO Checklist is the fastest way to boost any business to the top of Google’s results in 2015.

Google puts these results above all other websites in their local index, without the need for blog posts, hundreds of backlinks or expensive keyword software.

Local SEO is completely different, requiring just a few on-page tweaks, and a handful of backlinks from ‘Local Authority Sources’.

Up until now, those sources have been Industry Secrets.

The tactics in the 2015 Local SEO Checklist instantly allows any business to leapfrog their site to the top of Google every time.

Right now YOU are getting the opportunity to USE THIS CHECKLIST  for yourself! Giving you the power to rank any site on the first page of Google.

Inner Circle students have been using this the same Checklist to start their own Local Consulting Businesses from home without any previous SEO experience.

It’s a guarantee that you won’t make any money with the 2015 Local SEO Checklist if you don’t take any action. But the students lucky enough to get in the door early have become Local Heroes in their town, pushing the Local Businesses to the top of Google in under a week.

You can be the local hero, but only if you take action. You can make a difference for your local business.

Watch this video to find out how you can become a hero.


What I Did Today To Earn Some Offline Cash

I was excited to get hold of the latest Instant Video Templates Version 3 yesterday, and I did a hangout during the day to show how easy it was to create videos for clients.

But this morning, I was playing around with the handyman video template, because I have some sites where I promote painters. The handyman template includes a painter, a paint brush, a can of paint and a ladder. So it was easy to use those to create a cool video for some people I found doing a Google search for painters in my area. I found a few with contact information and created killer videos for them and sent them a link to it to their email. Now I just wait for the phone to ring. I have a few different packages I can offer them (a video a month, monthly hosting or just letting them have the video without my outro promoting my services), so it is up to them as to how much they want to spend with me.

All this because I had just bought some templates. What do you think you could do with the video tools that we talk about on WSOInsiders.com? Let me know in the comments section what you could do!

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne – WSOInsiders.com

PS – You can get all 3 Instant Video Templates for a lot less than the $297 that Version 1 and 2 is selling for if you hurry(1 and 2 are available for a reduced price in the members area)!


Video Biz Builder Mobile Edition

Reprinted with permission from WP Plugin GuideVideo Biz Builder

Are You Tired Of Chasing After Offline Prospects With Nothing But Wasted Time And Dial Tones To Show For It?

If you’ve been in offline marketing for any length of time, you know the feeling.  Business owners are too busy. No one wants to be interrupted at work to get “pitched” to. And let’s not even get started on the “gatekeepers”!

Cold Calling Is Not Just A Pain
It’s A Complete Waste Of Everyone’s Time

We’ve found a solution that combines two of the most powerful marketing strategies, video & email, with an industry that is booming and ripe for the picking – Mobile Marketing!

Perfect tools for creating a simple system, that can be replicated quickly and easily, over and over again, without any special technical knowledge.

It’s An Easy 3 Step System

Step 1: Email your prospect (we will show you how to find prospects emails).
Step 2: Prospect views an amazing video that engages their interest.
Step 3: Prospect is compelled to reach out to YOU and enters their information. Including phone number and best time to call!



Get White Label Rights To This POWERFUL “Death Of Cold Calling” System And Never Pick Up The Phone To Generate A Lead Again!

The Perfect Tools & Tactics To Increase Your Exposure In Your Marketplace Starting Today!

  • Video Biz Builder WordPress Theme
  • Two Hypnotic Whiteboard Videos with PLR Rights
  • Tracking Spreadsheet (critical to your success)
  • Video Biz Builder Detailed Training Course

If you are working as a marketing consultant, and you want to help more businesses realize the Power of Mobile Marketing, this will be your most powerful Lead Generation tool.

Don’t let the fear of not knowing how to fulfill services keep you from the successful business you deserve. Spend LESS time prospecting and MORE time growing your business.

Harness the power of Video Biz Builder Mobile Edition, land clients, and see the results you deserve today.


Local Lead Empire

Local Businesses Realize the Importance of Marketing & Lead Generation…

Blocal-lead-empireut maybe they don’t know how to do it on their own … and they need a “local marketing expert” – they need YOU – to guide them and show them how it’s done!

INTRODUCING “Local Lead Empire: How to Build a Six Figure Local Lead Generation Business”!

Complete, Easy-to-Follow System That Shows you Step-by-Step How To Succeed in Local Marketing!

Many small businesses are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month for the services you will be offering them! How to tap into Social Networks, Video Sites, Article Directories, RSS Feeds, Pod Casts, Social Bookmarking, Press Releases and much more to get local businesses the #1 ranking they need to wipe out their competition and dominate their market!

To become a local marketing expert, you won’t have to spend years in school. Heck, you don’t even have to have any “marketing experience” to excel at this.

Our program reveals everything you need to know. Just follow the steps and see the results that are produced for your clients.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from Local Lead Empire:

  • How to get clients and start making money in just days or even hours from now … all without having to do any “cold-calling”! (We’ll even share with you an offline marketing technique that is guaranteed to have local businesses begging to work with you!)
  • The types of local businesses and which types you should focus on if you really want to explode your profits in a short time!
  • How to turn any website, no matter how poorly done, into a virtual money-making machine!
  • One simple marketing tool that nobody uses anymore but that you can use to triple your clients’ results!
  • How to help a local business dominate their niche so fast that they’ll feel indebted to you forever!
  • And much, much more!

To make it as easy as possible for you to get your lead generation business off the ground, we have built a complete system where all you have to do is follow the simple steps to start seeing some truly incredible results.
You’re going to be amazed at how easy it is for local businesses to dominate their local niche.

This Course is Composed of Six Modules:

Website Building Blueprint – which reveals step by step how to build local lead generation websites … it’s really easy when you follow these tips!
SEO Blueprint – which reveals everything you need to know to offer an insanely profitable local SEO service!
Conversion Multiplier
– which reveals how to quickly and easily unlock a local lead generation website’s hidden potential!
Signing Clients and Getting Paid – find out exactly what you need to know to entice clients to work with you and then also ensure that they promptly pay you for your work!
Outsourcing and Scaling – discover when to outsource, what to outsource, what not to outsource, how to outsource and, finally, who to outsource to!
Finance Formula – learn how to manage and grow your business finances, including how to track profit and loss, cashflow and more!

Order Now & You’ll Receive Three Special Bonus Gifts

Local Lead Generation Sales Pack
This incredible pack is filled with tips and tools that will make selling your services to local businesses a breeze!
$500 Pay Days With Panda & Penguin 2.0 Recovery
Offer this service and you will become those businesses best friend, capable of ensuring they retain their high rankings no matter what the search engines decide to do in the future!
White Hat SEO Blueprint
An ability to perform search engine optimization is one of the greatest skills (and assets) a local marketer can have.

So don’t delay … order today to receive your Complete Blueprint for local marketing success!