Hump Day WSO Roundup

WSO Of The Day:

WP Traffic Cop

This Week’s WSO Mayhem

The following Warrior Special Offers are currently burning up the charts!

Need help finding aged, high PR domains for your niche sites?


Tubing It – Traffic from YouTube?

Local Keyword Raptor – Firefox Plugin that helps you find long tail keywords you can rank for easily!

Earn cash for the holidays on ebay (3 Easy Steps) –

“Discover the Hidden Truth About Getting Offline Clients!” –

Do You Buy Backlinks? Use this backlink checker, Verify Back and save time. If you use Fiverr SEO Blueprint, Verify Back will save you a ton of time checking out whether your backlinks really were created! Quickly confirm that link builders are creating backlinks to your exact instructions. Save yourself hours of time instead of checking backlinks by hand.

Brett Ingram’s My Traffic Business 2.0 You can have your own business where you sell and set up sites like

Domain Finder – Aged, Expired and PAGERANKED Domains. PR POWERSHOT is Rocking!

There are more, but lets go with these for now! I always post more WSO’s on the WSOInsiders Fan Page!

The List Exploder–WSO Priced For A Limited Time

The List Exploder – For those about to build a list… or those with a list they have mishandled:

Can you imagine having a list that is worth a lot of money to you? Once upon a time it was said that a responsive list was worth in excess of $1 per person per month. So a person with a list of 50,000 readers would have been worth an easy $50,000 each month! Some marketers, like Gary Ambrose, have managed much higher numbers with a smaller list, especially back in 2006 when his list helped him win Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing JV Contest!

But these days, many marketers are feeling the pinch of list attrition. Many of them have been doing list swaps with hundreds of different partners, and losing a bit of the responsiveness that their lists used to have. If you look at the sheer number of people each of these readers are subscribed to, it is not hard to imagine that they couldn’t have enough time to read all of these emails.

A timely WSO called The List Exploder aims to help you build a new list from scratch, or help you increase the responsiveness of your current list to levels that can make you much happier with your results. Check it out below!

Want to know more about Warrior Special Offers? Come see them on our WSO Insiders Fan Page!

Why Being A WSO Super Affiliate Is Possible

I just finished the second module of Charles Kirkland and Todd Gross’ joint venture called WSO Super Affiliate! It just came out as a WSO and it is already burning up the charts!

The content is very solid, Todd and Charles don’t waste a lot of time delivering actionable tips that can help you grow your WSO sales immediately. In fact, one of the tips in Module 1 has already earned me money this week! I highly recommend you invest the low entry price and get started today.

Being a WSO Super Affiliate is not as hard as you might imagine. The first thing you want to do is start building a following – either on your blog, fan page or other social media network. You should keep in mind that you have the ability to use these resources to get people to know, like and trust you, so that when you make a recommendation, they will not hesitate to make the purchase.

So if you have dreamed of being able to command some large affiliate sales and were getting tired of the bullcrap that Clickbank marketers were offering, Warrior Special Offers are the best affiliate products out there. Because of the social proof that is built into WSO’s, it is easy to start a buying frenzy. And all you have to do is send people to the party with your affiliate link!

Check it out, while the price is so low!

What Is A WSO?

If you have been marketing online, you have probably heard of the Warrior Forum. It is a community of people who are in all stages of success in online marketing. Its purpose is to allow marketers to help one another to reach their goals.

One of the methods that has particularly risen to popularity is the Warrior Special Offer or WSO. These special offers can be anything from a private label rights product (PLR) to a training course on how to do a task to get more traffic, sales or clients. You can also buy software and WordPress Plugins in WSOs. The special offer part of the WSO is the cool part. Warrior Special Offers can start as low as $2, but that does not mean the product is only worth $2. The WSO is a way for a marketer to test his product sales page with other marketers before putting the product on a regular website for a much higher price.

The reason they place a product in the Warrior Forum first is to give their peers a chance to pick the product and the sales page apart. They often will get hundreds of unsolicited testimonials for their product if they have a product worth going mainstream. If a problem arises in the product delivery, Warriors are the first to complain, and those product owners who are fast responders can usually get any bugs fixed and out of the way and not miss any sales. Because Warriors will stop all purchase activity as soon as a complaint arises in the thread. If they see the resolution is to their satisfaction, sales will resume, but if a product gets too many complaints and no response from the product seller, the WSO dies a horrible death.

So a WSO is a sort of contest, where products are either battle tested or defeated in battle. But the best part of a WSO is the value you can get when you purchase one. My friend Derrick Van Dyke did a WSO for his Facebook Optin App, and he started it out at $17 one time, and he has since raised the price to $47 for personal use and $67 for Developer License. Those who took advantage of the WSO pricing are laughing all the way to the bank.

At WSO Insiders, we will keep you informed about what is selling and how you can take advantage of the deals! We are compensated for any purchases of WSOs that we recommend, so some of our reviews may be biased. You should do your own due diligence and read the threads completely to get your questions answered before purchasing anything.