VideoMakerFX Blows Other Video Creation Software Away!


I Finally Found Video Software That Is Easy And Fun To Use

I have avoided making videos for a long time. It always seemed like there was a big learning curve to most of the programs that I opened up. I’d try a few things and then just give up.

There are a few places on the internet that you can use to make some pretty creative videos easily, and I’ve done that. But I never remember what the site name is so I only used them once or twice. Or I couldn’t download and edit the video…

When I found this software, I was still skeptical. But I watched Micheal using it, having fun with it, and I thought to myself…self…he’s having WAY too much fun…you need to check out that software. So I did. And I was amazed!

I lost track of time I was having so much fun! It’s super user friendly and makes me look like a PRO!

The hardest part about using this software is deciding which one of the free slides I want to use or which one of the free music clips to add. I can use any image or music clip from my own hard drive too. Want to add your own voice track…because it can do that too!

You can render in high def and they look great on YouTube. Check out this super-quick video I “threw” together just because I wanted to play around.

Grab This Amazing Software At:

If you’re even considering buying video software you owe it to yourself to check this out. It’s a fraction of the price of other video creation software and it still does everything I need it to do.

Enough of this…I want to go play some more.

Grab The Software And Create Videos Like A Pro!

SpeedAzon Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Simple Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme With Built In SEO Allows You To Quickly Build More Sites and Get Higher Search Engine Results

speedazon-wso insiders

SpeedAzon is a WordPress theme specifically for people like you and me…Amazon affiliates who want to:

Build sites quickly…
Have them load quickly (in the top 10% of load speeds)…and
Have them show up high in the search engine results.

SpeedAzon has all of the Search Engine Optimization factors built in so you don’t have to install some big unwieldy SEO plugin that bogs your site down.

Plus, it pulls the core images and information for the product you’re promoting directly from Amazon, again, without any special plugins.

Best of all… it’s EASY TO USE. With SpeedAzon, you’ll soon be pumping out multiple affiliate sites per day — quick loading sites that have proper SEO strategies that are designed to get the visitor to click your link and get cookied with YOUR affiliate ID.

Sites that work best have 3 things in common:

  1. Each Site Is About A Single Product
  2. Search Engines Like The Content and
  3. The Successful Sites Load Quickly

SpeedAzon Requirements:

It Looks Great On Mobile Devices Too!

speedazon-mobile-wso insiders

With the Unlimited Personal License of SpeedAzon, you can build as many Amazon affiliate sites for yourself as you want.

Get Your License And Start Building Sites In Minutes.

IMG Magazine Digital PLR Newsletter For Offline And Local Internet Marketers


Internet Marketing Guide

Marketing Advice For Local Businessesimg magazine-wso insiders

Professionally Designed, Informative Articles That BLOW Your Readers Away

Gain INSTANT credibility and authority by adding your company logo, business bio, website address, contact details and list of services in the editable areas scattered throughout each issue of IMG Magazine.

No technical skills or special software required… edit in Word and you’re good to go!

Every issue of IMG contains FOUR professionally written and designed 6-7 page articles. These articles provide genuinely valuable content on how local businesses can use the internet to grow sales… and they do it in style.

Either send all four articles out as a branded monthly newsletter, or send out an article every week.

Don’t forget… every issue of IMG contains FOUR professionally created auto-responders that correspond to each article… add your logo, load your auto-responder, then set and forget.

Marketing your services has never been this easy!

  • Brandable Flyers That Pre-Sell Your Services
    Edit these fun and professional flyers in Photoshop and include them with your newsletter or have them printed and give them away at local networking events.
  • Article And Promotional Graphics
    You have full access to ALL images used within IMG so that you can customize and tailor as you please! They’re yours to use in anyway that you choose!
  • Article And Text Formats
    The quality of these articles are so good that you can use them on your blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, auto-responder sequences and anywhere else you please!
  • PSD & InDesign Files
    The PSD files for the front cover, flyers and advertisements are included within every issue so that you can fully customize as you please.

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Get Instant Access To 12 Professional PLR Reports That Your Local Businesses Will LOVE

Local businesses won’t be able to resist subscribing to your mailing list to get their hands on these snappy, professionally created reports.
Brand them with your business details and sit back and relax while the compliments and new client phone calls come in!


You get instant access to TWELVE of these quality reports the moment you subscribe to IMG Magazine.

Hooks For Books How To Create Captivating Non-Fiction Book Titles

Hooks For Books: How To Create The Most Captivating Non-Fiction Book Titles Ever Using Simple Psychological Tricks

hooks for books wso insiders

You’re About To Discover The #1 Most Important Key To Making Your Non-Fiction Kindle Book A Bestseller – EVERYTIME!

Want to know the biggest key to your book’s success? Here’s a hint…

If You Don’t Know How To Make Your Book Stand Out, You Have Almost NO Chance Of Becoming A Bestseller!

EVERY SINGLE Book I’ve Published Has Become A Bestseller Because I Understand The One Simple Thing That I’m About To Share With You!

The Biggest Secret To My Success Is That I Know How To Captivate A Reader’s Attention And Get Them Uncontrollably HOOKED Onto What I’m Offering!

I’m able to do this is because I understand one simple fact – if you don’t intrigue a person and make them want to check out your book, they’ll move right along to your competitors’ books.
But what if there’s a way to force people to stop and pay attention to your book? Wouldn’t that give you a huge advantage?
There is a way! And according to research, the 1st thing people look at is a BOOK TITLE!

I Found 5 Simple Psychological Titling Tricks That Are GUARANTEED To Make People Notice Your Book!

Pretty cool right!?
The way I discovered these five tricks was through extensive study of human psychology, influence, and marketing. But I didn’t just stop with what the experts told me.

Inside This Guide, I’ll Show You Book Titles So Intriguing, It HURTS Not To Buy Them!

You’ll discover…

  • 5 psychological tricks that will FORCE people to notice your book. If you don’t have at least one of these things, you WILL get buried by competitors’ books!
  • Over 500 of the most intriguing titles I’ve ever seen – and WHY they work!
  • 3 key questions readers have your title should answer. Although answering #3 is optional, it’s my secret weapon for going from good sales to astronomical sales!
  • How I’m able to go into the most competitive niches and dominate by following my simple formula for innovation!
  • Hidden titling mistakes no one else will ever tell you about based on human needs psychology!
  • Copy N’ Paste templates to quickly and easy jumpstart your title ideas!
  • The only proven way to ensure you have a winning title!

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back and make significantly more sales by simply selecting the right words to put in your book title? Click the link and rest easy knowing that with Hooks For Books you have what it takes to stand out and skyrocket your books to the top of kindle!