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How Is Your Client’s Social Reach?

Do you work with local clients?

A modern business needs to cover all the bases when putting together its social media presence and methods that allow its customers to get in touch.

Introducing WP Total Contact

WP Total Contact is the first plugin of its kind. With our plugin you can set up a powerful social media and contact hub that appears consistently on every page of your website (or your clients website) with minimum fuss. Because it’s a wordpress plugin, it integrates seamlessly and won’t mess up your current site layout.

With WP Total Contact:

  • Customers will know they are one click away from any of your social media channels or contact methods.
  • People can directly access your phone number or skype….if you enable those features….meaning a question or sale is only a few clicks away.
  • It reassures customers to see that you have such an open, easy to use contact system and reassures them. How many times have you been on some bank website (they always annoy me!) where the contact number was practically hidden away? Don’t hide from customers, put your info where they can find it.

So, how do you do all this in WP Total Contact? With a simple, powerful plugin that you can install in minutes. Check out the features:

  • Custom text area for your slogan, title or anything else you find relevant
  • Ability to add credits and an affiliate link directly in the plugins overlay
  • Twitter Feed integration
  • Facebook Proflile or Fan Page link
  • LinkedIn Profile integration
  • Google Maps: this is a huge feature! Most people charge a fee to set up a basic google maps listing, now you can do that and hook it into a direct map to your clients business that appears on every page consistently.
  • Direct contact link to your “contact us” page if you want to use one
  • Live Skype Status: people can see if you are online and get in touch
  • 8 Color Options provide ultimate design flexibility so you can style this as required for any of your sites, or client sites
  • “Promo Mode Option” to use for Affiliate Offers or any other item you like. This transfroms WP Total Contact from a central social media and contact hub into a slick advertisement area for a special offer or anything you like
  • Promo Mode lets you define your own image, link and promo text providing huge amounts of flexibility.

You can see it in action on our demo links below, but here is a screenshot of the google maps integration and skype function:



Pretty cool, right? Read more about this incredible plugin:


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