Create Videos In Multiple Languages

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You Need To Create Animated Videos In Multiple Languages

If You Are Only Targeting English Speakers Then…

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Video Alchemy’s 7 Easy Steps to Global Video Success:

Step 1:

Simply choose your template from our extensive collection. These will include a plethora of different niches including weight loss, real estate, fitness, internet marketing and many, many more. 2:

Simply add in your keyword and in just a few seconds you’ll have a huge selection of articles to chose from! 3:

Choose Your Article or Add Your Own and Spin Up To 3 Times. No need to spend hours writing brand new content – or pay a copywriter to write it for you – when you can simply search thousands of articles related to your keyword and choose your favorite ready to bring alive in minutes!

step4Step 4:

Add Your Background Music. With our extensive selection of Royalty Free Music to choose from – all ready and waiting for you inside the software, you will be able to choose exactly which mood to create for your customers!


step5Step 5:

Add In Your Images. Choose your images or add in your own. We have an extensive collection of Royalty Free Images waiting for you to insert into your video and bring your videos to life!


step6Step 6:

Simply choose the language and accent of your voice (You have over 100 to choose from!!)

Every Single One Of These Languages Has At Least 2-3 Different Male And Female Voices and up to 14 different accents in each of those languages.


Step 7:

Press That Big Red Button
(Go On You Know You Want To!!)

The software will then make your completely unique video! Displaying your images and translating the text and audio to the language and accent you have selected.

Really BIG Bonus!

WP Alchemy Translate lets your visitor translate the page into the same language as the video…with ONE click.

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Watch the demos and see for yourself how incredible this software is.

Watch Me Put Together A Video On Video!

I just wanted to let you know that Video Maker FX has made JVZoo’s Product of the Day!

On my show this morning, I did a live demonstration of the software:

You can watch the show and see how I created the video while I talked about it.

It really is that easy to use!

I want to offer everyone who purchased the Video Maker FX software a bonus consultation with me where we will discuss your video ideas and get you creating them. Then, I will add you to my Closed Facebook Group where we will watch each other’s videos and give them a thumbs up on YouTube. This is a great way to get more traffic to your videos and ultimately, to your money pages!

To qualify for the bonus, you must buy from the following link:

Then open a help desk ticket at with your receipt info so that we can get you going!

To your success,

Micheal –

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Does Your Website Cater To Other Languages?


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The main product very timely as the web is becoming multilingual. If you want to triple your traffic and conversions, start offering your content in multiple languages.

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When creating a sales page, you want it to look professional, without that pasted together like a ransom note appearance. With this Ultimate Sales Letter Graphics pack, available as a Warrior Special Offer, you can create a salesletter that has style – all one style. This package (I received a review copy of the entire package) gives you everything you need to create a stunning (and high converting) sales page without paying someone an arm and a leg for the graphics.


The best part is that they give you a ton of add to cart buttons like the ones you see above, and they all have a great urgency saying on top of them – perfect for getting your prospects to jump off the fence right now!

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