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– Record Sessions / Playbacks of Each Visitor
– Heatmaps by Clicks, Eye-Tracking & Scroll
– In-Depth Analytics
– Self-Hosted w/ No Limitations

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Plus with the enhanced 2.0 version, they are revealing a bunch of new features that raving customers have been asking for.

NEW Features like...

Amazon RDS Integration: Utilize 'the cloud' to store user heat map and session data, instead of your server.

Advanced Reseller Packages:  HMT has white-label capabilities so you can sell the data as a service.  Now included are more advanced client packages with automated Paypal invoicing.

Mobile Tracking:  Track not only desktop sessions, but now  ANY mobile device to see the difference between Desktop and  Mobile engagement.

Watch how you can ethically "spy" on each of your visitors to see exactly how they interact with your site.
heatmap tracker
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PS – Matt Callen and Mark Thompson told me they are not keeping Heat Map Tracker at this low price forever. In fact, unless you got this message a short while ago, the price may be back to its regularly scheduled pricing. Hurry and check it out now: