The Traffic and Conversion Myth

I think one of the biggest and most FIXABLE problems for Online Marketers is:

No matter how good your sales copy or your Video Sales Letter is, conversions are NOT going to be profitable until you change your TRAFFIC QUALITY.

This is how a lot of marketers get hurt:

* First, they get traffic to their products, but it doesn’t convert

* Then, they work on their copy and offer, and send some more traffic to their page…

…and it still doesn’t convert.

Unfortunately, that’s the end for most. But it doesn’t have to be. Your conversions can be higher with an important yet simple change to the Quality of your Traffic.

The good news is, dialing in the quality of your traffic has never been easier than it is right now – because of brand new audience targeting tools that have just become available to marketers like us.

Now, you can target prospects that are not only actively engaging in your market and shopping for your type of product, but you can also target people who BUY your kind of solution.

It’s a great time to be a marketer!

Check out these 4 videos – each one covers tools and strategies to help you:

* See Working Campaigns that are already making sales (and that you can model)

* Find BUYERS to see your offers

* Get Traffic from Mainstream Media properties (for Dimes and Quarters)

* And build a Highly Reactive email list at the same time

Right now, these videos are free to watch and no, you don’t need to opt-in to see them. They also come with checklists and diagrams to help you use what’s taught.

Here are the links:

Video 1 – A 35 minute tutorial on awesome Funnels

Video 2 – Tools and strategies to find proven Copy and Landing Pages

Video 3 – Turning up the volume of your Traffic Flow

Video 4 – Disruptive Advertising and Traffic Genesis

Remember, right now, these are free with no squeeze page, and many of the comments are (accurately) saying that this training is better than a lot of the paid training that’s out there.

Have a look!


Micheal –

PS – You really can’t beat having someone to take you by the hand and help you figure out what you need to do next to get more traffic and conversions!

I recommend you take advantage of this extremely amazing training package now before it is too late!

PPS – I am an affiliate of this program and I may earn a commission if you purchase it. I am also available to you if you have any situations where you are in need of some help getting your marketing going. You can contact my help desk at:

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