Did You Know MobiFirst Is More Than A Site Builder?

By now you’ve heard of the brand-new MobiFirst site builder that builds the fastest websites on the Internet – and it’s no lie, it certainly does and it helps tremendously with Google rankings…
But customers who purchased MobiFirst are finding out it’s SO much more…
Did you know MobiFirst Commercial allows you to build unlimited websites, with unlimited hosting, and sell those sites and yes even services to clients?

How mind boggling is that!?  You can pay one time around $50, and have unlimited hosting and resources to sell websites to OTHER businesses and pocket the profits.


The MobiFirst team even decided to throw in (as bonuses!) a COMPLETE…
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System to help manage your client prospecting
– Proposal Generator that actually sends proposals to prospective client’s phones – READY?
– Invoicing system.  After they sign that proposal and become your client, shoot them the invoice right away – ACTION!
– Did I even mention the built in Auto-Responder?

It’s the tool (MobiFirst) that does the real work, and now you have these business systems to help you organize and manage ALL of it!  

I hate saying this because it’s so cliché – but this is the ultimate BUSINESS IN A BOX. Closing clients with the power of MobiFirst behind you will be a breeze!

Think about it – You pitch a potential local business and say “I can build you a next generation website that Google will love, I’ll host it for you, manage all of your content, I can even manage your customers with the autoresponder that’s integrated – and oh yeah, I can do all of this for just $30, $40, $50 … PER MONTH!

A business owner could only dream of getting all of that, for that price..

And MobiFirst is only charging less than $50 one-time, for you to have a full- fledged business? Come on!

It’s really something absolutely NO ONE should pass up. You must buy and witness it to believe it.

And it’s all wrapped with a pretty bow that is – it creates the fastest best performing websites on mobile, tablet and desktop devices… and as you know now, so much more…

Get MobiFirst Commercial, you will NOT regret it…

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Let me take you by the hand and teach you this complete step by step system that makes me over $250,000 a year.
Here is everything I am including in this MASSIVE package:

  • 10 Hand-Holding Walk-through Video’s – Let me take you through every step of the way to book your first client in a week.
  • High Converting Lead-Generation Facebook Fanpage Template – Stop cold calling and let this simple fanpage design build your client on auto-pilot
  • HTML Lead-Gen Template – Use the raw HTML version of the templates for your blogs and websites to turn your sites traffic into paying clients.
  • Full Auto-Responder Sequence – Make your phone ring off the hook with set and forget sales emails…
  • Inbound And Outbound Sales Call Script – Follow the same script I use to the letter and all those calls you will be getting will turn into cold hard cash by the time you hang up.
  • Full Client Presentation Package With Services And Pricing – Fill in the blanks on this presentation template with your clients name and close them on $2,000+ services.
  • 3 Professional Client Brochure Templates (Including Mobile) – Leave your clients with a professional appearance by giving them a breakdown of the services you offer… And something they can give to referrals
  • Legal Work Agreement – Use my work agreement make sure the client knows exactly what you are offering, how much they have to pay, and take care of all legal liability.

And I guarantee if you follow the step by step plan, you will land a client this week… Or I willpersonally land one for you!
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