Pay Close Attention

Pay close attention to the web tomorrow…

There is a huge product launch that will be
taking the web by storm tomorrow and I want
you to be aware of it because I will be promoting
this heavily.

(This is big enough to get us out of our self
imposed “retirement” for a week)

The product is called “Funnel Boss” by
Omar & Melinda Martin and it is a video training
course like no other.

Omar and Melinda are masters at creating
funnels and making them grow virally. All kinds of
funnels like lead funnels, trust funnels and sales

This is a very highly anticipated product and
by 2 experts in the field so you are sure to see
dozens of marketers promoting it this week. You
can sign up to the early bird list here:

I highly recommend that you follow this product
launch very closely because you will learn a ton!
Watch everything that Omar & Melinda do to
build buzz and generate sales with this one.

This is going to be HUGE so keep your eyes
peeled for my emails all week.

To Your Success,

Micheal & Yvonne Savoie

PS – The fun starts at noon Est. tomorrow, see
you then. I recommend you get on the early bird
list if you want to be the first one in…

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