Clickbank Launch Blogs Just Got Livelier–Live Leaderboard Results!


Clickbank Leaderboard WordPress Plugin

Does it just do “Leaderboards”?

Nope! It brings down all of your affiliate promotion stats as well, for you to display them in a post/page/text widget.

How often are the stats updated?

They’re updated ‘LIVE’ – based on intervals that you specify so we don’t overuse the Clickbank’s API.

Other creative uses, beyond ‘live’ stats?

** Sell access to your promotions on Clickbank!

** Get optins to ‘access’ / see your ‘live’ stats (as they happen)

** Offer 100% Authenticity to your promotions on CB – “do it live” – not on video, just a ‘link’ on your WP page/post SHOWING – not ‘telling’ thru videos/screenshots!

** Allow your JV Manager access to your Clickbank Promotions, either as an affiliate/vendor – and have them view the summary stats for you – without giving them access to your Clickbank accounts.

** many more uses, as affiliates/vendors who have tested this have conveyed

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WP Local Search Supremacy

WordPress Plugin Explodes Your Clickbank Commissions

CB Poster–

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New WordPress Plugin Is A Game Changer For WSO Pro Affiliates!


WSO Pro Affiliate Plugin For WordPress


If you are a WarriorPlus Silver member and promoting WSO offers as an affiliate this is a game changer…

Game Changer for WSO Insiders like you!

This new WordPress Plugin allows you to automatically email every buyer that purchases from your WSOPRO Affiliate link AND distrbute bonuses to those people.

Even automatically verifies that they paid and locks out refunders!

WHAT? No Big deal? If that’s what you think then you’re missing the BIG PICTURE.
Do you know how those WSO Owners make all of their real money?

Back End Sales – One Time Only Offers… that’s right…and sometimes they offer commissions on those…and sometimes they don’t.
But bottom line, using this little WordPress Plugin you can now get a bigger piece of the pie.
Here’s why…

Using this little WordPress plugin you can now immediately contact every single buyer that purchases from your affiliate link, automatically.

This little plugin automatically sends out a notification letting the buyer know that you have a special offer, a bonus, a free download or whatever else you want to offer and all they need to do is just claim it…

Once the buyer visits your wordpress blog they enter the Paypal Transaction ID already provided in their email that this little automation engines sends out and BOOM…they’re verified for access.

Are you seeing the potential? I hope so…and check this out…

Remember those OTO‘s (One Time Offers) where WSO owners make their money? Well now you can offer your own to those buyers… you can even offer your own products, promote other WSO‘s..the sky is the limit.

The best part? IT’S ALL AUTOMATED!

Check it out now!