You Need Stock Video

By Micheal Savoie

At Online Video Workshop, we are always working on our craft (making videos). But when we create videos, we don’t do everything in house.

Stock footage is necessary for topics that we may not be able to shoot our own, like Colombian coffee farms or African diamond mines. Having a good source of stock video is crucial to making your videos look professional and realistic. It is hard to do videos about coffee without the typical flashback to Colombian coffee growers before coming back to the mug on the table. With stock footage, you can do this quickly and easily.

I use multiple sources for my stock videos. My favorite by far is Video Blocks. And since you are a reader of Online Video Workshop, I was able to get you a discounted membership to Video Blocks. Just use the link below and you will get the same great price I have been paying for years!

If you are looking for graphics, the Graphics Treasure Chest V3 is now live!

To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne –Â Online Video Workshop

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Reprinted with permission from : Online Video Workshop