How To Create A Social Power Blog

Reprinted with permission from Social Net EffectIs Your Blog Social?

Discover Your Blueprint To Creating A Traffic Generating Social Media Power Blog

Discover How To Create A Social Power Blog, Drive Social Traffic, Leverage Your Content, Build Your Email List & Sell Your Products & Services.

You may be a complete beginner or have some blogging experience, but either way, these days  you need to know not only how to build a blog, but also how to make it part of your social media system.

The Social Blog Blueprint is all about Social Blogging; we teach how to maximize each and every blog post to get maximum exposure through Social Media, how to build blog communities and of course how to make your blog Social friendly. After all, getting your blog content seen, and building authority is what it’s all about.

Properly set up, your blog can be the very crucial, central hub of your business.  The place where all your traffic is directed.

When that traffic gets there make sure they are amazed at what they see!

The real power of blogging comes when you combine it with the strategic use of Social Media to create a Social Blog.

The Social Blog Blueprint teaches you how to create a successful & profitable WordPress Blog, fully integrated with all Social Channels within just a matter of days.

But that’s not all!  Even if you’re a more seasoned WordPress user, we teach SEO Techniques, Traffic Techniques, Monetization Techniques, and of course Social techniques which enhance your blog’s visibility, and get your blog content shared.

You will also discover exactly how to make your blog a Social Media Power House, and what buttons and widgets you need to make it easy to get traffic every time you publish a piece of content.

Dozens of tips and techniques laid out step by step to socialize your blog, build your community and start to turn your blog into a real business.

Here’s What You’re About To Receive:

  • 9 Comprehensive Training Modules
  • Checklists & Worksheets
  • Our Interactive Blueprint MindMap
  • Bonus Branding Interview w/ Marshall Wayne
  • Plus! Unannounced Bonus Webinar Inside!

Trends & fads will come and go, but your blog will remain central to your business success.  Forget about other tactics for now and really focus on the hub of your business – get that right before you create fancy videos, or purchase expensive Facebook ads.  You have the power to control exactly what you put on your blog to grow your business, but yet SO many business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers overlook it!

A neglected blog is useless to your business, start building your Social Power Blog today.  Follow the Social Blog Blueprint and be proud of a blog, that works for you.

Keyword suggestion Software

Single Keyword Research Is Dead

Google is now focusing on questions, rather than keywords. Fact is…Google is going to display results for “conversational searches” rather than just keywords

What does that mean?

It means that LSI and long-tail keywords are more important now than ever before. It means that you need to stop using the old keyword tools to try to rank for major keywords.

You need to diversify as much as possible and target as many long tail keywords as you can.

It’s no secret that long-tail keywords are “golden” if you know
how to properly uncover them.  And “Keyword Suggestion,” is a new piece of software that is so powerful, it will help you uncover thousands upon thousands of profitable long-tail keywords in just a few seconds…

If you’re a Niche Marketer, blogger, website owner or just someone who knows that the money is in long-tail keywords, this exclusive and premium software is for you.

The new “Keyword Suggestion” Mac and PC software uses “Google Suggest” and “Youtube Suggest” to uncover KEYWORDS to use for your article and video titles!

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Wave Audit System Software

Is Your Business Being Audited?

Did You Receive A Citation Report?

Audits and Citations are two words that most people consider bad news and anybody offering it to a business is usually not considered a friend…

What most businesses don’t know, is that they NEED an Audit and they NEED a Citation Report.

That’s where YOU come in and save the day!

The Wave Audit System software was created to generate marketing information about a business that will reveal their strengths and weaknesses online. (Audit) If they don’t have the necessary information about their business listed in the right places, (Citations) they are losing out on massive traffic.

You could spend countless hours manually researching a business and figuring out where they are listed (if they are listed at all), the quality of the sites they are listed on, and then spend more of your time creating detailed reports to send them, and let’s not forget manually creating citations on high quality sites that will get them noticed and send them traffic. Phew! Can you say “run on sentence?”

OR…You can change all of that with just a few mouse clicks of this powerful software.

What Can This Software Do For You?

  • Run Audits For Any Business
  • Find Out What Citations They Are Not On
  • AUTO Register Any Business To The TOP Citation Sites On The Web
  • Auto Confirm Emails Right From The Software
  • Auto Generate A PDF Report – Fully customizable to add your images and text.
  • Auto Email System That Allows You To Contact Prospects Right From Within The Software
  • Status Notification System Shows The Exact Statistics On The Business That Was Audited

There is ZERO Technical experience needed to run this software.  That means you can generate detailed audits to share with a business owner and have them begging to create citations for them.

With this software you will have the power to get businesses listed on the top citations sites almost instantly with automated listing confirmations.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable time manually doing what this software can do automatically. Enjoy your well earned freedom while being a super hero to local businesses.

Grab The Wave And Start Auditing Business!

Stop Paying For Traffic

How Can You Get Your Content Seen?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve written a Pulitzer Prize winning article. Without traffic, it may as well be your grocery list.

And without traffic, you’ve got nothing! No audience, no sales, no income…

Paying for traffic can drain your savings, and getting your great content to all of your sites can be extremely time consuming.

You need a solution that won’t have you mortgaging your house or spending endless hours in front of the computer.

ENTER – Stage Right:
Content Marketing Software

This tool is the single best way to get your word out in less time while preventing the big search engines from seeing your content as spam filled gibberish.

Here’s what you’ll receive with the incredible Content Marketing software:

  • Simple 2 Click Distribution System – Click the piece of content you want, then click where it goes.  Nice and easy.
  • Customize Your Strategy – 100% customizability makes Content Marketer truly yours. Use one of our current categories and add as many new websites as you like in 2 seconds. You can bulk add hundreds of sites at a time with the brand new “bulk website adder tool”.
  • Competitor Spy – Want to know more about a tough term? Reverse analyze what your competitors are doing and see how competitive the keyword is before you ever try to target it.
  • Social Intelligence – See what people are saying on all of the important social networks with a simple keyword search. Use the “Reply” tool to have open discussions with others that have control in your market!
  • Just added! Brand new “Content Marketer” course with over 7 hours of training that reveals how to best reach your prospects.  $97 “real world” value.

The Content Marketer course is brand new.  It’s designed to give you the training you need to get your content out there fast, your way. And it is worth far more than the asking price!

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