TrustJacker WSO Closes

If you were waiting to get TrustJacker at the
WSO price, you have less than 5 hours…

The WSO closes at 6PM Eastern time.

What is it?

TrustJacker is a plugin that allows you to
“borrow” the credibility of a news site (or
any credible site that people recognize),
while allowing you to get an advertisement
in front of those people for a CPA offer
or just to register for your list.

For an example of what it does, check
out this article:

Now, I added something to the link
using my redirect, but
after you close the video pop up, the
site is the NASDAQ article, but when
you click to exit, it opens my Solavei
video page.

You can do things similar to that with
TrustJacker! All for a one time price
of …

Grab it before it goes away forever.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

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