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Domain Seller Templates Increase Conversions

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wordpress plugin

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The State Of Warrior Special Offers (From A Reseller’s Point Of View)

Making Money From WSO's? 

If you have been working with the major players in WSO marketing, you know that a LOT of WSO’s come out every day. Once a marketer has tasted the sweet nectar of a 100+ sale WSO, they are ready to do it again.

So what happens is they get into a product creation frenzy that leads to one new product per month for many of the top sellers. Now that is not really a lot, since some will sell a product a week, but when you add up the number of sellers that are doing this, it means that new launches are coming almost daily.

One of the WSO Payment Providers, WarriorPlus, gets so many new products daily, that it is next to impossible to use their site. I thought it was bad a year ago, when the site would time out in the middle of a redirect… but now it has gotten so bad that when I try to get my links, the page locks up my Chrome browser. I am able to switch to Opera without too much trouble, but in the big scheme of things, I should not have to add an extra step in my promotional process. A simple pagination of the “get links” section would solve this problem if Mike Lantz is listening…

JVZoo is better suited for some tasks, like larger funnels, because they allow one link approval for an entire funnel. This means that affiliates can request one approval and make commissions from the rest of the products in that funnel. But they are not very user friendly, either. If you are searching for a particular product, it may be easier for you to go to your email from the product owner than to search for it in the JVZoo Marketplace. I usually get frustrated if I don’t find the product I am looking for within a couple tries and give up.

A few other processors have come out and have not really caught on – JVCircles and ProductPay. I liked how easy it was to get my links from them, but without the mass exodus of marketers from WarriorPlus or JVZoo, these two will not be around too much longer as it costs a lot of money to program a site like this and they rely on the sheer volume of products being posted for revenue.

The marketplace is huge, and if you are a product creator, you are in a good position. Thousands of people are looking to sell your products. Make it as easy for them to get setup, and you will do well – as long as you continue to create QUALITY products.