11-12-11 WSO Roundup

WSO Of The Day

Today’s WSO of The Day: Client Squeezer: Offliners! Here is a Client Getting method that will help you squeeze more clients into your business: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/client-squeezer

Yesterday’s WSO of The Day: WP Pop Wizard Plugin

Do you need a way to control your popups on a WordPress Blog? WP Pop Wizard Plugin will give you the power to make popups do your bidding!

Thursday’s (11-10-11) WSO of The Day(WSOTD): http://wsoinsiders.com/go/net-worth-explosion

And here are the top ones since the Round Up yesterday:

FB Lead Ninja – This is a nice package of Fan Page Templates and Reports to bribe your visitors to “Like” your clients’ Fan Page. They even include a Photoshop Ecover Action Script to make those cool graphics of the report. Grab it while it is only $9.90: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/fbleadninja

No BS Backlinks – 150 High Authority Backlink sites where you can gain some traction in the search engines! http://wsoinsiders.com/go/no-bs-backlinks

45 Royalty Free Music Tracks and 45 Motion Video Background Loops with PLR (plus 20 bonus videos) You get 45 Royalty Free music tracks (loops, MP3 files, total length – 3 hours) ranging from 50 sec to 12 min in different tempo, style, mood etc. PLUS – 45 motion video background loops (MOV files, sizes 480 and HD 720) ranging from 5 to about 100 seconds. You can use them together with these music tracks and your own text, pictures etc.

Business Bootstrapping Guide: This is an amazing list of free resources that are available through the Internet.
Not only do you get the list with many screen-shots, there is information on what you can expect
If you are not making the income that you desire … creating your own products. and selling them can give you profitable income streams.
Having this report solves one major problem … you are not going to need money to invest first before you create a product.

WordPress SEO Blueprint – Do you ever wish you had an easy to follow WordPress SEO blueprint that you could rely on time after time and expect it to help you get fast rankings rather than just hope that it will?

More WSO Madness

This one is moving up the charts… imagine being able to set up content that your visitors can only read after they call a phone number? Now you can do this with Call 2 Continue  – get your prospects to willingly leave you their phone number in return for content on your blog – http://wppluginguide.com/go/call-2-continue

I didn’t promote this one earlier in the week, but it is still a good one… Micro Cash Machines: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/microcashmachines

Facebook Attraction Method – Offline Marketing Secret Tactics That Convert – Plus FREE Facebook Fanpage Tab Hosting: http://wsoinsiders.com/go/fam

This is a pretty large list, and if you were to purchase all of them you would drop a bundle… but only choose the ones that further your particular business plan.


Keep an eye out for more Round Ups as the day progresses, since Warriors are prolific!

Today’s WSO Round Up

WSO Insiders have been begging us to do a compilation of current WSO offerings. At first we were hesitant to do this, but after some discussion, we decided that it was in YOUR best interest if we let you know which WSO offerings are out there right now.

I know you don’t want to receive a new email each time a WSO goes live (unless it is something that you have been waiting for), so we are setting up a way for you to subscribe to WSOInsiders.com in such a way that you are alerted when we do a WSO Round Up. In fact, you can even use our Facebook App to sign up to receive WSO Round Ups. Subscribing to the RSS Feed is also a good way to know when we post something new.

For now, however, we are just going to tell you what is available.


WpsBoxPRO “d” DESKTOP KING: Generate 100,000+ Backlinks, RIGHT From Your Desktop

WP Pop Wizard Plugin

LINKCLAW! 50% Off Vital Backlink Intelligence and Auto-Link-Booster! CLOSING NOV 23!

[Unrestricted PLR] Google Adwords PPC 101 – 45 Minutes of Exclusive Video Tutorial with PLR/MRR

[WSO OF THE DAY]20 Automated Offline clients Twice a Week? And, No Selling? C’mon!

Check them out, because the WSO’s are limited time offers in most cases.

This WSO Round Up is sponsored by BlueHost!

Tis The Season For Weight Loss PLR

This is the perfect time to have a weight loss product to
sell to your readers. The holidays are here and I am one
of those who increases pant sizes the closer I get to the
New Year…

You can take advantage of this trend by having a product
with your name on it that you can sell to your visitors!


But only 100 will be sold, so you should grab this if you
are wanting to have weight loss products for sale.

Here it is:


Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

PS – If you need articles to help you grow your readership
in the weight loss niche, here are 10 PLR Articles that are
available… only 50 will be sold!


Need Weight Loss Niche PLR Videos?


What Is A WSO?

If you have been marketing online, you have probably heard of the Warrior Forum. It is a community of people who are in all stages of success in online marketing. Its purpose is to allow marketers to help one another to reach their goals.

One of the methods that has particularly risen to popularity is the Warrior Special Offer or WSO. These special offers can be anything from a private label rights product (PLR) to a training course on how to do a task to get more traffic, sales or clients. You can also buy software and WordPress Plugins in WSOs. The special offer part of the WSO is the cool part. Warrior Special Offers can start as low as $2, but that does not mean the product is only worth $2. The WSO is a way for a marketer to test his product sales page with other marketers before putting the product on a regular website for a much higher price.

The reason they place a product in the Warrior Forum first is to give their peers a chance to pick the product and the sales page apart. They often will get hundreds of unsolicited testimonials for their product if they have a product worth going mainstream. If a problem arises in the product delivery, Warriors are the first to complain, and those product owners who are fast responders can usually get any bugs fixed and out of the way and not miss any sales. Because Warriors will stop all purchase activity as soon as a complaint arises in the thread. If they see the resolution is to their satisfaction, sales will resume, but if a product gets too many complaints and no response from the product seller, the WSO dies a horrible death.

So a WSO is a sort of contest, where products are either battle tested or defeated in battle. But the best part of a WSO is the value you can get when you purchase one. My friend Derrick Van Dyke did a WSO for his Facebook Optin App, and he started it out at $17 one time, and he has since raised the price to $47 for personal use and $67 for Developer License. Those who took advantage of the WSO pricing are laughing all the way to the bank.

At WSO Insiders, we will keep you informed about what is selling and how you can take advantage of the deals! We are compensated for any purchases of WSOs that we recommend, so some of our reviews may be biased. You should do your own due diligence and read the threads completely to get your questions answered before purchasing anything.