YouTube Training Videos With PLR

Reprinted with permission from PLR Insider InfoYouTube Marketing PLR Videos

YouTube Marketing PLR Videos from Memberspeed Inc (Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson)

Over 43 Minutes Worth Of Content-Packed-Videos With Strategies Most Of The General Public Aren’t Aware Of

Five High In Demand topics combined into one to increase your profits.
1. Researching Competitors
2. Creating an attack plan
3. Getting Traffic from YouTube
4. Getting Traffic from the Google Search Engine
5. Increasing Engagement and Conversions

You’re about to get actual strategies (not theory) that are proven to work.

9 Modules Of Training
Overview of YouTube
2. Research Your Competitors and Rank
3. Research Organic SEO Rank
4. Preparing and Uploading Files
5. Optimizing Your Video
6. Increase Your Reach With Playlists
7. Increase Engagement With Annotations
8. Increase Your Rank With Social Signals
9. Increase Your Video Reach

Grab Private Label Rights to this content packed 9 part video course on
YouTube Video Marketing NOW!

The Miracle Of Therapeutic Touch PLR


The Miracle Of Therapeutic Touch

Get your business started in the personal care niche with:

The Miracle Of Therapeutic Touch

Here is what you get:

Complete Private Label Rights to this brand new product based around a
hot topic and carefully researched by a team of writers

Source documents in .DOC format so you can put your name as the author
and of course edit, extract, add and manipulate it as much as you wish.

PDF document – If you simply want to resell this product and supply the PDF
version of this eBook, it’s included in this package.

Squeeze page so you can start building a list of hungry subscribers right away!

Also includes confirmation page for double-optin subscription

Sales page so you can sell this product and make 100% of the profits selling it
as your own. Just insert your order button and you’re ready to make sales!

Download page so your customers can download the product. It also has a
built-in backend offer box where you can insert your own special offer or
recommend another product.

Source PSD graphics files – You’ll get the professionally designed header,
footer, checkmark and 3D eCover eBook PSD files, so you can customize the
graphics with your name as the author, change the titles and images.

Titled graphics version – If you’d simply like to offer this product to your
customer using the existing product name, it;s supplied to you.

Flat version – Multi-purpose use. Use these for your ebook cover, banner
and more.


PLR Certificate. The certificate is for you and should not be distributed to
your customers. This product does NOT include unrestricted private label
rights to protect your investment.

Master Resell Rights & Resell Rights Certificate to supply to your
customers. Reselling this product? Simply supply either master resell rights
certificate so your customers know their rights.

What can you do with this product?

Split the content to create dozen of articles.

Extract the content to use as blog post so you can regularly provide valuable contents

Add the content to your eBook to give it more meat.

Split the ebook to create 2 or 3 separate viral reports so you can get traffic to your website.

Re-purpose the content by converting it to audio or video format

Split the content into 52 parts so you have a year’s worth of content

Create a 5-7 day eCourse using the content to build your list.

Sell the Basic Usage Rights, Master Resell Rights and Resell Rights to make 100% of the profit

Sell this product on the backend, like your download page so you can make more.

Offer this product as a bonus to your customer or people buying through your affiliate link

Provide it in your membership site for members to download.

You can reproduce the content for offline use.

You can get the content translated into another language

Package this product with two, three or 10 other products to create your own “Mega Pack”

Sell this products to your subscribers at a special discount

Integrate this product on your partner’s/JV’s webpage so you can leverage on their traffic.

Edit, retitle, rebrand and customize whatever you’d like within this PLR package

Even if you have no plan or desire to sell it, you can gain a lot of valuable information inside.


Google Plus Step By Step Marketing Secrets

Reprinted with permission from PLR Insider InfoGoogle Plus Marketing Secrets PLR

Brand-New Google+ Marketing Course From Henry Gold

Henry Gold has decided to practically give away a Brand-New Google+ course called “Google+ Marketing Secrets Step-By-Step Guide 2.0” where you will learn how to drive massive traffic, FAST!

Here will share strategies such as:
-> How to choose the RIGHT niche to promote  on your Google+ channel.
-> How to get Massive Subscribers to Your Google+ Circle.
-> How to redirect traffic from your posts to your website.
-> How to get EXTREME cheap traffic to your Google+ Circle.
-> How to get LIKES for your business.
-> And Much, much more. (Of course, we will share it all with you in a step-by-step fashion where you just need to COPY-N-PASTE and start getting traffic to your website!)

Go ahead and download them now at:

It will HELP you to get massive traffic to your website really FAST. In addition, it will also allow you to become a Google+ consultant in as little as SEVEN steps. To help you even further, here is the “features” you will receive on this powerful course:

Feature #1: Training Guide 2.0 (Value: $600)
Feature #2: Cheat-Sheet (Value: $100)
Feature #3: Mind-Map (Value: $75)
Feature #4: Professional Minisite and HTML (Value: $400)
Feature #5: Sales Copy (Value: $500)
Feature #6: Professional Graphics (Value: $200)
Feature #7: Squeeze Page + Thank You Page (Value: $400)
Feature #8: Nine Follow-up Messages (Value: $100)
Feature #9: Customer List Page (Value: $200)
Feature #10: Set-Up Everything Tutorial (Value: $100)

Now… To spice things up, here is what you are also going to receive:

Bonus #1: Uncovering Google Plus ($27 Value)
Bonus #2: Fan Page Ad Secrets  ($37 Value)
Bonus #3: Viral Marketing Tactics($27 Value)
Bonus #4: Mobile Marketing Made Easy ($37 Value)
Bonus #5: PLR Tweets ($97 Value)
Bonus #6: The PLR Rockstar ($47 Value)
Bonus #7: 120 Social Media Tips ($47 Value)
Bonus #8: Social Cash Secrets ($17 Value)
Bonus #9: Dominate Social Marketing ($47 Value)

Download it now at:

P.S. As part of the promotion, you will receive everything that I mentioned above starting at $7.
However, as Henry is utilizing the dime sale method, you need to make sure you download the course right now at:

Source Code GoldMine Retirement Sale

Reprinted with permission from PLR InsiderSCGM Retirement Blowout PLR Sale

140 Source Code GoldMine Products

At A Fraction Of The Oringinal Price!
You get all 140 Products from every Source Code sale ever launched and a great retirement sale price.

This is the Source Code Blowout 1 & 2 and Source Code Gold Mine 1-12 Retirement Sale. And you can now devour on this HUGE SET!

SCGM is removing all the past terms and restrictions the content came with. Now you can do anything you want with this content, and we do mean anything at all, as long as you never bundle more than 10 products together in one package, on one domain, or in one members area.

So even if you previously purchased the same SCGM product, you will want to grab these no restrictions products!

All 140 products come with full reseller websites and sales letters so you can just add your order buttons and go – but the real money is in simply using all of the content to create new products, or generate leads.

Use this content to:

  • Generate leads
  • Create new products
  • Build your blog
  • Create videos
  • Create new bundles…

Source Code Gold Mine v12 Product Downloads

  1. Automated TrafficBot
  2. Backlink Hurricane
  3. DotCom CashCow
  4. Flippa Cash
  5. Facebook Traffic
  6. InstantFB Templates
  7. Listbuilding Bully
  8. Niche Mastery
  9. SocialMedia Manager
  10. Testimonial Confirmed

Source Code Gold Mine v11 Product Downloads

  1. CPA Cash Cow
  2. Create Content Fast
  3. Create Your Own Job
  4. Gateway To Success
  5. Selling Blog Ads
  6. SEO Traffic Thief
  7. Traffic Secrets
  8. Video Warrior
  9. Website Marketplace
  10. oDesk Insider

Source Code Gold Mine v10 Product Downloads

  1. Attraction Marketing
  2. Banner Ads
  3. Ben Franklin Marketing
  4. FaceBook Power Ads
  5. Internet Guru Training
  6. Creating iPad Apps
  7. Local Internet Marketing
  8. Micro Outsourcing
  9. Social Media Celebrities
  10. Work At Home Moms

Source Code Gold Mine v9 Product Downloads

  1. Building Email Lists
  2. Clickbank Approved
  3. Continuity Cash
  4. Email Deliverability
  5. Extracting Email Cash
  6. Forex Trading
  7. PPC Treasure
  8. Resume Rockstar
  9. Squidoo Lens Genius
  10. Start Making Decisions

Source Code Gold Mine v8 Product Downloads

  1. Authority Site
  2. Auto Blog Feeder
  3. Blogging For Retirees
  4. CB Bookmarking
  5. CPA Cash Network
  6. eCover Black Pack
  7. External SEO Traffic
  8. IMC Manager
  9. Just Pay Shipping
  10. Twitter Effect

Source Code Gold Mine v7 Product Downloads

  1. Content Crusade
  2. Direct Response Design
  3. Exploiting Ebay
  4. Marketing Music 2
  5. Info Product Creation
  6. Money With Media
  7. Netvertising
  8. Niche Virus
  9. Nitro Blogger
  10. Viral Email Formatter

Source Code Gold Mine v6 Product Downloads

  1. Affiliate Director 2
  2. Camtasia Paycheck
  3. Click Bank Cash
  4. DiggIt Yourself
  5. eCover Pro
  6. Follow Up Fortune
  7. Follow Up System
  8. Internet Marketing Music
  9. Social Networking
  10. Social Niche Builder

Source Code Gold Mine v5 Product Downloads

  1. 8 Days
  2. Adsense Inbox
  3. Buying Webs
  4. Cashing In With AV
  5. Content Chain Gang
  6. Eco Niche
  7. Exit Traffic
  8. Geeks Guide
  9. My Personal Assistant
  10. Yahoo Answers

Source Code Gold Mine v4 Product Downloads

  1. Affiliate Secrets
  2. Coreg Cash
  3. Ebay Profits
  4. Email Stats
  5. List Building System
  6. Newsletter In A Box
  7. Personal Sales Letters
  8. Product Creation
  9. Profit Sponder
  10. Where’s My Keyword

Source Code Gold Mine v3 Product Downloads

  1. Boardroom Riches
  2. Finding Your Niche
  3. Investment Money
  4. Mentor Fortunes
  5. Squeeze Page Report
  6. Super Squeeze Page
  7. Survey Everything
  8. Tag And Ping
  9. Time Management
  10. Virtual Plastic

Source Code Gold Mine v2 Product Downloads

  1. Adsense Cash Machine
  2. Article Content Spinner
  3. Article Marketing
  4. Google Video Rush
  5. Internet University
  6. Investing In You
  7. Marketing Moms
  8. PL Article Site Builder
  9. Public Domain Profit
  10. Teleseminar Basics

Source Code Gold Mine v1 Product Downloads

  1. Article Submitter
  2. Continuity Cash
  3. Blog Empire Profit
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Net Positive Thinking
  6. Note Pops
  7. Sales Letter Creator
  8. Virtual Corporation
  9. Your Own Tv Station

Source Code Blow Out v2 Product Downloads

  1. Article Site
  2. A to Z About RSS
  3. Blog Link Generator
  4. Google Sitemaps
  5. Member Script
  6. Podcasting Book
  7. Podcast Teleprompter
  8. RSS Announcer
  9. Vlog Tutorial
  10. Your Own Ebook

Source Code Blow Out v1 Product Downloads

  1. Adsense Empire
  2. Ad Tracker Pro
  3. Affiliate Toolkit
  4. Article Site Builder
  5. Blog Ping Automator
  6. Blog Ping Tutorial
  7. Free List Pro
  8. Healthy Computing
  9. Master Affiliate
  10. Moveable Type

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