Stop Paying For Traffic

How Can You Get Your Content Seen?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve written a Pulitzer Prize winning article. Without traffic, it may as well be your grocery list.

And without traffic, you’ve got nothing! No audience, no sales, no income…

Paying for traffic can drain your savings, and getting your great content to all of your sites can be extremely time consuming.

You need a solution that won’t have you mortgaging your house or spending endless hours in front of the computer.

ENTER – Stage Right:
Content Marketing Software

This tool is the single best way to get your word out in less time while preventing the big search engines from seeing your content as spam filled gibberish.

Here’s what you’ll receive with the incredible Content Marketing software:

  • Simple 2 Click Distribution System – Click the piece of content you want, then click where it goes.  Nice and easy.
  • Customize Your Strategy – 100% customizability makes Content Marketer truly yours. Use one of our current categories and add as many new websites as you like in 2 seconds. You can bulk add hundreds of sites at a time with the brand new “bulk website adder tool”.
  • Competitor Spy – Want to know more about a tough term? Reverse analyze what your competitors are doing and see how competitive the keyword is before you ever try to target it.
  • Social Intelligence – See what people are saying on all of the important social networks with a simple keyword search. Use the “Reply” tool to have open discussions with others that have control in your market!
  • Just added! Brand new “Content Marketer” course with over 7 hours of training that reveals how to best reach your prospects.  $97 “real world” value.

The Content Marketer course is brand new.  It’s designed to give you the training you need to get your content out there fast, your way. And it is worth far more than the asking price!

A few moments from now, you can start using the software to get in front of the prospects that need you.

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