Google Plus Step By Step Marketing Secrets

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Brand-New Google+ Marketing Course From Henry Gold

Henry Gold has decided to practically give away a Brand-New Google+ course called “Google+ Marketing Secrets Step-By-Step Guide 2.0” where you will learn how to drive massive traffic, FAST!

Here will share strategies such as:
-> How to choose the RIGHT niche to promote  on your Google+ channel.
-> How to get Massive Subscribers to Your Google+ Circle.
-> How to redirect traffic from your posts to your website.
-> How to get EXTREME cheap traffic to your Google+ Circle.
-> How to get LIKES for your business.
-> And Much, much more. (Of course, we will share it all with you in a step-by-step fashion where you just need to COPY-N-PASTE and start getting traffic to your website!)

Go ahead and download them now at:

It will HELP you to get massive traffic to your website really FAST. In addition, it will also allow you to become a Google+ consultant in as little as SEVEN steps. To help you even further, here is the “features” you will receive on this powerful course:

Feature #1: Training Guide 2.0 (Value: $600)
Feature #2: Cheat-Sheet (Value: $100)
Feature #3: Mind-Map (Value: $75)
Feature #4: Professional Minisite and HTML (Value: $400)
Feature #5: Sales Copy (Value: $500)
Feature #6: Professional Graphics (Value: $200)
Feature #7: Squeeze Page + Thank You Page (Value: $400)
Feature #8: Nine Follow-up Messages (Value: $100)
Feature #9: Customer List Page (Value: $200)
Feature #10: Set-Up Everything Tutorial (Value: $100)

Now… To spice things up, here is what you are also going to receive:

Bonus #1: Uncovering Google Plus ($27 Value)
Bonus #2: Fan Page Ad Secrets  ($37 Value)
Bonus #3: Viral Marketing Tactics($27 Value)
Bonus #4: Mobile Marketing Made Easy ($37 Value)
Bonus #5: PLR Tweets ($97 Value)
Bonus #6: The PLR Rockstar ($47 Value)
Bonus #7: 120 Social Media Tips ($47 Value)
Bonus #8: Social Cash Secrets ($17 Value)
Bonus #9: Dominate Social Marketing ($47 Value)

Download it now at:

P.S. As part of the promotion, you will receive everything that I mentioned above starting at $7.
However, as Henry is utilizing the dime sale method, you need to make sure you download the course right now at:

NicheGenie Keyword Research Software

NicheGenie Is A Simple And Powerful Keyword Research Tool For Any Niche


Discover profitable and untapped niche opportunities on Google, YouTube and Amazon.

1. Explore new keywords.
2. Accurate niche competition analysis.
3. Designed for Google, YouTube and Amazon.

Google is no longer JUST a search engine, they are also Chrome, Google Plus and YouTube (their only successful social engine) – all under one roof.

NicheGenie helps you snipe profitable and untapped Amazon niches


Step 1. Pull over 200 unique product related keywords on any of your seed keywords in less than 10 seconds.
Step 2. Grab yourself a coffee, turn on some fine music and watch as NicheGenie finds, analyzes and sorts your Amazon keywords after competition on Google and YouTube.
Step 3. Build profitable niche sites and rank YouTube lead videos on easy, sometimes instant keywords!

Nichegenie2-wsoinsidersNicheGenie only looks for the most important outranking factors, saving you time and you don’t need to be a pro to understand it.

  • In-built Captcha Solver
  • Optimized for Any Site Category, Language and Region
  • 100% Accurate Competition Score
  • Exact Match Domains Finder
  • Integrated with Keyword Planner (new)

It’s not all about backlinks…
It’s knowing who you are competing against.
NicheGenie will help you do just that, as well to perform accurate niche competition analysis and help you discover new keywords.

What Is IN A Membership Site?

Membership sites are a cool way to build a list and grow an online income, all from the comfort of one location: your website.

Since we tend to work with WordPress a lot on The Blogging With Micheal Show, having a plugin to help handle the technical membership details is definitely better than trying to figure out a script.

For a long time, other marketers have sung the praises of expensive, complex WordPress plugins for membership site management, but it seemed that the lower budget folks were left with those wimpy free plugins that allowed anyone with a working knowledge of Google to access those membership sites without paying for it.

Something had to be done to help the people who are struggling to get that one big membership site under their belt, so they could start earning the income that they have always dreamed of. But it wasn’t until InstaMember that the concerns of you and I were addressed in one solution.

1. It has to be secure…

2. It has to be versatile…

3. It has to be affordable…

InstaMember addresses all of these concerns in one easy to handle package.


See for yourself on the page below what I mean when I tell you that this is your membership site solution!

Why spend hundreds of dollars to set up a membership site when you can use InstaMember?

Go read all about it now at:

Have an amazing day!

Micheal –

PS – Catch me broadcasting LIVE from the deck of the Alphonse Desjardins in Quebec and Levis…

PPS – I will also discuss why buying the PLR White Label Sale along with this WordPress Plugin will give you about 457 different ways to make your investment back!

How Is Your Client’s Social Reach?

Do you work with local clients?

A modern business needs to cover all the bases when putting together its social media presence and methods that allow its customers to get in touch.

Introducing WP Total Contact

WP Total Contact is the first plugin of its kind. With our plugin you can set up a powerful social media and contact hub that appears consistently on every page of your website (or your clients website) with minimum fuss. Because it’s a wordpress plugin, it integrates seamlessly and won’t mess up your current site layout.

With WP Total Contact:

  • Customers will know they are one click away from any of your social media channels or contact methods.
  • People can directly access your phone number or skype….if you enable those features….meaning a question or sale is only a few clicks away.
  • It reassures customers to see that you have such an open, easy to use contact system and reassures them. How many times have you been on some bank website (they always annoy me!) where the contact number was practically hidden away? Don’t hide from customers, put your info where they can find it.

So, how do you do all this in WP Total Contact? With a simple, powerful plugin that you can install in minutes. Check out the features:

  • Custom text area for your slogan, title or anything else you find relevant
  • Ability to add credits and an affiliate link directly in the plugins overlay
  • Twitter Feed integration
  • Facebook Proflile or Fan Page link
  • LinkedIn Profile integration
  • Google Maps: this is a huge feature! Most people charge a fee to set up a basic google maps listing, now you can do that and hook it into a direct map to your clients business that appears on every page consistently.
  • Direct contact link to your “contact us” page if you want to use one
  • Live Skype Status: people can see if you are online and get in touch
  • 8 Color Options provide ultimate design flexibility so you can style this as required for any of your sites, or client sites
  • “Promo Mode Option” to use for Affiliate Offers or any other item you like. This transfroms WP Total Contact from a central social media and contact hub into a slick advertisement area for a special offer or anything you like
  • Promo Mode lets you define your own image, link and promo text providing huge amounts of flexibility.

You can see it in action on our demo links below, but here is a screenshot of the google maps integration and skype function:



Pretty cool, right? Read more about this incredible plugin: