Did You Know MobiFirst Is More Than A Site Builder?

By now you’ve heard of the brand-new MobiFirst site builder that builds the fastest websites on the Internet – and it’s no lie, it certainly does and it helps tremendously with Google rankings…
But customers who purchased MobiFirst are finding out it’s SO much more…
Did you know MobiFirst Commercial allows you to build unlimited websites, with unlimited hosting, and sell those sites and yes even services to clients?

How mind boggling is that!?  You can pay one time around $50, and have unlimited hosting and resources to sell websites to OTHER businesses and pocket the profits.


The MobiFirst team even decided to throw in (as bonuses!) a COMPLETE…
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System to help manage your client prospecting
– Proposal Generator that actually sends proposals to prospective client’s phones – READY?
– Invoicing system.  After they sign that proposal and become your client, shoot them the invoice right away – ACTION!
– Did I even mention the built in Auto-Responder?

It’s the tool (MobiFirst) that does the real work, and now you have these business systems to help you organize and manage ALL of it!  

I hate saying this because it’s so cliché – but this is the ultimate BUSINESS IN A BOX. Closing clients with the power of MobiFirst behind you will be a breeze!

Think about it – You pitch a potential local business and say “I can build you a next generation website that Google will love, I’ll host it for you, manage all of your content, I can even manage your customers with the autoresponder that’s integrated – and oh yeah, I can do all of this for just $30, $40, $50 … PER MONTH!

A business owner could only dream of getting all of that, for that price..

And MobiFirst is only charging less than $50 one-time, for you to have a full- fledged business? Come on!

It’s really something absolutely NO ONE should pass up. You must buy and witness it to believe it.

And it’s all wrapped with a pretty bow that is – it creates the fastest best performing websites on mobile, tablet and desktop devices… and as you know now, so much more…

Get MobiFirst Commercial, you will NOT regret it…

FlipRepeat Private Mastermind Group


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…The Repeat part shows how Brad does this over and over, making more income from existing flips (frequently almost doubling the flipped site’s selling price) and producing and launching properties with the sole intention of flipping as an exit strategy.

Buyers also get a set of templates and cheat sheets to help speed them through the process.

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Flipping Amazon Sites?

300x250Whether you’re an experienced marketer or totally new to internet marketing, it’s hard to get started on any one business model without solid, actionable steps, right? More often than not, when a ton of info is thrown at you, information overload takes over and paralyzes you!

I have a friend – Lisa Gergets – who is an internet marketing coach, and one of her main business models is building and selling Amazon minisites, and teaching others to do the same. So you may be asking, “Why Amazon minisites?” Well here are just a few of the reasons this particular business model is so profitable:

  • Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world – they literally have everything!
  • Creating these minisites is quick and easy and you don’t need any technical knowledge at all!
  • You don’t need to promote the sites – simply build them, and sell them. This is great if, like Lisa, you’re not crazy about the site promotion game.

Lisa has created Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits – a 30+ video series outlining every single step to the system that she, herself, takes to research, create, and then sell these sites! And she sells between 5 and 10 of these each week. Imagine what that could do for your bottom line!


Now, Lisa normally sells this course for $97, but she’s agreed to lower the price to just $9.95 – but only for a limited time.

Listen, if you could convince a site-flipping expert to give you hours of their time for less than ten bucks, wouldn’t you owe it to yourself to do that? Get in on Amazon Minisite MEGAProfits now before it goes back up to $97!