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Browser Tabs Can Recapture Lost Customers

Do you have more than one tab open in your browser right now?

I just started my tablet about 10 minutes ago, and I already have 6 tabs open. On my desktop PC, which is always on, I have 35 or more tabs open on at least 3 browser windows. So finding my way back to a particular website that I have open on my computers is hit or miss.

I have mail!
I have a message in my inbox!

Two tabs I always check often are my Gmail and Facebook tabs. Those actually tell me if I have new messages or updates right in the tab (usually with a number in parentheses).

Imagine if your WordPress blog had the ability to catch the attention of your visitors after they leave your tab… wouldn’t that be cool?

Now, you can! Check out this website, then come back to this post and see what the tab does after a few seconds.

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Bnb Formula is now live! This is your chance to turn spare rooms into a money making opportunity! BNB Formula is an 8 Week Training and Mentorship Program by AirBNB Expert Brian Page.

Watch the four videos that detail what this program will cover.

Over the last few days, Brian Page has revealed in his videos, exactly what he has been doing to make a killing on AirBNB! This is your chance to get access to his entire training course and dive right into the world of BNB!

This is not for everybody, but if you have always been wondering if there was a way to break out of the 9-5 daily grind (also known as rat race) and are ready to put a few hours a week into build a significant business empire… you need to click over to BNB Formula right now!

They aren’t going to hard sell you, instead, you will see whether this is something that you want to invest in. But I will warn you, this is a limited opportunity. Only a select few will be able to sign up for this training! Head over right now and see if this is something you could do to replace what you are currently doing. Click here to change your life forever!

BNB Formula

Tired Of Them Nickel And Diming You To Death?

Last week, I wrote a post on Micheal Savoie Welcomes You about the changing face of online marketing. In it, I explained how my income went from big ticket sales (sales of products worth $1000 or more) to sales of software products priced below $97. Sure, there are still products worth upwards of $1000 out there, but in the online marketing niche, the majority are sub $100 products.

Why is that?

It seems like the market is more about making your life easier (with software, tips and tricks, etc.) than it is about blowing up your lifestyle. People don’t want to spend thousands on business tools and such because they see a new version of the same thing coming out next week. I will gladly pay $27 for software once a month.

But when it comes to lifestyle impacting stuff, only a few products like that come out each year. Last couple years, Peter Parks had the one that really set it apart from all the other product out there, because it was a fully comprehensive training system to get you making money – and it required you to devote your time to it until you became profitable. It was not a “push it around on your desktop a couple minutes a day” type of product. It required you to put effort into your business and either do it all yourself or train a team to do the work so that you can scale it up.

Peter is thinking about doing a 3.0 version of this product, but he has not said yet whether it will happen definitely or not. This is something you should genuinely look out for when (if) it comes out. Lifestyle changing stuff.

If you aren’t a fan of training teams and crunching numbers and doing a ton of research, then you might be looking for something in an offline kind of business model. These types of business models get my creative juices flowing because I have worked offline and online. I know how well the two fit together. I know that you can build an offline business and then scale it up by using online marketing techniques!

Imagine if you could tailor a business plan that takes advantage of online trends (I mean cutting edge stuff) and allows anyone to develop a significant income using a proven system. Understand that all business ventures require an investment of time and money, but that in the end, you can leverage that time and money to create a lifestyle for now and the future.

What if I told you that this is coming very soon? Would you want to know more? Well, for the next few days, you can watch a series of free videos that reveal the amazing profits that can be extracted from creating your own BnB.

BnB? Huh?

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See how people are earning 6 and even 7 figures