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 Grab the EXACT Step-By-Step Secrets We Use To Build an Ever-Increasing Virtual Real Estate Rental Business In This Detailed 65 Page PDF Blueprint Today!

We have created the 65 page PDF Blueprint to be used individually or for even BETTER results alongside the extensive video training.

We decided to ADD the full Upgrade to the Video training simply to speed up the learning process and so you can watch realtime as we do everything step-by-step.

The “upgrade” is NOT necessary to make this work; however, it will make things much clearer and you’ll get things set up much quicker.

  • How to choose customers YOU want to work with
  • How to find a never ending LIST of new leads
  • How to choose the RIGHT keywords
  • How to target the right “audience”
  • How to choose and register a domain name
  • How to set up your hosting account
  • Uploading a WordPress theme using Cpanel and Fantastico
  • How to install plugins
  • How to create a “pricing” grid
  • How to set up recurring Paypal button
  • How to automate the sales process
  • How to create “content” on the fly

    “Totally “Beginner” Friendly!”