Total Contact WordPress Plugin

WP Total Contact is the first plugin of its kind. With our plugin
you can set up a powerful social media and contact hub that appears
consistently on every page of your website (or your clients
website) with minimum fuss. Because it’s a wordpress plugin, it
integrates seamlessly and won’t mess up your current site layout.


So, why would you want all your important business information in
one place?


– Customers will know they are one click away from any of your
social media channels or contact methods.
– People can directly access your phone number or skype….if you
enable those features….meaning a question or sale is only a few
clicks away.
– It reassures customers to see that you have such an open, easy to
use contact system and reassures them. How many times have you been
on some bank website (they always annoy me!) where the contact
number was practically hidden away? Don’t hide from customers, put
your info where they can find it.


Directly link social media channels, contact information, google
maps, skype and phone details all in one place.


….or tick a box and turn WP Total Contact into your own sticky
advert at the bottom of the screen. With this powerful option you
can make the plugin show any image you upload, your own text and a


Check out the powerful, simple to use admin area:


This is one of those plugins that will take your conversions
through the roof!



WP Total Contact: Put Your Entire
Social Media and Contact Channels in
the ONE Place EVERY Potential Customer
Will See Them!
Our Brand New Unique Plugin Generates
a powerful fixed tab on your site
containing everything from your
Facebook URL through to your skype and
even Google Maps location!

NO Other WordPress Plugin Does
Everything That WP Total Contact Does
– your clients will love it.

WP Auto Tube–WSO Of The Day 2-6-2012


Auto Tube for Auto Cash

Keep people on your blog longer with YouTube Videos!

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