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I remember when I first started my online business. I was desperate for any additional income I could get my hands on. I had no money to spend on software or training. I had to teach myself everything and use only free tools to accomplish anything.

I used to use traffic exchanges to drive traffic (do not do this). It was a waste of time. I realized that only the traffic exchange owners were making any money. So I scraped together all of the extra money I could over a period of a few months and bought a traffic exchange to build a huge email list. It was cool at first, but soon I realized that people who signed up for traffic exchanges used throwaway email accounts so that they could register for the traffic exchanges and then never checked their email again.

So that was an expensive lesson. I was really into scary desperation mode, when I received an email from a friend of mine (at the time, he was someone I wanted to meet, because of his success and his connections) stating that he was having an event in Orlando and was I going to be able to attend. I replied that while I would love to attend that event, I was way too broke to be able to pay for a ticket to the event.

Meanwhile, another person who I wanted to meet was having an event in Orlando, and if I bought his software, I could go to the event for free. I really wanted that software, but the price of the software and the cost of the hotel kind of canceled each other out. If I bought one, I would not be able to afford the other.  I was at a crossroads.

Free Training

Suddenly, out of nowhere, I took a leap of faith! I bought the software and reserved the hotel room in Orlando without any idea how I was going to pay for it. I also bought another email software from, knowing well that it’d help me in the future, which it did.

I was stressing about all of this when I received a reply from my first friend, saying that if I worked at the event, I could get in free. Then, all I would have to worry about would be the hotel and meals. I didn’t answer him right away, since his event was in November, and I was still worried about the event coming up in September that I had to pay the hotel for.

The day before I left for the event in September, I got a call from someone who I had given money to pay for medical bills the year before. They said that they could pay me back some of the money. It turns out that it was exactly the right amount to pay for my hotel and meals for the event. I went and picked it up on the way to Orlando and met some great marketers at that event. I made friends with many of them, as we ate together between sessions and had strategy sessions late into the night. I learned a lot during those sessions.

When I returned home on Monday morning, I was in position to hit the ground running, and I had the ammo to help me battle it out with my own demons. I was able to set up some good marketing campaigns that brought me some affiliate sales. It was enough to give me confidence to answer the email about the November conference in Orlando. I told him I would be there, and within a year of that decision, I was in a position where I was known by the big players in the marketing circles. I was able to find out about promos before they happened. I was given access to products to test out, so I could give reviews to the people who were on my list (the ones on my real list, not the traffic exchange list). I started blogs and social media accounts that helped me build a bigger following.

Soon I was able to quit my job. All from affiliate marketing. It was nice, but it would never have happened had I not taken that leap of faith and attended that training in Orlando. Had I not gotten over my refusal to listen to anyone else but me, I would still be living in that mobile home in the woods.

If you are looking for a chance to discover what is missing from your marketing, I think you will be pleased with the webinar that my friend Craig Crawford is putting on in a few days. If you register right now, you will get access to the recordings if you are unable to attend the live training. This training is worth more than the cost of a hotel room in Orlando in November for a weekend, but all Craig is asking for is your email to know that you are a real person.

Here is the link to the free training:

It is completely risk free, no obligation to buy anything. Everything taught in this training is doable without the software suite that Craig is going to demostrate (but believe me, it is way easier to do with it – I have access to it already), but I recommend you keep your mind open.

The reason this software was designed in the first place was because of the gaping holes in the marketing toolboxes out there. Buying all of the tools your business needs to look professional is pretty expensive and they don’t always work together the way you want them to. I remember using a desktop program to send out my email marketing… and promptly got my internet shut down by my ISP. I would write a great blog post on Notepad and would have it look like crap on the web. Thankfully, no I know about the email marketing best practices.

Things have gotten a lot better, but imagine if everything was designed to work together. Well, wait until you see what Craig is going to show you. Here is the link to the free training:

To your success,

Micheal Savoie

PS – Without seeing what other people are doing in their marketing, you are doomed to reinvent the wheel. Why waste all of that time when you can discover what others are doing successfully right now?

Here is the link to the free training:

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