Video Traffic Blaster

Video Traffic Blaster

Reprinted with permission from Online Video WorkshopSpin Your Video Hundreds Of Times

Video Traffic Blaster is the innovative new software that lets you spin a single video and create an unlimited number of variations of different time lengths… instantly and easily!

Video Traffic Blaster is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to dominate the Search Engine Results Pages for your niche on Google, YouTube, Bing,Yahoo! and the Internet’s other most popular search engines … at the push of a button!

  • Create multiple variations of your high-converting leads and revenue-generating videos with just a single click.
  • Works with any type of video, including affiliate videos, product reviews, demo videos, sales videos, product launches, introductions … you name it!
  • So simple to use, my 9-year-old nephew mastered it in less than 3 minutes.
  • More high-target, ready-to-buy customers delivered to your web pages.
  • Exponentially increases your online traffic and creates a steady stream of new buyers with the push of a single button.
  • Exploits the explosive popularity of video marketing, the fastest, most effective way to reach new customers ever created!
  • Lets you spin an unlimited number of variations using an infinite number of keywords for the videos you create using Video Profit Machine.
  • Get top YouTube and Google traffic and earn huge commissions for months and years to come!

Video Traffic Blaster will instantly generate dozens … even hundreds … of unique versions of your marketing videos and each one can be assigned to a different keyword in your niche. Simply hit the button and instantly create professional-quality videos you can use to dominate the web’s hottest search engines. Video Traffic Blaster does it all for you!

Video Traffic Blaster Software runs on Windows 7,8, Vista and XP but works with Macs(Using Windows Parallels) too. And it also comes with Complete Video Instructions!

Video Traffic Blaster is the perfect solution for any online marketer regardless of your experience level.

As always, no additional tools required, no monthly fees or subscriptions, nothing more to purchase …ever!

Create Videos In Multiple Languages

Reprinted with permission from Online Video WorkshopVideo Alchemy Software

You Need To Create Animated Videos In Multiple Languages

If You Are Only Targeting English Speakers Then…

You Are Losing Money Everyday…You Need To Act Now!boxshot

Video Alchemy’s 7 Easy Steps to Global Video Success:

Step 1:

Simply choose your template from our extensive collection. These will include a plethora of different niches including weight loss, real estate, fitness, internet marketing and many, many more. 2:

Simply add in your keyword and in just a few seconds you’ll have a huge selection of articles to chose from! 3:

Choose Your Article or Add Your Own and Spin Up To 3 Times. No need to spend hours writing brand new content – or pay a copywriter to write it for you – when you can simply search thousands of articles related to your keyword and choose your favorite ready to bring alive in minutes!

step4Step 4:

Add Your Background Music. With our extensive selection of Royalty Free Music to choose from – all ready and waiting for you inside the software, you will be able to choose exactly which mood to create for your customers!


step5Step 5:

Add In Your Images. Choose your images or add in your own. We have an extensive collection of Royalty Free Images waiting for you to insert into your video and bring your videos to life!


step6Step 6:

Simply choose the language and accent of your voice (You have over 100 to choose from!!)

Every Single One Of These Languages Has At Least 2-3 Different Male And Female Voices and up to 14 different accents in each of those languages.


Step 7:

Press That Big Red Button
(Go On You Know You Want To!!)

The software will then make your completely unique video! Displaying your images and translating the text and audio to the language and accent you have selected.

Really BIG Bonus!

WP Alchemy Translate lets your visitor translate the page into the same language as the video…with ONE click.

You do not want to miss out on being one of the first people to get your hands on this amazing software. Sign up to be on the Early Bird list and get a discount.

Watch the demos and see for yourself how incredible this software is.

Warrior Special Offers Roundup

Hot Products You Do Not Want To Miss


This is a small collection of the most recent products that we have on our site. We cannot guarantee that all offers will still be available by the time you see this.


Video Marketer
Submit videos to all the major video sharing sites.

Easy Sketch Pro
Create hand sketching video like a Pro!

WP Beautify WordPress Plugin
WP Beautify allows you to completely change the way your WordPress site looks by adding 650+ fonts and font effects; a complete built-in image editor (with the possibility of searching for free images online that you can start using straight away), and an improved video player with 7 unique skins.

Covert TShirt Store WordPress Theme
Have Your Very Own Profit Pulling T-Shirt Store Up & Running In Just 5 Minutes From Now

YouTube Marketing Secrets PLR
Marketers get the information they have been desperately searching for to rank high on YouTube and you get 100% percent of the profit by providing them with it.

Kindle Niche Ninja
Uncover Hundreds Of Profitable Kindle Niches  With Kindle Niche Ninja

Optin Tango Two Step WP Plugin
OptinTango Is An Insanely Powerful Yet Super Simple To Use WordPress Plugin That Will Instantly Boost Your List Building And Subscription Rates.

Rent A SERP Theme and Plugin
This One Of A Kind Plugin Allows You To Rent Out Your Ranked Pages Automatically.

Have You Watch These Traffic Training Videos?
Did you ever want to become the expert on how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website? Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins just put released 3 amazing training videos on getting Facebook traffic.

Rapid Content Wizard
Content is what everyone wants for their blogs, but a lot of marketers do not have the time to spend on good content. This software looks to solve that problem.

Social Control at Your Fingertips
Get control over your social media with this desktop software.

Child Of The Light Subliminal Affirmations
Do You Long For A Stress-Free Bedtime With Your Child?

Solo Ads Are Working For You?
Are you spending more money for solo ads only to get less in return? Instead of beating a dead horse, it is time to change your strategy.

MemberSonic Membership Website Plugin
This Membership Website WordPress Plugin does what everyone has been begging a Membership website plugin to do.

1K Flat Vector Images
Here is an awesome collection with dozens of images ranging from Business, Communication, Computer, Electronics, Education, Occasions, Food & Beverage and lots more!

Mike Stewart and Matt Bacak Unleash Video Secrets For $8 [Dimesale]
Video Secrets Unleashed will have you making videos that drive traffic, leads, and sales like a pro!

Instant Video Templates V2
Each template comes with its own animated headlines, testimonials, characters, objects, backgrounds, sound effects, background music and more.

Hand Drawn Whiteboard Megabundle Graphics
This collection will put you on the fast track to high converting sales videos and presentations and THAT is a VERY good deal!

Your Once In A Lifetime Chance
There is a Once in a Lifetime weekend special offer taking place this weekend that I felt compelled to share with you because this thing will blow your socks off!

Imagine Your Kindle Dreams Coming True!
The royalty method is almost as old as commerce itself. It has survived because people love it. You can carry on doing exactly what you usually do, but still earn money whilst somebody else does the work.

Kindle Champion
Inexpensive Yet High Quality Book Creation Resource That You Can Use Over And Over For Huge Results.

Kindle Traffic Monster
Simple 2 Step Kindle Trick That Forces Kindle Authors To Generate Sales. Generate Thousands Of Downloads Daily With Kindle Traffic Monster and at the same time build your email list with very little work, all with free traffic! In just one hour you can now learn the unknown Kindle breakthrough that generates bestsellers daily.

So Many Products To Choose From-So Little Time! Hurry Before Any Expire Or Go Up In Price!

What Video Software Do I Need For My Business?

Here on we often reveal a video tool that we are excited about. Let’s see which programs are good for which tasks for your business.

Remember: We are compensated for any products you purchase using our links. Hopefully you are cool with that.

Video Creation Software

Easy Video Suite

…is a video creation and management suite that, while pricey, is worth every penny in time savings and convenience. It allows you to:

  • Create videos using your web cam or screen capture
  • Edit videos with a crude video editor
  • Convert videos to web ready formats
  • Upload videos to your Amazon S3 account
  • Upload videos to YouTube
  • Create landing pages for your videos
  • Add features to the videos and landing pages
    • Opt in forms
    • Timed Calls To Action
    • Redirect to URL
    • Many more features
  • Add video sequences to the beginning or end of your video
  • Lots more…

Why would you want EVS? It makes it simple to create and manage your videos. The tracking tools will help you see which videos are getting the views and results. If you have an iphone, you can use the EVS app to shoot, edit and upload videos, too!

Check out Easy Video Suite here:

Article Video Robot

…is a service that allows you to turn your articles into amazing videos. The service has been around for a while, but when it first came out, the videos did not look very good. After a few years of tweaking the interface and coming up with better themes, Article Video Robot has become a very professional looking video creator. They have a few levels of membership, and even a free level (although the videos you create will only be 30 seconds and contain a screen that says “upgrade your account to be able to download your video.” You can pay as you go, too, which is great if you only plan on creating a couple videos a year.

Monthly memberships include credits to submit your videos to multiple video sharing sites as well as the ability to create many videos each month that you can download and submit on other services as well. Overall, this is one of the more affordable options for both creating and submitting videos.

Check out Article Video Robot here (and use AVR2-TRYNOW as a coupon code to save 50%):


Auto Video Creator

…allows you to create videos from photos and/or PowerPoint Presentations.

This software is very useful to have for those videos where you want to teach something, give a lot of bullet points or just show a slide show. Don’t want to pay for a voiceover? You can let the software read your notes (or your script) in one of 3 voices or you can record your own.

This Windows software will make it easy to create a quick video on virtually any topic.

Check out Auto Video Creator here:

Video Curation Pro

…this software does a lot of cool things to help you fill your YouTube channel with content that people will love. Video creation from images on your computer and photo sharing sites. It also submits your videos to a good selection of video sharing sites, which can help you grow your traffic.

Get all the info on Video Curation Pro (and take the $1 trial) here:

Video Script Writing Software

Video Script Genius

…will help you write scripts for your videos. Nothing stops the creative process like writer’s block. If you often find yourself struggling to write video scripts, then you should take a serious look at Video Script Genius.

Here is what you get:

  • 8 Video Script Templates in PDF format

  • 8 Video Script Templates in FreeMind format

  • Matching Step by Step Tutorials

Each video script template also comes paired with a matching step by step instructional video that walk you through the entire script from beginning to end.

Check out Video Script Genius here:

Video Players

Simple Video Pro

…a WordPress plugin that gives you amazing control over your YouTube videos while making them look awesome wherever you embed them.

Imagine an opt in form in your video… or a Buy Now button… or maybe you want the video to stop playing when someone switches to a different browser tab. You can do all this and more with Simple Video Pro.

Check out Simple Video Pro here:

Note: many of the features of Simple Video Pro are included in Easy Video Suite, so if you were planning on getting EVS, then you shouldn’t get Simple Video Pro.

Video Submitters

Traffic Geyser 2.0

…is more than just a submitter. As they are evolving from one of the top submitters for content, they are now able to convert your videos into podcasts. Check them out and see how they can put the power to attract an audience (and turn it into a loyal following) in your hands.

Check out the features of Traffic Geyser 2.0 here:

Note: Traffic Geyser is in the middle of a launch, so you cannot purchase it until the actual launch date… but you can see all the information about how you can take advantage of the strategies to drive traffic with your content!

Video Marketer

…if you want traffic from your videos, then you absolutely need Video Marketer. This submitter will get your videos out to a LOT of sites.

Here’s exactly what you get with Video Marketer.

  • Over 200 video sharing sites are built in for you to use to get more traffic to your websites.
  • 90+ podcast directories to help you get more attention to your content.
  • PDF submission, social bookmarking, and RSS submission to build links to your videos and podcasts.
  • Video Marketer is built in Adobe Air, so it works on Macs or PCs.
  • Research tools that help you analyze the competition and outperform them (Exclusive to Video Marketer).
  • “Linked Spinning” built in to get you better results from every video (Exclusive to Video Marketer).

Video Marketer comes in three flavors: Basic, Pro and Ninja. Depending on your budget and the features you need, any of these will do the job of getting your videos submitted. The difference is with the additional products that come with the program. Read the sales page to see the differences. This submitter is not completely automated, because it would need to be revised each week because so many of the sharing sites change from week to week that it would break down when that happened. This way, you are guided through the submission process and the information that you initially gave it about your video is a button click away for filling out the forms. Your submissions become more natural and more likely to be accepted by the search engines for SEO purposes. Some submitters are too automated and get your videos submitted in 10 minutes on 200 sites. Those will raise flags with the spiders. Better to take a little longer and get better results.

Check out Video Marketer here:

In Conclusion

I hope you will choose responsibly from this list. You obviously should not be buying all of these, unless you have a staff that will be doing various tasks that need different footprints. By far the best choice is Traffic Geyser 2.0, but it is also the one that will be the biggest budget hit out of the bunch. But for content distribution, it is top of the line, the Lexus of the bunch. Video Marketer is the Cadillac.

But don’t forget that you will need video creation. So I would recommend Auto Video Creator and Article Video Robot for making the majority of your informational videos. If you have a bigger budget and want to be the star of your videos, you should definitely purchase Easy Video Suite to make your talking head videos. It is also useful for converting your videos that you create with the other tools to the web ready format that will post well to the video sharing sites.

There are no perfect situations, but having EVS and Traffic Geyser is the closest to best solutions for the business that needs video creation and submission that is almost foolproof. Some prep work will be necessary with ALL of these, because you will need to get your marketing plan laid out before starting to create videos. Know what you are going to use each video for. It is beyond the scope of this post to reveal a marketing plan for your business, but many of these programs come with a video marketing tutorial that will help you make informed choices when planning your video marketing campaign. (Traffic Geyser comes with modules that will show you what needs to be done for various types of marketing campaigns based on business models, too.)

With that said, please do your due diligence with these and any other products before you purchase. I will work with anyone who purchases these products from us to help you get the most out of your marketing. Simply contact me using the contact form on this blog to let me know you purchased it (and include your receipt info since I will need to verify it). Then we can set up a time to discuss your plan and tweak it for best results.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal –