Create Videos In Multiple Languages

Reprinted with permission from Online Video WorkshopVideo Alchemy Software

You Need To Create Animated Videos In Multiple Languages

If You Are Only Targeting English Speakers Then…

You Are Losing Money Everyday…You Need To Act Now!boxshot

Video Alchemy’s 7 Easy Steps to Global Video Success:

Step 1:

Simply choose your template from our extensive collection. These will include a plethora of different niches including weight loss, real estate, fitness, internet marketing and many, many more. 2:

Simply add in your keyword and in just a few seconds you’ll have a huge selection of articles to chose from! 3:

Choose Your Article or Add Your Own and Spin Up To 3 Times. No need to spend hours writing brand new content – or pay a copywriter to write it for you – when you can simply search thousands of articles related to your keyword and choose your favorite ready to bring alive in minutes!

step4Step 4:

Add Your Background Music. With our extensive selection of Royalty Free Music to choose from – all ready and waiting for you inside the software, you will be able to choose exactly which mood to create for your customers!


step5Step 5:

Add In Your Images. Choose your images or add in your own. We have an extensive collection of Royalty Free Images waiting for you to insert into your video and bring your videos to life!


step6Step 6:

Simply choose the language and accent of your voice (You have over 100 to choose from!!)

Every Single One Of These Languages Has At Least 2-3 Different Male And Female Voices and up to 14 different accents in each of those languages.


Step 7:

Press That Big Red Button
(Go On You Know You Want To!!)

The software will then make your completely unique video! Displaying your images and translating the text and audio to the language and accent you have selected.

Really BIG Bonus!

WP Alchemy Translate lets your visitor translate the page into the same language as the video…with ONE click.

You do not want to miss out on being one of the first people to get your hands on this amazing software. Sign up to be on the Early Bird list and get a discount.

Watch the demos and see for yourself how incredible this software is.

Easy Video Toolkit

Incredible Video Creation Resource For Marketers & Businesses

You can always use more templates, hand drawn art, and training to help take your videos to the next level. Right?

But if it seems too difficult to make a really awesome looking video, don’t despair. Now anyone, newbie or experienced, can make incredible videos in mere minutes.

Easy Video Toolkit is jam packed with all the resources you need to create stunning videos including video training to get it done right!



No Learning Curve or Monthly Fees, Everything You Need In One Place –

Module 1 – Whiteboard Male Character Poses
Module 2 – Whiteboard Female Character Poses
Module 3 – Kinetic Slide Templates

Module 4 – Video Maker FX Remixed Slides

Module 5 – Quick Video Creation Training
Module 6 – Whiteboard Scenes
Module 7 – Whiteboard Social Media Elements
Module 8 – Whiteboard Speech Bubbles & Circles
Module 9 – Whiteboard Life Items Pack
Module 10 – Whiteboard Hand Drawn Arrows
Module 11 – Whiteboard Hand Drawn Circles
Module 12 – Whiteboard Banners
Module 13 – Whiteboard Cartoon Items
Module 14 – Whiteboard Shapes
Module 15 –  Animated Characters Pack 1

Module 16 – The Easy Video Sales Letter Formula
Module 17Full Training On How To Use Easy Video Toolkit
Module 18 – Royalty Free Music Tracks
You HAVE look at this page to appreciate everything you are getting! –> Easy Video Toolkit

P.S. There are also 4 special video tool kit surprise packs to anyone who purchases Easy Video Toolkit within the next 24 hours!

11-12-11 WSO Roundup

WSO Of The Day

Today’s WSO of The Day: Client Squeezer: Offliners! Here is a Client Getting method that will help you squeeze more clients into your business:

Yesterday’s WSO of The Day: WP Pop Wizard Plugin

Do you need a way to control your popups on a WordPress Blog? WP Pop Wizard Plugin will give you the power to make popups do your bidding!

Thursday’s (11-10-11) WSO of The Day(WSOTD):

And here are the top ones since the Round Up yesterday:

FB Lead Ninja – This is a nice package of Fan Page Templates and Reports to bribe your visitors to “Like” your clients’ Fan Page. They even include a Photoshop Ecover Action Script to make those cool graphics of the report. Grab it while it is only $9.90:

No BS Backlinks – 150 High Authority Backlink sites where you can gain some traction in the search engines!

45 Royalty Free Music Tracks and 45 Motion Video Background Loops with PLR (plus 20 bonus videos) You get 45 Royalty Free music tracks (loops, MP3 files, total length – 3 hours) ranging from 50 sec to 12 min in different tempo, style, mood etc. PLUS – 45 motion video background loops (MOV files, sizes 480 and HD 720) ranging from 5 to about 100 seconds. You can use them together with these music tracks and your own text, pictures etc.

Business Bootstrapping Guide: This is an amazing list of free resources that are available through the Internet.
Not only do you get the list with many screen-shots, there is information on what you can expect
If you are not making the income that you desire … creating your own products. and selling them can give you profitable income streams.
Having this report solves one major problem … you are not going to need money to invest first before you create a product.

WordPress SEO Blueprint – Do you ever wish you had an easy to follow WordPress SEO blueprint that you could rely on time after time and expect it to help you get fast rankings rather than just hope that it will?

More WSO Madness

This one is moving up the charts… imagine being able to set up content that your visitors can only read after they call a phone number? Now you can do this with Call 2 Continue  – get your prospects to willingly leave you their phone number in return for content on your blog –

I didn’t promote this one earlier in the week, but it is still a good one… Micro Cash Machines:

Facebook Attraction Method – Offline Marketing Secret Tactics That Convert – Plus FREE Facebook Fanpage Tab Hosting:

This is a pretty large list, and if you were to purchase all of them you would drop a bundle… but only choose the ones that further your particular business plan.


Keep an eye out for more Round Ups as the day progresses, since Warriors are prolific!

URL Shortener Allows YOU To Control What You Put In Front Of Your Visitors!

I just created a short link… but it isn’t your standard short link.

See for yourself:

Notice how the picture opens up in front of the page, then the
page opens while you have had time to read the window. The
cool part about this is you can even place a video in front of a
web page. So you can give a review of the product… right
before they even see the product!

Here is the link to set up your free link shortener account at
my new site:

It is free to create an account and you can create as many
shortened links as you like!

A NEW WSO came out yesterday, but you may have missed
it because of the other WSO’s that exploded on the scene at
the same time!

It is a WordPress Plugin that you use to make your content go
viral with social networks! Check it out, and watch the video!

My friend Dee Ferdinand is releasing another royalty free music
set! You should really check it out if you do any video, podcasts
or presentations!

Watch the video and see what I mean:

If you are doing a lot of offline marketing, you will want to look
at this script that allows you to place a message over any website
that you desire. What an awesome way to put an introductory
video on a website while you explain what services you can offer
the prospective client.

This really rocks!


Micheal & Yvonne

PS – You can still get a bonus if you are quick enough to purchase
WSO Super Affiliate now using this link: